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The olloclip is a quick-connect lens solution for the iPhone 4 that includes a fisheye, wide-angle and macro lenses all in one.
The olloclip is a quick-connect lens solution for the iPhone that includes a fisheye, wide-angle and macro lenses all in one.
The olloclip is a quick-connect lens solution for the iPhone that includes a fisheye, wide-angle and macro lenses all in one.
1,300 backers pledged $68,201 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      Thanks for your support Joshua!

    2. Missing avatar

      Joshua L Smith on

      I've now owned 4 Olloclips and it's the first accessory that I bought for my iPhone 6 Plus. I've convinced 5 of my friends that they need one as well (including a Galaxy user!).
      It's a great product and I'm happy that I supported their Kickstarter!

    3. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      Hello Azlan,

      I just wanted to let you know that we have added the Kickstarter info to the site.

      Thanks again for your support!



    4. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      Hello Azlan,

      Thanks so much for your kind words!

      We are very proud of our birth on Kickstarter and I mention it in most every interview I do. I mentioned it when I accepted the Entrepreneur of the year award in January and again when I testified before Congress in March.…

      We are in the process of updating our site and we will rectify this at that time.

      Thanks so much for backing us and bringing this to our attention!



    5. Missing avatar

      Azlan S. Othman

      Hi there all,

      I have received a marketing email from, and went to the website.

      I am so happy with all the new line/type of Olloclip, and was excited that something I backed have grown to this level. Having backed some other projects, which had never materialised, I am just so happy this company had made it to this.

      As I read the pages of, I have come to realised that I cannot find anything anywhere on their site mentioning the birth of Olloclip at Kickstarter. True, the success of any project is not only from the fund of the backers, but most importantly the hard works of the creator and his/her team.

      But to dismiss the origin of what has become a success is truly incomprehensible. I am sorry if I appear to be pathetic. But I always believe that to go even further, we should never forget our root... Unless I missed it, there's no mention of Kickstarter any where on, and this sadden me...

    6. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      Hello Greezer,

      Yes, an iPhone 5 olloclip is coming later this year. We will keep you posted.



    7. greezer on

      How about a better price for your backers if you sell the iPhone 5 olloclip? :) I will buy one for sure, but I'm just askin :)

    8. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      Sorry about that, our email system was setup to send that message on July 13th last year and it did it again this year. We have turned it off and you will not get it next year :-)

    9. Ria Little on

      Hehe same as Tobias - got super excited about a second free olloclip for a second! :)

    10. Tobias Einarsson on

      I just received an e-mail from Patrick with the title "Kickstarter: olloclips shipping soon, please verify your shipping information...".

      Some automailer acting up? I received the exact same message exactly one year ago. There's Friday the 13:th for you. :)

    11. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      Hello Azian,

      We are so happy to hear that you are loving the olloclip.

      That is an interesting idea but without trying one it looks like it is using a cheap plastic lens that is not giving great results.

      I am not sure how many people would want to pay the extra money for this but I will have a think on it.

    12. Missing avatar

      Azlan S. Othman

      Hi Patrick,

      I just want to say that I been having a blast using the olloclip with my children. Never was taking photo with a smartphone could be so much fun. Thank you for coming up with this innovative product. So simple, well executed, and very brilliant!

      But today I stumbled upon something that I would thing could take olloclip to a different level altogether! Imagine an attachment (which could attached to the same wide angle attachment) that could be used as a simple, robust microscope. I know it sounds too far fetched... But please do go to this website and judge it yourself... If i'm too overzealous about it, then I would sincerely apologize. But if it is possible, i'm sure it would just make olloclip even much better...


    13. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      Hello Guillaume,

      We are cautiously optimistic that the olloclip will work on the iPhone 4S. We will not be able to confirm this until Friday when we do some testing.



    14. Guillaume Perras on

      Hi Patrick, i was wondering if you were able to confirm the compatibility of the olloclip on the iPhone 4S yet?
      Any news on that?

    15. Jonas Hansen on

      It's unbelievable. I received my olloclip last week and I was really excited.
      On the same day at night I was robbed and my iPhone 4 was taken away.
      Therefore, now I have a olloclip, but no iPhone 4 !
      I've decided to wait for the iPhone 5 / 4s release before I buy an new iPhone. So due to the new formfactor of the iPhone 5, I have no use for the olloclip anymore.
      It's really annoying!

    16. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      Marcelo, That code is not a tracking code, it is the USA customs form number and is only used for proof of mailing.

      Please email me and we will look at it in the morning and make sure you get your olloclip.



    17. Missing avatar

      Marcelo Belem on

      Hi Patrick,
      I was away on business trips. Just come back and check my olloclip not yet arrived. Since it was shipped on July 23, according to the email you've sent to me, it was supposed to have arrived. The tracking code does not work, so I have no information about the shipment. Throughout the time I was out there was always someone here who could have received it, which makes me rule out the possibility that there was an unsuccessfull delivery attempt.
      Btw, I'm in Brasil.

      Please could you verify that?

    18. JAYTEE on

      Hi Patrick and Chong, I received my Olloclip yesterday and I am thoroughly impressed. Well done. And thanks for the small carry bag, it will make it easier to keep the Olloclip with me "at all times"

    19. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      Mika, I just had a look and you have not confirmed your address. I am guessing that our emails went to your junk filter. Please email your mailing address to

    20. Missing avatar

      Mika Larm on

      I am waiting in Finland : )

    21. Min Park on

      my rear glass actually cracked from using the olloclip. this is a great device but be careful! my i have a crack around the camera lens..

