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Sam holds a grudge against dogs, Albert eats people. But they both love Nightcourt. Take part in making our independent film a reality!

Sam holds a grudge against dogs, Albert eats people. But they both love Nightcourt...

Years in the making:

The initial spark for Bone to the Dog came to Henry Moulder nearly five years ago. When we began working on our first feature film, we really wanted to see Bone to the Dog come to life. With limited time, experience, and budget, we opted for a smaller story that was within our means at the time (that film became Dimensions of Failure).

But the time has come to take it to the next level and make Bone to the Dog a reality! Building on our experience from the last film, we began committing this unique story to paper last winter and meetings soon followed in the spring. Late in April we began principal photography... but we need money to get the other 99% of the film made!

We're thrilled to finally have the opportunity to make this film, and your support will help make it the best it can be. Every dollar gets us one step closer to a costume rental, location insurance, or bottles of water for the set... So see what it's all about, then see what you can do to help!

The Story:

Bone to the Dog is a dark comedy about a washed-up assassin named Sam who fell from a posh lifestyle after a meddling dog caused him to fumble a big job. Work, when he gets it, now consists of menial low-profile hired killings; Sam spends most of his time loathing dogs and himself or watching Nightcourt reruns with Albert, a peculiar cannibal who insists upon eating only men who have abused women.

Sam's lucky break comes, ironically, in the form of kidnapping a pet poodle belonging to a local city's Mayor. Sam must overcome his distaste for dogs, and himself, to climb back on top.

What’s the money for?

Independent films have much smaller budgets than big Hollywood blockbusters, but they also have little capital and no big corporate sponsorship to cover expenses! For our last film we received a generous grant through our university, but this time around we don’t have the same options.

Our expenses will nearly all be out of pocket, and those include things like the following:

Equipment – lights, lenses, microphones, extension cords, camera rigs, and of course… media to record on!

Props – Costumes, guns, breakaway bottles, family photos on a character's refrigerator - it’s all of those little touches that make the characters and their world believable.

Cast/Crew – They volunteer their time, even on shoots that can cover an entire afternoon! We can’t afford to pay them... but the least we can do is buy a couple of pizzas and some water.

We love what we do, and we hope you’ll love the final product as much as we love making it for you! Remember, even if you can’t make a donation you can pass this page along to someone who can!

Thanks to all of you for your support!

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