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I'd like to pair beautiful cinematic imagery to Charles Bukowski's poem "Nirvana" read by Tom Waits from his album "Orphans".

Tom Waits and Charles Bukowski have influenced and inspired songwriters and storytellers for decades. Through their separate writings they have painted a salty, dusty, and textured world for us to explore and play in; A world of travelers, hobos, and sideshow performers - a world of great honesty, humor, sadness, and memorable characters.

Charles Bukowski's poem "Nirvana" read by Tom Waits is the prefect pairing of these two great storytellers. The poem tells of a young man, on his way to somewhere, having a brief encounter with Nirvana. Waits' gravely-wise voice coupled with Bukowski's warm but sad words evokes a fleeting sense of peace and calm.

We would love the opportunity to pay tribute to Waits and Bukowski by creating a short film inspired by, and complimentary to, this great poem. This video project would be visual poetry, focusing on the atmospheric qualities that Waits' presents with his voice, and Bukowski with his words. A story revolving around the quiet moments that spark and inspire great writing. If you're unfamiliar with this great piece of work please have a listen here:

Our approach would be to shoot this live action and on location, with a playful mix of  practical effects and miniature elements (mainly using model railroad train elements); A surreal yet welcoming artistic representation of the world. I want the influences of the 1950's and 60's to shape the art direction, costuming, and mood of this project.      

We have no plans to submit this to film festivals or get praise for completing such a great project. We're doing this as a "love letter" to travelers, writers, singers, campfire storytellers, and poets.

That being said, the budget would go straight to production - no pay day for anyone. Just enough money to cover equipment rentals, location, costuming, building miniatures, and perhaps a meal for the crew.

This project is a complete labor of love, and inspired by the spirit of storytelling, and we need your help to tell the story.

Pre-production art being offered for pledging:  


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    A very special thank you card, designed and printed by Charmaine Choi (, containing a download code for the short film.

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    A very special thank you card, designed and printed by Charmaine Choi (, containing a download code for the short film + An 8"x11" poster also designed by Charmaine Choi.

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    Randomly selected original piece of concept art, storyboard, or costume design from the short film (Art will be provided by various artists working on the project) + On screen "Thank you" credit + The above.

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    If you are in the NYC area (and of legal drinking age) Patrick will treat you to several glasses of whiskey, bourbon, or rye (your choice) at the Charles Bukowski inspired whiskey bar (named after his first book) "Post Office" ( + The above.

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