    22. Jess Zimbabwe on

      Just wanted to add that I've had my clip for a few weeks and I love it. Thanks for being such good KS communicators and following through.

    23. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      Hello Gary, I will email you.

    24. Missing avatar

      Gary Wang on

      Patrick: Do you have updated information as to when I can receive my olloclips?

    25. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      German customs has been holding the olloclips and in some cases demanding invoices even though these rewards are gifts. If you are in Germany go to the post office with your USA customs number and see if they can give you some information. We have been making invoices for backers in Germany that request them. We will also do this for any country if you need them. Email me at

    26. Jonas Hansen on

      I am also still waiting in Germany. I think the tax office causes the delay. But no message from them.

    27. Max Ziebell on

      Still waiting for mine :-( International: Germnay!

    28. Missing avatar

      Vince kemp on

      Got my olloclip and had a quick play. Well done guys. Great little gizmo, very well made and does what it says. Thanks from Perth Western Australia

    29. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      Hello Jost, a few people in Germany are having this issue with customs. If that works let us know, if not we will prepare an invoice for you.

    30. Jost Jahn on

      In Germany the tax office is a little bit concerned, that no invoice was attached outside the package. So I must go to the office with screen copies. Hope, it works...

    31. Missing avatar

      Felix Li on

      Have received my Olloclip today (Perth, Australia)
      Very well done, it's amazingly well built, looks good and works perfectly. Although I had to ditch my aluminium case to use it :-)

      Nice work. Look forward to playing with it a bit more.

    32. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      Chris, can you please email me with your confirmed address to We will send it out Monday. I think our emails asking you to confirm your address must have gone to your junk filter.

    33. Chris Pugh on

      Still waiting for my Olloclip as well, have they all been shipped out yet?

    34. Darryl Law on

      Olloclip received. Thanks!

    35. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      The macro is a fixed magnification so there is not way to adjust that. On the camera shake I would recommend an iPhone tripod mount like the glif or the steadicam smoothee tripod mount for $24 and use that.

    36. Uncle GroOve on

      Heyhey Olloclippers....
      I've been testing out this your neat little thingamajick.
      Is there any way I can reduce the magnification of the macro lens?
      At 10x it does make it difficult to take close-ups of flowers, for example - flat surfaces are ok, but anything that is more three-dimensional is hard.
      Additionally 10x means that camera shake does become a major factor.

    37. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      Hello Christopher,

      Sorry about that, I will look you up in our system and see what is going on.

      Please email me your address and color choice to

      We will make sure it goes out today.



    38. Christopher Muessler on

      well well, im still waiting for my shipping mail :/

      woulda loved to take pictures at a wedding last weekend with it... any info on when its gonna hit the post office?

    39. Missing avatar

      Edmond Cheok on

      It's awesome after playing around with the olloclip. The macro is amazingly great which i'm able to capture the dot per inch of the printing on a magazine.,

    40. Uncle GroOve on

      Received my 'clip today.
      All I can say is awe-frigging-some!!! I don't care about color fringing etc - the macro alone (almost micro!!) is Very Worth The Admission Ticket!!
      Thank you for this great AppleGadget!


    41. Georg Kö on

      Got my Olloclip two days ago and had this saturday time to extensively play with it. I just wanted to let you know that it is absolutely amazing!!! I am so thrilled to have these three lenses always with me. You rock!!!
      Cheers, Georg

    42. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      Thanks for the wonderful comments everyone, it makes it ll of the hard work worth it!

      On the screen protectors, if they are thin and somewhat rigid they should work great with the olloclip. If they feel like a gummy bear they will not.

      Have a look at the FAQ for more info on that and other tips to get the most out of your olloclip.

    43. Bruce So on

      I just got my Olloclip and it is awesome. Great photos already. Thank you for making a great product.

    44. joachim grueninger on

      Hi all, just received my "Share the olloclip" pack !! sweet ! They look nice and well built, the GF settled for the red so I'm left with the "professional matt black" version :-)
      When I pushed it on my iphone the first time I immediately removed the screen protector on the back. After playing a bit I realized that if I push it on like this
      it works even with screenprotector over front and back side of the phone without problems.
      Maybe it helps, cheers Jo

    45. Teerakit Fukiatisuth on

      Hi just got my olloclip two day ago really love it thank you so much by the i'm wondering that it has to be nake iphone right?? because i can't use olloclip with screen protector on my iphone or can you give me an advise that with screen protector will fit for your olloclip Thx..alot by the way i'm from Thailand....

    46. Thianchai Tangsujarittham on

      Thanks Patrick
      I recommend my friends to buy and and they were just order it.;-)

    47. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      The olloclip is much softer than the Gorilla Glass that the iPhone uses so you do not need to worry about scratching. The fisheye is working in video mode but you are not seeing the vignetting because the iPhone crops the sensor in video mode and shoots using the center of the lens, if you look at the video with and without the olloclip you will notice that the image is much wider. Have a look at the FAQ for more tips.

    48. Thianchai Tangsujarittham on

      Just got mine today. So far I do love it.
      One thing I wonder that when I use the fish eye len and took photo with iphone's camera app it okay but if i switch mode to video it's just won't work. Don't know what happen.

    49. Erin Khoo on

      Great work guys; got mine yesturday. I am a little scared when I insert/remove it. Ever scratch the iPhone 4 lens? Love the fisheye and macro. Boom.

    50. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      Glad to here you are loving the olloclip. Yes, we have some ideas for the iPhone 5 and just have to wait for the release. Yes, the microfiber cloth is for holding and cleaning the lens.

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