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Fry Thief is a light hearted asymmetrical card game about stealing & managing resources (fries) for 2 players.
Fry Thief is a light hearted asymmetrical card game about stealing & managing resources (fries) for 2 players.
453 backers pledged $10,715 to help bring this project to life.

We're Funded!

Posted by Patrick Rauland (Creator)

Thank you so much for your support! The campaign funded in just 40 minutes which is insane. 

A couple of awesome things are going to happen:

1) I immediately hired the illustrator, Matt Franklin, to start work on the 2nd half of the illustrations

This should speed up production and hopefully get Fry Thief to you a few weeks earlier than expected.

It also means I can share some fun work in progress sketches with you as the campaign goes on.

2) We can announce some stretch goals

If you've never heard of stretch goals before - they're extra things a campaign can add since I can order more units from the manufacturer. We raised enough money to pay for the minimum print run and now I can invest a bit more money in new art & getting a few new cards.

2a) $3,500 - New Card - I Know What You're Planning. 

The first stretch goal will be unlocked at $3,500 and it's called I Know What You're Planning

Name a card. If your opponent has that card in their hand you may take and immediately play that card.

I actually had I Know What You're Planning in the 1st prototype and it's arguably my favorite card. I eventually took it out of the game because it isn't a lot of fun for new players. So once you've played the game a few times add this card in. If you can count cards you'll have a fun time guessing what you opponent has and be able to take it and play it.

This is a red card so it can be played by any player.

2b) $3,750 - New Art 

The second stretch goal makes the game prettier. I love the variable player powers on the backside of the plate cards. Right now they reuse some of the art from the cards. With enough funding I can commission new artwork to make the game even more visually appealing.

Besides don't you want to know how the illustrator will draw "Health Nut" and "Hand Slapper"? I know I do.

2c) $4,000 - 3-4 Player Mode

The third stretch goal lets you enjoy stealing fries with more players. I've heard a ton of requests to make this game work with more players. If we can get to $4,000 I'll add in a 3-4 player mode for the game.

The game will still be designed to work primarily as a 2 player game but we'll give you a bit of flexibility to play with 3 or 4 people when the need arises.

Note: To get the most out of this mode you'll need extra tokens and cards. I will explain this more as we get closer to hitting this  goal.

3) Livestream Today

There will be a livestream in less than 2 hours 🕒. If you want to see how the game is played tune in.

You'll also see me eat some of those fries I promised. OM NOM NOM.

What You Can Do

If you can help spread the word (and many of you already have - thank you!) we can get a few more backers and hit these stretch goals. 🤞

Or you can upgrade your own pledge and share Fry Thief with a few extra people.

Thank you for joining me so far. 🙏 I can't wait to share more work in progress shots 🖼! 

PS. There's still 2 slots left for the Add Your Likeness Pledge.

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