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Bartendro is a modular and open-source cocktail dispensing robot!
Bartendro is a modular and open-source cocktail dispensing robot!
Bartendro is a modular and open-source cocktail dispensing robot!
486 backers pledged $197,464 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

...aaand We're Done!

All the bots have shipped! Bartendro 7s and Bartendro 15s are now in the hands of UPS and DHL. 

What a ride! Exactly 5 months ago today, our Kickstarter campaign ended. We embarked on a journey to build physical product in scales larger than we've ever attempted, and now we can say we have confidently conquered that.

There were many challenges along the way, and the amount of work seemed to be never-ending. Our days were long and exhausting, but with the help of our community of friends and vendors, we were able to pull it off.

We are very proud of the love and attention we've put into every box. We hope you take care of your Bartendros as well as we have.

I will be posting a much more in-depth blog post next week about all the things we learned along the way, what we'd do differently and what our plans are for the future. 

Now it's time for a toast to you our backers for believing in us and supporting us to get this far.

Cheers, and much love,
Pierre, Garran, Rob & Erin

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Small Bots are Shipping Today!

Dear Backers,

The day is finally here. We've been working around the clock for weeks and can gladly say we're meeting our deadline for shipping ShotBots and Bartendro 3s. We have been very fortunate to have countless friends come over everyday and lend a hand in putting things together with us. We wouldn't have been able to do it without them. We ran into issues and stumbling blocks constantly, but we adapted and got creative. We've realized how much labor and material that has gone into these bots. It's substantial. As a Kickstarter backer, let's just say you got a pretty sweet deal.

There are a lot of packages. Most will go out today, others tomorrwow. International orders will start shipping tomorrow because they require some extra paperwork. Now, work on the big bots begins. We'll be reporting back in 10 days.


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Progress Update

Dear Backers,

We're making steady progress on getting hardware and software ready for you. Looking back, we've already shipped 243 rewards! Only 175 to go. Our first batch of kits and dispensers are already in the hands of some backers. These people are technically proficient enough to help with debugging and installing the requisite updates.

We've already found some issues, and are working on refining and improving our documentation and software. The hardware is rather time consuming to produce, for each dispenser we are machining, soldering wire harnesses and connectors, installing electronics and magnets, programming, and running it through a battery of tests. Not only that, but we are testing every system as a whole with it's router board and RPI to ensure complete functionality. There is also a lot of packaging that we are making and assembling to make sure things get delivered in one piece, and manuals, and videos etc. We are quite busy as you can imagine. 

We just received our initial sheet metal enclosures for the B7 and B15 bots last week and we've fit checked every component and they look good. They will be going to get powder coated this week. 


While all the hardware is continuing to be manufactured, we have set some goals for delivery so that you can have an idea of when to expect things.

August 5th: Delivery of remaining kits.

August 19th: Delivery of Bartendro 3 and Shotbots.

August 31st: Delivery of Bartendro 7 and 15s.

Thanks for hanging with us. We're really excited to get these into your hands.

Shipping has Begun!


It's finally starting to happen. We shipped out all individual dispensers yesterday and they should be on their merry way. We sent out kit surveys a couple of days ago and we're going to start shipping kits of all sizes starting next week. The first people to receive their kits are the ones that can perform software updates (they're a little technically involved right now). Future software updates will be more user friendly as we go, and that should be ready in a couple more weeks. Once the software is at the level we're happy with, all the finished kits and bots will start shipping. Hopefully, we'll be able ship most everything by the end of July. 

We made a quick video to help people get started with their dispensers. More videos of kits and bots to follow...

The latest blog post has a couple of fun videos linked at the bottom where we tried dispensing mayo and honey.

Many Thanks,
Pierre, Garran, Rob and Erin

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It's Beta Testing Time


It's been a while since our last update, sorry about that. We have some mixed news for you. First the good... we received our long awaited power supplies yesterday and for the most part have all the raw materials in-hand to ship bots. There's still some processing that needs to happen before shipping like the machining of parts, programming of boards, assembling, testing, making cardboard inserts & boxes, instruction manuals, instruction videos and more. The good news though, is that these are all things we are fully capable of doing and everything is within our control at this point. That means you are guaranteed to be receiving hardware in the not too distant future. 

The bad news is that our schedule is slipping by at least a couple more weeks. We made the decision to get some beta testers on board to help us bang on the software and hardware and make sure things were running smoothly before shipping out to all. This is for everyone's benefit. We shipped dispensers to several of our dispenser backers last week and are hoping to get feedback from them soon. Up until now, testing has only been performed by us, and we really want other people to test our stuff in the real world to find any issues we may have missed. While this adds a little time, it will ensure that software will be more robust and there will be less down time once it's in your hands.

Thanks for those that have been supportive, we will be posting more pictures and videos to our blog as we go. We've started taking pre-orders for dispensers for those that are eager to get more or missed our campaign.

The Party Robotics Team