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Fry Thief is a light hearted asymmetrical card game about stealing & managing resources (fries) for 2 players.
Fry Thief is a light hearted asymmetrical card game about stealing & managing resources (fries) for 2 players.
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2nd Set of Stretch Goals Here We Come!

Posted by Patrick Rauland (Creator)

This morning was awesome - nothing like waking up in the morning and seeing a whole set of unlocked stretch goals! 🎉

Thank you so much for sharing this campaign. It makes a huge difference. 🙏

Here's what we have so far:

We unlocked:

  • New art for the variable player powers
  • A new card, I Know What You're Planning
  • And most importantly a 3-4 player mode.

As we keep unlocking stretch goals I hope to reveal the top of this pile of fries ^. 🍟

New Stretch Goals:

4th) $4,750 - New Card - Smothered in Ketchup

The 4th stretch goal will be unlocked at $4,750 and it's called Smothered in Ketchup (or maybe just Smother?). 

Add ketchup to 3 plain fries. Eat 1 fry.

This card does a couple of important things:

  • It lets you use those adorable ketchup pieces.
  • For the Salad player it's another card to eat fries. Always good to have more cards that actually let you score VPs rather than just moving them to your side of the board.
  • For the Fry player you can get 2 points for eating a ketchup covered fry - but it's risky since the Salad player might be able to steal the uneaten ketchup covered fries. So there's a risk/reward element.

This is a red card so it can be played by any player.

5th) $5,000 - New Art 

The 5th stretch goal makes the game prettier. I'll commission new art to make the variable player powers look even better.

Right now 1 of the 4 will get entirely new art. When we unlock this goal another one will get entirely new art bringing more life to the game.

6th) $5,250 - New Art for Om Nom Nom

The 6th stretch goal will add more art for Om Nom Nom. It's one of my favorite cards - and let's be honest it probably has the best title in the game. 😎

Right now we have three Om Nom Noms - two of them share finished art. If we hit this goal I'll get even more art so they're all unique and all of us can get our OM NOM NOM on. 🍟

What I'll Be Up To

I'll be working with the illustrator to start the new cards. I hope to have an art update with some new sketches in the not-too-distant future.

What You Can Do

If you can share this campaign that would be amazing. This theme resonates with a lot of people.

You can also upgrade your pledge for the 3-4 player mode or switch to the 4-pack pledge (on the campaign page) which includes the upgrade.

You've all been amazing. Thank you for all of the sharing. I still can't believe this campaign funded so quickly and I'm excited to see how much more game I can give you. 🙏

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