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Leopold was born with the most incredible, larger than life (larger than his thighs) story. Help us tell the world!

Filmmakers, Creatives and Parental Masterminds, Pippin Beard and Kristen Kingsbury, have discovered that the art of raising children in the 21st century has changed.   To them, it requires more than giving birth and becoming responsible for someone else's well-being. It's more than teaching kindness, saving for college and leading by example. Raising children in the 21st century requires a huge amount of forethought, intention, talent, perseverance, creativity and the ability to draw inspiration where others might see devastation.  It's about embracing and letting go, balancing structure with freedom, being responsive to change and doing none of it perfectly.

As advocates of alternative birthing and inspired by Ricki Lake's documentary, "The Business of Being Born", Pippin and Kristen have also discovered a fantastic approach to birthing. There is a whole world of midwives out there, who are, and always have been, delivering babies according to the way the human body has intended it to be: natural, fearless and free from interruption and obstruction by an organization. This experience and subsequent interpretation of Leopold's birth has redesigned an element in their family that's been hidden for so many years. The more they thought about it, the more they learned that they are nothing like the traditional families modeled after the 50's. In fact, no one is anymore. This personal revelation uncovered something critical: Our culture of birthing and raising kids is highly outdated. The stigma can be found echoing in even the youngest generation; the generation just learning how to walk and talk. 

After seven years together, and beating the odds against their reinvention, Pippin and Kristen dubbed themselves experts on blended families and world class pros on how to have the most incredible life possible. Together, they reveal the magic through their professional eyes:  The story of living life to its fullest, starting new (more realistic) traditions, passing that energy on to their (unconventional) children and anchoring the whole thing with an extraordinary, chubby baby boy. 

Currently, this beautiful and inspiring documentary is in the middle of production.  With more than 75% of the footage already captured, we're knitting the story together and need your support to help offset the costs related to post production, professional editing, filming interviews, travel expenses and other finishing costs like color correction, licensing music, website maintenance, creating promotional materials for film festivals, screenings & other special events - making a quality documentary is time consuming & expensive. 

*If we fund at 300% or more, we'll host a premiere party at a surprise location! 

**All footage © Pattern Integrity.  Special thanks to Pink Martini for permission to use their recording of "Andalucia" from Sympathique.

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This is our first full length documentary. We have both worked in the industry for many years and have many media projects under our collective belt. However, the undertaking of a full-length feature that is being produced solely by our company is a whole other ball of wax. That said, we sure are nervous about telling a compelling story with all of the bits and pieces cleaned up and put together in a succinct and intelligent way. While organization isn't a huge problem, there are two of us working on it together, so creative differences are at play.

The best way to overcome this potential pitfall is to make sure the project goals are communicated and the subsequent story written mindfully. We figure an architect wouldn't start nailing boards together without blueprints, licensing, permits and extra helping hands. The story must also be told in a similar way with solid direction, pre-planned framework, an open mind, some patience and most of all, support from all of you. Thanks for backing us! We can & will make a beautiful documentary!!!


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