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Update #11

Come Celebrate the Andersonville People Spot and Bike Corrals with us


Hello Kickstarter supporters,

Today I can officially say that the people spot, is complete!  With the installation of a mural to wrap the outside of the space over the weekend and the installation of our bike corral this morning, we are bringing this project to a close.  What we have accomplished with this space is simply unprecedented in Chicago, and we truly could not have done it without your support.  You all should be proud to know that you not only played a pivotal role in bringing this space to Andersonville, but your support is actually helping to shape the future of public space all across Chicago.  

So in honor of your support, we would love the opportunity to thank all of you in person.  This Friday September, 15th. we are planning two opportunities for you to come out and visit with us in the people spot.  At 12pm Friday, we will be hosting an official dedication ceremony with Alderman Pat O'Connor of the 40th Ward.  Our architects, designers, fabricators, and all of our other partners will be on hand as well, and we want you to be there too. Then at from 5:30pm to 7pm we will be hosting a "Party in the People Spot".  We invite you to join us for live acoustic music and free ice cream from George's Ice Cream, as we take some time to enjoy the space the way it was meant to be.

Again, thank you all so much, we hope to see you soon.


Schedule: Friday September, 15th

12:00PM                 Dedication of Andersonville People Spot + Bike Corral at 5228 N. Clark

12:45PM                  Dedication of Andersonville Bike Corral at 5146 N. Clark St

5:30PM-7:00PM    “Party in the People Spot” celebration at 5228 N. Clark St                                     Featuring ice cream from George’s Ice Cream and general merriment

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Update #10

Installation Scheduled

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Dear Backers,

Thank you so much for your patience during this development process. We are very proud to have been a major component in making this type of program possible in the City of Chicago. This morning we officially received the "People Spot" Permit. Our general contractor and mill worker is hard at work constructing the modular elements of the park and installation is scheduled for next Thursday (July 26) and Friday (July27).

If any of you backers out there would like to volunteer to help us during the installation process, we do need a handful of helpers to move materials on Thursday at 7:30am from the basement of Urban Orchard grocery store to the park location at Farragut. Please email to let us know if you can help.

Many Thanks!

Colleen & Brian

Update #9 - For backers only

Status of Parklet


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Update #8 - For backers only

Reward pick-up at the Andersonville Farmers Market. June 20th


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Update #7 - For backers only

Getting your kickstarter reward over drinks at a local business if you are interested.


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