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With your help, we're going to create San Francisco's wildest, greenest, most delicious parklet yet, in the city's densest 'hood.
186 backers pledged $15,327 to help bring this project to life.

July Parklet Update

Posted by Friends of the farm:table (Creator)

Thank you to all the awesome volunteers who showed up on July 7th! As you may have seen on front page of the SF Chronicle, friends and neighbors dropped by that Saturday morning, grabbed shovels, got dirty, and moved a mountain of dirt! 

A few stalwarts even returned later in the week to help paint the exterior metal wall (bright red!). Shannon was up early that Wednesday morning planting the grass seed, and every day since then the Farm:Table crew has been diligently taking turns with the watering can. 

A little over a week ago, tiny green sprouts finally began peeking out from the soil. This fescue grass will keep growing through the summer and into the fall. Eventually, after the soil has had several months to settle, we'll be able to re-fill and re-plant the garden, swapping out the preliminary layer of grass for a more diverse landscape. 

Until then, stop by to relax and enjoy the neighborhood's one-and-only green grassy front lawn!


(Kickstarter Backer Rewards Update: We're on track to have all remaining backer rewards completed and delivered over the next two months. If you backed the parklet's kickstarter campaign and requested a "reward", please check your email or kickstarter account during the next couple weeks to receive additional details. Thank you again for your generous support.)

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