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STARRY EYES is a feature horror film written and directed by Dennis Widmyer & Kevin Kölsch and produced by Travis Stevens.
393 backers pledged $52,614 to help bring this project to life.

Whoops! We had to cancel our pendant raffle.

Posted by Dennis Widmyer (Creator)

The other day we announced a cool raffle to win Chuck Palahniuk's big-ass pendant.  But we were just informed that Kickstarter does not allow raffles and that we'd unfortunately have to close the raffle before it was completed.  

At this time, if you are reading this and you specifically pledged to have a chance to win the big-ass pendant, send us a Message and we will resolve this matter for you quickly and painlessly.  And if you were planning on pledging $10 or more as part of this raffle, please know that the the raffle is no longer on.

So then how can I get this pendant, you may be wondering?

Well, we don't want this beautiful item to go to waste, so we're coming up with some other cool ideas for how to offer this to one lucky soul.  Stay tuned for that.  In the meantime, contact us about your raffle pledge and we'll take care of it.


-Starry Eyes Cult


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    1. Michelle Favilla on

      I pledged to win the big ass pendant! Good luck with your film!

      Michelle F.

    2. Renee Nuttall Pickup on

      Aw, too bad! The raffle prompted me to pledge, but I'm happy to give my money to a cool project either way. Good luck hitting the goal!

    3. Missing avatar

      Bryce Haynes on

      My heart wept some when I read this. I understand it could be considered a form of gambling. :( none the less

    4. Missing avatar

      Jade Li on

      Is Chuck sure the pendant is about Rachel or is it Misty. Bright shiny objects. Must. Have. Pendant. Maybe Chuck could give us a writing challenge and the best offering wins it?