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The olloclip is a quick-connect lens solution for the iPhone that includes a fisheye, wide-angle and macro lenses all in one.
The olloclip is a quick-connect lens solution for the iPhone that includes a fisheye, wide-angle and macro lenses all in one.
1,300 backers pledged $68,201 to help bring this project to life.

Your olloclip is in the mail (or will be soon).

Posted by Patrick O'Neill (Creator)

Hello Kickstarters,

Your olloclip is in the mail (or will be soon).

We shipped close to 600 olloclips today and the rest will be shipping throughout the week. As we do, you will be getting a confirmation email with your tracking information. Be patient, the olloclip engine is working overtime and we're just as excited as you to get you your olloclip.



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    1. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      Hello Howie,

      I am guessing that our emails to you must have gone to your spam filter.

      Please email me at and we will take care of you.



    2. Howie on

      Still waiting for mine, when is it coming ??

    3. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      Your olloclips have shipped today via fedex.

    4. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      It looks like everything is correct now.

    5. Missing avatar

      Alexander Chen on

      Yes, I did couple days ago with will check on Monday.

    6. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      Hello Alexander, I am guessing that our emails to you have been going to your spam filter. Please email us

    7. Missing avatar

      Alexander Chen on

      Hi There, its been awhile... Still waiting... Could someone follow up for us please~~~!!!! :)

    8. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      Hello Gildas,

      Thanks so much for backing the olloclip. We just had a look and you have not filled out the survey and you must not have seen the emails we sent you asking you to send us your address. Please email your address and color choice to kickstarter at and we will send it out Friday.

    9. Missing avatar

      Gildas bizeul on

      Still waiting for mine too here in France...

    10. Fabio Roselet on

      Anyone from Brazil got his/her Olloclip yet? I'm still waiting mine... :p

    11. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      Jan, glad to hear your olloclip made it to you.

      Sorry to hear that as always the UK government never misses chance to tax you...

    12. Jan Grothusen on

      Received mine, too, in the UK. Thanks. Other UK recipients beware though - I got stung for customs & excise duties and a royal mail handling fee. :-(

    13. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      If you have not seen your confirmation email yet then we are missing something we need from you to send your olloclip out. Please email me give me your address, color choice and the email address you used for kickstarter.

    14. Missing avatar

      Alexander Chen on

      Still waiting for the confirmation mail!!! Hope this would fit on iphone 5 as well!

    15. Jeemee on

      Cool! I've got my Ollo's! Thanks guys

    16. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      Hello Ashley, I just looked you up in our system and we don't have your address or color choice. Please email that info to me at and we will send it out today.

    17. Ashley Coolman on

      Hi Patrick - I did not get a confirmation email either

    18. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      The USPS number for international is a customs reference number, it will not update the status on the website. You should see your olloclip in the next week.

    19. Missing avatar

      Benjie Van Limbergen on

      On 22th of july i received an email saying my olloclip is on its way. tracking code: LN164363164US
      The track n trace status is still the same.
      Is there something wrong or should I be a bit more patient?
      btw: I'm from Belgium (if that makes any difference)

    20. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      Fouad, I will send you an email.

    21. Missing avatar

      fouad on

      Dear patrick , i didn't recive mine and I didn't recive any confermation e mail

    22. Choon Shyong Wu on

      same to Gustavo, I wish to receive it before I go for my vacation this Friday. Hopefully the shipping service express the proccess. :)

    23. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      Gustavo, your olloclip is shipping today.

    24. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      Jonas, your olloclip shipped on the 21st of July. I will email you your tracking number.

    25. Missing avatar

      Gustavo Lima on

      Yeah! I'm going on vacations without my olloclip :( I bet it won't arrive until friday!

    26. Jonas Smets on

      I'm still waiting for my tracking code? Any ideas when this would arrive?


    27. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      Choon, the last big batch of international rewards are going out Monday and your olloclip is in that.

    28. Choon Shyong Wu on

      Hi Patrick,
      Any Tracking No for me to track the shipment status? :)

    29. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      Yes, you unscrew the wide-angle to reveal the macro

    30. Choon Shyong Wu on

      Wow! great news from Patrick. Thanks!

      we need to unplug the wide angle lens to get the micro function right?

    31. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      @Mark you need to very close to your subject. Have a look at the FAQ for more details

      @Choon your olloclip should go out today

    32. Choon Shyong Wu on

      Wow! start to see someone received their olloclip. How about mine's?

    33. Mark Nashed on


      I got my ollo clip .. I'm just not sure how to use the macro lens

    34. Filipe Bittencourt on

      I'm waiting for my Olloclip. Thank you for this awesome product. Congratulations.

    35. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      You are confirmed. We just shipped to a few hundred international backers and loads more are going out tomorrow.

    36. Fabio Roselet on

      Patrick, could you verify if I'm confirmed too? Thanks!

    37. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      Sander, I just sent you an email. It looks like you are confirmed and your olloclips will ship this week.

    38. Sander van den Brakel on

      I still did not get my verification mail? sander at

    39. Missing avatar

      Wingdinger on

      Yee-haw!!!!!! :P

    40. Choon Shyong Wu on

      Wow. Great! I'm so excited and anxiously to received mine!