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The olloclip is a quick-connect lens solution for the iPhone 4 that includes a fisheye, wide-angle and macro lenses all in one.
The olloclip is a quick-connect lens solution for the iPhone that includes a fisheye, wide-angle and macro lenses all in one.
The olloclip is a quick-connect lens solution for the iPhone that includes a fisheye, wide-angle and macro lenses all in one.
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    1. Teerakit Fukiatisuth on

      Hi just got my olloclip two day ago really love it thank you so much by the i'm wondering that it has to be nake iphone right?? because i can't use olloclip with screen protector on my iphone or can you give me an advise that with screen protector will fit for your olloclip Thx..alot by the way i'm from Thailand....

    2. Thianchai Tangsujarittham on

      Thanks Patrick
      I recommend my friends to buy and and they were just order it.;-)

    3. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      The olloclip is much softer than the Gorilla Glass that the iPhone uses so you do not need to worry about scratching. The fisheye is working in video mode but you are not seeing the vignetting because the iPhone crops the sensor in video mode and shoots using the center of the lens, if you look at the video with and without the olloclip you will notice that the image is much wider. Have a look at the FAQ for more tips.

    4. Thianchai Tangsujarittham on

      Just got mine today. So far I do love it.
      One thing I wonder that when I use the fish eye len and took photo with iphone's camera app it okay but if i switch mode to video it's just won't work. Don't know what happen.

    5. Erin Khoo on

      Great work guys; got mine yesturday. I am a little scared when I insert/remove it. Ever scratch the iPhone 4 lens? Love the fisheye and macro. Boom.

    6. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      Glad to here you are loving the olloclip. Yes, we have some ideas for the iPhone 5 and just have to wait for the release. Yes, the microfiber cloth is for holding and cleaning the lens.

    7. Anders Kähkönen on

      I received mine today and it's awesome! I hope you guys make one for the iPhone 5 when it hits the market as i'm already now addicted to the olloclip =)

      Is it ok to clean the lens with a microcloth btw?

    8. Missing avatar

      VinceP949 on

      SOOOOO SICK! what a great job. I received mine today. very very nice job Thanks for a quality product.

    9. Jens Kühnemann on

      Great. Really looking forward to it.

    10. Dawid Kntr on

      I got it!!! the mailman just brought it in!!! its just like the pics ive seen on here. Awesome!

    11. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      Jens, your olloclip should ship today. We use USPS and it is taking about 7-10 days

    12. Jens Kühnemann on

      i havent got an email yet :(
      how do you ship to europe? do you know how long it is going to take?

    13. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      Dragon, yours should go out Friday

    14. dragonauyong on

      Still waiting for my email too.............!

    15. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      More olloclips will be shipping today and Friday

    16. Anonymous on

      Bruce : Lucky you. Still waiting for my email.

    17. Bruce So on

      Just got my shipping e-mail. I can't wait!!! This is my 3rd backed project but will be the first project to deliver me the goods.

    18. Veli-Matti Hinkula on

      A quick note for Gmail users, check your spam folder! At least for me gmail interpreted those latest mails asking to verify shipping info as spam.

    19. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      Great! Keep them coming and remember to tag your pictures and videos with #olloclip so people can find them.

    20. Corey

      Received my ōlloclip and it rocks. Here are some quick comparison shots for people to check out..

    21. dragonauyong on


    22. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      Thanks Yoni, you are too kind

    23. Missing avatar

      Yoni on

      Awesome, thanks for the quick reply (and generally, being awesome)

    24. Missing avatar

      negsneh on

      sounds great

    25. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      We have started shipping orders today and yes we will email when your reward ships.

    26. Missing avatar

      Yoni on

      Hi Patrick,
      Looking forward to receiving mine.
      Just wondering if there is a revised ETA for shipping? And are you still planning on emailing us upon shipment?

    27. Anonymous on

      anxiously waiting for my olloclip

    28. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      We have an olloclip Flickr group that we will make an open group next week.

    29. Anonymous on

      Looking forward to playing with it... You should create a section on your site which would allow customers to post pics taken with the Olloclip

    30. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      That is an excellent question, I am not sure but I am guessing we can ship all of them by the end of next week.

      We are talking to retail chains now and I think you will see the olloclip at a store near you in the next few months.

    31. Anonymous on

      @Patrick O'Neill: Now that the item is shipping, how quickly will you guys be able to fulfil the orders of the 1300 backers?
      Have any retail chains picked up the product?

    32. Missing avatar

      Wingdinger on

      Hmm, I'd prefer much less, if not zero, branding... Oh well, that can be fixed. At least they're shipping soon!

    33. Dawid Kntr on

      yesss....finally! i hope it was worth waiting :)

    34. Wolf Wolfinger on

      @Anonymus: Yey, Yoni is right. And as I was one of the first backers, you can imagine that there weren't too many pledges listed in front of I hope for first in - first out ;-)

    35. Missing avatar

      Yoni on

      @Anonymous: The listing in the "Backers" tab is in chronological (for sure by date, though it would seem reasonable that it's the order they were received).

    36. Anonymous on

      @Wolf How do you know you where number 19?

    37. Wolf Wolfinger on

      Hoping that you'll ship in order of the pledges, as I've been number 19 ;-)

      Can't wait!

    38. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      Everything is coming together nicely and we should be shipping mid-July. We will email to each person when we ship their olloclip.

    39. Anonymous on

      Patrick: Any updates on shipping ETA?

    40. Missing avatar

      dbarbieri on

      I commend you guys for taking the time to get it right. I do have some adventures to go on at the very end of July, and really hope I can bring my olloclip with me!

    41. Dawid Kntr on

      I see. No problem, although i was really hoping it'll arrive before the end of June.

    42. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      We are waiting to here back from one of the subcontractors so that we can give a more accurate ship date. We will be posting an update this week to let everyone know where we are at and when to expect your olloclip lenses.

    43. Dawid Kntr on

      are we still on track for receiving the clip by the end of June?

    44. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      Hello Jesus, I will send you a message and we will make sure that you get an olloclip.

    45. Missing avatar

      Jesus Rodriguez on

      If I replied to the final notice on the 14th, will I not be getting an olloclip?

    46. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      Sorry :-)

      The olloclip will not fit the iPhone 4 if you have a case on it.

    47. Missing avatar

      elPiotr on

      Hello Patrick,
      no reply to my question ? ;-)
      Thank you

    48. Patrick O'Neill Creator on

      Yes, that would be awesome! We are working flat out to get them out ASAP, our target is the end of June. When we get some firm dates we will post an update.

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