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Fry Thief is a light hearted asymmetrical card game about stealing & managing resources (fries) for 2 players.
Fry Thief is a light hearted asymmetrical card game about stealing & managing resources (fries) for 2 players.
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3-4 Player Mode Unlocked

Posted by Patrick Rauland (Creator)

What a wonderful way to wake up! All of the stretch goals were passed and I have to release MORE goals. But first let me talk about the 3-4 player mode 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦.

So many playtesters over the past year told me they love 2 player games and they also want to play Fry Thief with more than 2 people because it's so much fun.

For the last couple months I've been testing a 3-4 player version that works quite well. And I'd like to share it with you.

Rules for 3-4 Player Fry Thief

The rules are pretty simple. When you have 4 players you'll have 2 salad & 2 fry players. When you have 3 players you can pick to either have 2 fry or 2 salad players.

Note: these are slightly older rules
Note: these are slightly older rules

You have to adjust the rules only slightly:

  • When a card says "your opponent" choose a specific opponent
  • You can only steal from one opponent at a time
  • If you're playing with 1 fry player & 2 salad players put 24 fries on the Fry players plate instead of 12
  • Skip the rule that ends the game when one opponent has eaten 8 fries. You can eat way more in a 3-4 player game. 😄

That's it.

What It's Like

The game is actually more strategic because you have to choose who you're taking resources (yummy fries) from. 

This can also create a tighter more balanced game. If someone gets lucky and steals a bunch of fries it doesn't matter because other players will see you have a huge plate of fries and take them back.

There's also some really fun effects in multiplayer. For example if a fry player gets Fry Box out (which protects their fries) the other fry player seems like a much better target. 

And Look Over There will work if any player has Distraction in play. The combos work very differently in a 3-4 player game.

How Do I Get It?

The rules will be included for free but you also need tokens & cards (otherwise you'll have to reshuffle a LOT).

If you and a friend have two copies you have everything you need - or you can get an extra set of tokens & cards which will fit in the original box.

To get this add-on you simply need to add $6 to your pledge level and you'll get double the tokens & double the cards. 

Note: this is at-cost for me. I'm not making any additional money.

You can go back to the campaign page and add $6 to your pledge.

Here are some additional instructions on how to change your pledge if you've never done it before.

If you have pledged the Fry Thief 4-Pack ($50) or the Add Your Likeness ($175) level the Double Dip add-on (extra tokens & cards) which I just talked about will be included for you automatically. 👍

What I'm Working On

I'll be play testing this mode extensively. I want to make sure there are no broken combos and I want to make sure the wording is clear.

A couple things I need to work on immediately:

  • Who starts? Normally it's the salad player.
  • Who wins ties? Again, it's normally the salad player.
  • Reword Chow Down so it affects all players not just one.

Anything else you'd like to see in a 3-4 player mode?

How many of you ate fries yesterday? I had TWO large McDonald's fries. OM NOM NOM

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