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olloclip: iPhone 4 quick change camera lens system's video poster

The olloclip is a quick-connect lens solution for the iPhone 4 that includes a fisheye, wide-angle and macro lenses all in one. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 6, 2011.

The olloclip is a quick-connect lens solution for the iPhone 4 that includes a fisheye, wide-angle and macro lenses all in one.

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If you missed ordering your olloclip, you can sign-up for the pre-order email list at or bookmark the site for future updates. We should have our webstore up and running in a couple of weeks, at which point you'll be able to order online; and of course you can also 'follow-us' on Facebook and Twitter.

UPDATE: Thanks to your support we are pleased to announce that the olloclip has successfully funded and we are now entering the production stage. If you backed or plan to back this project your olloclip will ship around the end of June. Continue to tweet, Facebook post and email your friends that they can still order the olloclip for the next two weeks, securing a great discount and not waiting until late summer for delivery (Kickstarters will get the first production units). The olloclip will eventually retail for $60 or more by the time it hits the shelves for the fall and holiday shopping season. If you wish to purchase multiple olloclips just pledge in multiple increments.

Hello Kickstarters! Thanks for having a look at our project. We are very excited about the olloclip and we hope you can help make it a reality.

olloclip, a simple and elegant solution to a problem that has until today not been solved, “how do I get extra lenses on my iPhone?” 

The olloclip is a quick-connect lens solution for the iPhone 4 that includes a fisheye, wide-angle and macro lenses in one small, convenient package that easily fits in your pocket. Nestled in the palm of your hand, the olloclip connects to the iPhone within 2 seconds so you’ll be sure to capture the image you want…if you don’t see the picture you’re looking for just flip it over to switch the lens. 

The fisheye creates about a 180 Degree field-of-view while the wide-angle is around double the normal view and the macro up to 10X. If you’re looking for that special macro shot, just unscrew the top of the wide-angle lens to reveal the macro lens underneath. Sure, there are apps available that will apply a fisheye “look” or vignette to an image, but it’s impossible to increase the field of view of the original image with any app…what you see is what you get, and we’re confident that once you see what a real fisheye lens can do you will be amazed. 

Both an elegant design as well as complementary to the iPhone we believe the Kickstarter community will love this project. Everyone who has seen the rapid-prototypes in action inevitably asks, “when can I buy one?” and that is where the Kickstarter Community comes in.

Manufacturing is an expensive proposition; one that requires complicated tooling and expensive setup fees. If you pledge at least $45 you will be pre-ordering an olloclip. If you pledge $90, you and friend can each have an olloclip. While the design is finished and the factory is ready to go, we will be working around the clock to get these out in record time. We anticipate shipping the first olloclip units in about 4 weeks or sooner once the project funds. 

Thanks for being a part of a new era in iPhone photography…

USA and Foreign Patents Pending.


  • The olloclip uses precision ground glass multi-element optics for the lenses. The barrels are made from aircraft grade aluminum using a CNC machine and then anodized. The iPhone 4 attachment is made from plastic and will look much better than the rapid prototype samples that you see in the pictures and videos. The olloclip uses very high quality components that are expensive to make but we think that our users will appreciate a quality product that gives excellent results and is a joy to use.

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  • Apple does not allow magnets to be used in any iPhone 4 accessories as they will interfere with the compass, the 3G radios and other functions. From the outset we knew that using magnets would cause olloclip users problems so we did not use any. The olloclip does not use magnets.

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  • You do not need to add anything or modify your iPhone 4 in any way.

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  • The olloclip just slides on to the corner of your iPhone 4 and automatically aligns itself over the camera. The camera autofocuses through the olloclip just as normal. You do not even need to think about anything. If you want to switch from one lens to the other just flip it over to use the lens on the other side.

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  • You get an iPhone 4 olloclip with Fisheye, Wide-Angle & Macro lenses, lens caps for both ends, a microfiber lens cleaning cloth that is also a bag that you can put the olloclip in to keep it safe while it is in your pocket, a small users guide that you will not need because it is so easy to use, and last but not least some cards to hand out to people that ask you about the olloclip while you are out using it...these you will need...

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  • The olloclip is 35mm (1.37 in) tall by 31mm (1.22 in) across at the widest section but about 20mm (0.78 in) across on average. The olloclip weighs 20 grams or 0.7 of an ounce. The olloclip is very small and very light.

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  • The olloclip will work with any app that uses the rear 5MP camera on the iPhone 4.

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  • The olloclip is ready to go into mass production now. The factory in California is going to turn this project around in record time. The olloclips will start shipping about 4 weeks after the project closes in late June.

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  • The olloclip was designed to work with a 'naked' or 'caseless' iPhone 4. Considering the 1000's of cases on the market it would be impossible to design a solution that works with all of them, much less a small portion of them. Most iPhone 4 cases go on and come off quickly and easily. I use the Apple bumper case and I am very good at taking it on and off in seconds. My wife uses a more traditional case and she can slide that on and off easily too. My daughter uses a silicon case and that might be the quickest of all. It doesn't need to be an all of nothing proposition between the olloclip and your case. Just take the case off when you feel like taking some cool pictures and then put it back on when you're done.

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  • Yes, the olloclip fits perfectly on to the iPhone 4 while it is mounted in the Steadicam Smoothee tripod holder. Prototype olloclips are already being used in a multi camera iPhone 4 shoot using the Steadicam Smoothee.

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  • You may edit your pledge at anytime before funding ends on June 6 at 3:14PM PDT. Just make your total pledge $50 for one olloclip, $100 for the "Share the olloclip Pack" or $260 for the "Kickstarter Special Edition". All you need to do is log in to Kickstarter and click the blue "Manage Your Pledge" button. You just change the number in the box to the new amount you want to pledge. If you want to change your reward from say a single olloclip to a "Share the olloclip pack" you can also do that there.

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  • ollo is the word for eye in some languages and one can't help but compare a camera lens to an eye, even more so when the product includes a fisheye lens. With our innovative patent pending design you simply slide or clip the lens to your iPhone 4 so olloclip seemed to be a good fit for the product. We also think it looks nice and flows well when spoken.

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  • We have noticed that there is some confusion as to the total price of the olloclip on kickstarter. If you live in the USA and you pledge $45 dollars you will get an olloclip delivered to your door. If you live outside of the USA you need to add $5 for international shipping. We were just showing that the expected retail price after Kickstarter was $60 or more and you were saving 25% buy buying now via Kickstarter. I hope that clears things up.

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    Every dollar helps. You also get the satisfaction of helping to make a very cool concept into a reality.

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    Pledge $45 or more

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    For $45 you are pre-ordering the olloclip for the iPhone 4 with fisheye, wide-angle & macro lenses, Microfiber olloclip pocket case & lens cleaning cloth, and lens caps. Retail price will be about $60, representing a 25% KS Discount. Includes free USA standard shipping, add $5 for International shipping. We will email you to ask if you want red or black. These should ship about 4 weeks after the Kickstarter project funds.

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    Pledge $90 or more

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    "Share the olloclip" pack includes everything from the reward above times two, one for you and one for a friend; mix or match, red or black. We will email you to ask for your color choices after the project funds. Free USA Priority shipping, please add $10 for International Priority.

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    "Kickstarter Special Edition" includes – Gold-colored Lens, laser engraved and serialized olloclip, also includes everything from the Share the olloclip pack (mix or match, red or black) sent first while we prepare the special edition and a personal thank you for being a contributor. Free USA Priority shipping, please add $10 for International Priority.

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