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New novel encourages middle readers and youths to learn more about themselves and animals while helping support animal welfare groups!

New novel encourages middle readers and youths to learn more about themselves and animals while helping support animal welfare groups! Read More
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Please note that this project is All-Or-Nothing - if our goal is not met, no funds change hands! That's how Kickstarter works so there is no risk for any backer!

I’m very happy that my novel, The Lion Princess – Journey to an Awakening, has been released through Lighthouse Publishing. This project is very special to me. I spent several months in 2010 writing the latest draft of the book, found a fantastic model for the front cover – paid the photographer myself – and have done a great deal of extra work on the book.

With the $1,300 I can print 300 copies of the book, pay for this Kickstarter proposal, and pay for new cover art. Then I can contact animal welfare groups and offer them a great book to use as an incentive or a fundraiser. This plan of action not only encourages young people to learn more about themselves and animals, it helps many animals survive, and takes some of the financial pressure off the people who are trying to help the animals. It creates a win-win-win situation! The book can not only be used by animal welfare groups, but also by civic organizations (like the Lions Club!), home schooling networks, schools, companies, and individuals in a variety of ways. The possibilities are limitless! If you email me at I can brainstorm ideas for you or your company or group.

The Lion Princess encourages young people everywhere to never give up, to go to greater heights by courage, faith, and a strong desire to find out who they are and what their purpose in life really is. The novel is unique in that it is not an animal story, per se, but an adventure where a girl dons a very realistic lion suit, joins a circus, and finds out what a struggle it is to be an animal. Alice finds out more about herself than she ever dreamed possible, and experiences the trials of the people she will one day rule while she endures the sufferings of animals.

The response from readers has been wonderful. I am really happy!

Please help me reach the world with this marvelous story. Right now I’m limited to Social Security income, so I need money for book copies.

SPREAD THE WORD to anyone you know who might be interested. Share this on Facebook and Twitter, your blog, Tumblr and Posterous. Your support and encouragement is greatly appreciated! PASS IT ON! Even if you can’t donate, share our link with your friends and family!

The budget is bare minimum so if we reach it, please don't think we can't use more that will enable us to reach even more animal rescue groups outside Amarillo and across the country.

Backers outside the U.S. need to add $10 for extra postage – $20.00 if you’re also receiving the other books I have had published.

The greatest reward you will receive, no matter what I give you, is the fact that you’re helping young people get through life and helping animals survive. You are also helping this book get a good start in life, because it would make a great TV animation or movie! If you have any ideas about how we can broaden its influence in society, let me know. I will not forget anyone who helps me!

The attached video was a joy to create. But please plan on experiencing a “real life” video someday by visiting your local SPCA or Humane Society shelter. There you will see endearing animals that need your attention and money for food. The experience will convince you to support this project as much or more than any video I could ever create. I thank you in advance for your consideration.

Email me at if you have any suggestions or comments. Connect with Path Publishing on Facebook at

Check out the book’s web page at

If you want a copy of the author’s edition for $12.95, go to . For the publisher’s edition at $14.95, go to

Keep in might that if this Kickstarter project is not fully funded we will never know you wanted a copy, and you will need to buy one at in three or four months. John Schmidt


Video credits: Producer: Diana Ludwig

Voice: the author, John Schmidt

Music: “Summer Day,” composed and played by John Schmidt

*** Photographs: Alice, the lion princess: Melanie DeFazio

Lion cubs: the late Jim Massingill

Circus cage and 1900 circus: Web archives

Night skies, sunsets, sneezeweed: Diana Ludwig

Mountains with clouds: John Schmidt

Swans: Dr. Roby Mitchell


Hello Friends, I want to share the encouraging feedback Lion Princess has received in just one month:

Dear John,

Your tale of Alice in The Lion Princess – Journey to an Awakening captivates so well the thought processes of an intelligent twelve year old eager to learn of the challenges and mysteries that await her future. Unforeseen dangers happening in her life lend suspense to the story as she must deal with the unknown through her own ingenuity and her underlying faith. This story will lend to the young reader an awareness of the nature of people as well as of animals, so dependent upon the understanding and compassion of others.

Thank you so much for this delightful book. I am especially intrigued by your capability to write such a delightful story which will appeal to children and adults of all ages, and especially to those who love animals.

Wishing You Much Success and Blessings, Mary Barbara G. Yokum, M.Ed. Professional Counselor President, Hi-Plains Poetry Society

Mr. John,      I go to San Jacinto Christian Academy. I am reading your Lion Princess book. I like it. I think my friends will want to read it, too.

Jessica Pack [age 12]

"The Lion Princess helps a child and even an adult see how their faith in Jesus as they pray can comfort them and deliver them in a difficult situation. A very meaningful book!"

From Larry F. Renetzky, co-author with Dr. H. Norman Wright, of the national best-seller, Grace for Hurting People, currently being translated into many languages

"Hey, John, Finished your Lion Princess last night. Just read a little in the evenings to relax and looked forward to it. It is an enjoyable read. You did a good job. Thanks for the book and the autograph. It means a lot to me."

Thanks, Patsy

Patsy Rae Dawson LLC Author, speaker, publisher       

"John, now it is my turn to have tears in my eyes. What a lovely book and I am so touched and proud of the dedication. It came yesterday evening and I sat down and read it through in one big gulp. It's a lovely story and the cover photo is, of course, perfect. I am ordering four more copies -- in the mail today."

From Audrey Massingill, research consultant and genealogy expert    [She bought one for her retired sister, her sister’s daughter, and two for the granddaughters.]

"The Lion Princess was a lovely read — so creative, with deep meaning. Not having read a sweet fairy tale that has depth to it for a long time, it makes me want to go back and read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and Hinds Feet for High Places. I'd put this work right up there with them!"

From Sherrill Schlimpert, wife, mother, elementary teacher for 32 years, inspirational speaker, Life Coach for Life Purpose Coaching Centers International, and author of Cream for Your Coffee — A collection of prayer poetry to stir into your cup of life


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