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Don't worry if you missed our amazing Kickstarter, you can still get Paqsule on Indiegogo! Paqsule is loaded with over 20 premium features, including the germ-killing PaqTech unit. Keep your bag and its contents odor-free! Pre-Order Paqsule Today!
Don't worry if you missed our amazing Kickstarter, you can still get Paqsule on Indiegogo! Paqsule is loaded with over 20 premium features, including the germ-killing PaqTech unit. Keep your bag and its contents odor-free! Pre-Order Paqsule Today!
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Your bags are here!

Posted by Paqsule (Creator)

We are so excited to share that our shipment has arrived from our overseas factory! We’ll be shipping in the next few days.

Thank you very much for your patience, backers. We know it took longer than anticipated and we’re excited to get these in your hands.

Check out some photos from their arrival at our fulfillment center in Southern California!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Maxim on

      Please contact me directly on my e-mail. I've passed the backer kit review, and the status is "Ready to ship" for 2 month already. Guys when am I going to receive the bag already? I'm getting really nervous.

    2. Missing avatar

      naser alfouzan on

      I haven’t yet received my bag, and trying to contact you with no luck.
      Appreciate if someone can get in touch with me. thanks

    3. Missing avatar

      Andrew McCulloch on

      This "company" seems to have been started by folks with a good idea, but with a poor sense of business. They used the classic kickstarter "hype before production" model; but then took customers money and delivered an inferior product, with huge delays in shipping and production. As an example, I ordered my bag for a 3 month trip...but it was 6 months late What is worse, they have minimized all communication with new customers AND the very people who backed their idea. Waiting on a response. Bag is okay, I will be attempting to take it on an actual trip (now that I have it). Would love to provide feedback either way, but not like the creators care.

    4. Missing avatar

      miker on

      Asked for a refund in November and they said I would get it in January. As of Feb 20, no refund as well as zero response to three follow up messages. Kickstarter needs to cut these guys off until they start fulfilling their obligations. Reading other comments, I see I’m not alone.

    5. Missing avatar

      Paulo Romandini on

      I did not receive mine yet, neither an email with the track number. Can you send me the track number, please?

    6. Missing avatar

      Kirsten Seglem on

      I have tried to contact this company multiple times and they will not respond. I tried to contact them prior to their production and delivery to cancel (after waiting 6 months) and they did not respond. After receiving the bag, it is not at all what I was looking for and the quality/ functionality of the system in the bag is not to the standard advertised. Does anyone know how to get in touch with these guys? I would really prefer to discuss my concerns and come to an amicable solution but I don’t know what else to do at this point. It will be annoying and tedious, but I just cant get past the fact that I have no way to contact them and hold them accountable for their product. Do I call and notify the bbb and my cc company as to the poor business practices and delivery of goods? ADVICE PLEASE!

    7. Missing avatar

      Aldy angeles on

      Anybody knows how to use it with the app as shown on the kickstarter video??

    8. drmartinez on

      Received my bag today. Everything is ok and the system seems to be working fine. Thank you!

    9. drmartinez on

      Hello, when can I expect to receive my bag please? I'm based in UK.

    10. Missing avatar

      frederik on

      Will quality issues be addressed? If not i would also like to see a refund. You are obliged to deliver up to the promised quality. I have received a notice that my package arrived but i need to pay 90euro to receive it... why is that??

    11. Missing avatar

      Richard Senez on

      Is anyone from Paqsule communicating to the backers? Last update was 20days ago and nothing since?? I would expect a bit more considering the 6 month delay... Hearing about the build quality issues is very disappointing to :-/ again considering the delay... when will you be shipping to the UK? Will notification/track8ng numbers be sent?

    12. Missing avatar

      Malina on

      My two bags arrived today to Sydney Australia, but I'm sad to say one was missing the PAQTECH. How can I arrange for the missing unit to be sent out to me?

    13. Missing avatar

      Matthew Williams on

      I am very disappointed in my bag. I got it about a week ago and I can hardly even press the button. The zipper is straight garbage! And I was wondering how this problem can be fixed. Possibly a refund? This was not worth my money one bit what so ever. I would also like a response because I have noticed that you guys have not responded to others.

    14. Missing avatar

      Chad Henkel on

      Got my bag yesterday. A little disappointed- my zipper on the top main compartment isnt lined up correctly and when I zip It skips teeth and doesn’t close completely. Do you have spare bags you can send in exchange? I really Like it otherwise!

    15. Kim Forslund on

      Hi. Have you started shipping to Sweden yet?

    16. Missing avatar

      Yusuke Iriyama on

      Like others, i hv a same situation now. No tracking number

    17. Missing avatar

      Zach Ernst on

      Hey, have you guys started shipping yet? Also are you going to be providing tracking numbers?

    18. Kim Forslund on

      How are these being shipped to Sweden ��? Ups, FedEx or DHL. Let me me know. Thanks in advance.