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"Jasper in Deadland" tells the story of 16-year-old Jasper, who loses his best friend Agnes and travels into the afterlife to find her.
"Jasper in Deadland" tells the story of 16-year-old Jasper, who loses his best friend Agnes and travels into the afterlife to find her.
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We're doing two musicals in Pasadena this summer!

I have a story to tell you.

Last year, you helped the Pasadena Musical Theatre Program stage its very first new musical -- Jasper in Deadland by Ryan Scott Oliver -- and, by supporting us, you created a rousing success. Songs are on YouTube, PMTP won some "best of" awards from the Pasadena Weekly, and we performed Jasper in front of thousands of people last summer.

But that would all be in the past, right? Jasper and Summer 2011 are over, no?

Walk in to any rehearsal this summer, and, like clockwork, students start singing songs from last summer's Jasper during break (or lunch, or as they are walking out of rehearsal). That is the impact your gift had on dozens of students who participated in last year's Summer program: they learned music that they won't soon forget, got some incredible training, and became better students -- better individuals -- better professionals, through the Summer Musical.

Now, we are asking you to do the same thing again.

This year, we have licensed our first-ever show for the Junior Company: Honk! Junior. For the senior company, we once again went out and found a brand new musical -- Placebo -- for the Senior Company to workshop. But we cannot do this without your help. Licensing costs money. Rentals cost. And we are still committed to making the Program the most affordable Musical Theatre education program around.

Your donation last year had lasting impact beyond our wildest dreams. We hope you will check out this year's Kickstarter campaign, and consider donating once again this year:

We have only nine days to raise $2,500, so don't delay. Thank you for your continued support!

The Pasadena Musical Theatre Program

Onward and Upward...thank you!

Another thanks, and a request to join us once again in this endeavor...

I know we already said "thank you" a million times, but everyone at Pasadena Musical Theatre Program is incredibly grateful to each one of you for your role in making Summer 2011 one of the best ever for PMTP! Here are just a few things that happened because of your sponsorship:

  • Jasper in Deadland got its first-ever staging. Snow. Three-headed Cerberus monster-puppet. The best sound and lights we have ever had. Great performances from a committed cast -- from the leads to the company to the incredible band!
  • The show was voted "Reader Recommended Best Musical" by the readers of Pasadena Weekly!
  • PMTP was voted "Reader Recommended Best Summer Program" by the readers of Pasadena Weekly!
  • Because of this summer's success, we are in discussions with new organizations and individuals for even more opportunities in upcoming seasons!
  • And, most importantly, you helped give Pasadena's/Altadena's/Sierra Madre's youth the opportunity to participate in a pro-level, never-before-seen musical, and be taught and mentored by world-class professionals. This is education at its most compelling: getting youth excited about arts and education by giving them the tools to shine.

And now, we head into the school year with a renewed vision for teaching and training Pasadena's kids with musical theatre. We have a master class with Jason Robert Brown, the composer of 13 (premiered here in L.A. at the Ahmanson) and The Last Five Years (2002 Drama Desk Award Winner for best music and lyrics). We have classes in prepping for an audition, and acting/singing in front of a camera, and how to write and direct for stage, and more. Our passion is to encourage students who want to "reach for the stars" -- in whatever walk of life they choose -- by showing them the work and dedication and training it takes to truly become a professional.

To that end, we have started a new Kickstarter campaign to help fund roughly half of the costs of the school-year events ($2,500). Check out the new video at and pass the link on to your friends. We are excited to be able to bring this caliber of training and education to the students of Pasadena.

But we couldn't have done it without you this past Summer, and we cannot do it without you now. Thank you in advance for your continued commitment to the Pasadena Musical Theatre Program.

(Again, see our new campaign at -- you will even see some quick snippets of all the wonderful things that went on this past summer in the new video. And then click on the "BACK THIS PROJECT" button, to keep this wonderful thing going.)

Thank you!

We are now less than 36 hours away from the World Premiere of Jasper in Deadland. And much of it is thanks to you. This Kickstarter campaign went way beyond our expectations...thank you.

You should have received a survey, asking for details that we need in order to fulfill our commitments to you at whatever level you gave. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to comment on Kickstarter and we'll get right back to you.

We are planning on thanking each and every one of you on the website; if you do not wish for your name to appear on the PMTP website, please let us know here on Kickstarter as well.

Again, many thanks. If you haven't seen the footage from this week's rehearsals on YouTube, go on over to and check them out.

We'll see you in Deadland tomorrow night! (As was mentioned in the survey e-mail, if you receive tickets at the level you donated, they will be waiting for you at the "Will Call" table in the auditorium lobby under your Kickstarter username.)

Almost time to join Jasper in Deadland...

Well, we're down to 24 hours before the Kickstarter campaign ends, and only a few days after that before we all get to experience this wonderful new show. I spent much of Tuesday watching the tech rehearsal, and I can tell you without a doubt: you are going to have fun watching this show.

If you have been waiting to donate, this is the time to do it. If you are going to buy tickets to see the show, the $50 gift level is such a great deal, it would be wise to simply sign up on Kickstarter and donate right now.

Need more reasons? Go over to and watch some of the videos. By the time you read this update we will have uploaded a new video entitled "Who is Jasper?" See what one of our leads has to say about the show, the process, and what you're going to see this weekend. And then come back here and make your pledge.

Many thanks to all of you. Seeing and hearing where this Kickstarter money has gone over the past few days -- sound, lights, incredible puppets, and so much more -- I'm so happy that we did this campaign. You all are in for a treat.

Thank you thank you thank you! See you all on Friday and Saturday at Jasper In Deadland!

Only 48 hours to go! Jasper is going to Deadland...

With out fearless director Ryan Scott Oliver, we set out on our first tech rehearsal today. Lots of waiting, lots of going over the same song 34 times, lots of confusion and screaming too! But wow, Jasper in Deadland is coming together! Check out the attached pictures, courtesy of photographer Matthew Murphy, of Jasper falling into Deadland and one of Cereberus' three heads (and it's puppeteer). This is too much fun...and lots of hard work.

You can't imagine how focused and committed these students are to Jasper. We really hope that, whether you have donated or not, you come out and see this incredible show, this Friday and Saturday, in Pasadena.

And for those of you who donated, once again, we can't thank you enough. This program has a lifelong impact on its students, and you all have helped make it possible.

Two more days of Kickstarter! Tell your friends...

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