Paqsule: Revolutionary Cleaning Technology in A Stylish Bag

by Paqsule

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    1. Missing avatar

      Richard Senez on

      Blah blah blah....another delay....blah blah blah

    2. Missing avatar

      Martijn Baartmans on

      So if I understand correct, the bags will be shipped in 10 days from Vietnam to? Will they finally be delivered then?! Thanks for you input on this

    3. Missing avatar

      Alexander Rist on

      Where are we with the delivery now??? Any timelines?

    4. Paqsule Creator on

      Hi Everyone, we are still awaiting the new timeline for delivery from Vietnam. We are as frustrated as you are with the delivery and promise to update you as soon as we have clear timing.

    5. Jorge Luis Genova on

      Paqsule team, are we going to receive something in compensation of the delay? Some kind of gift or something? We love your project, that's why we invested money on this, but delays is the only thing we get... (sorry for my bad english)

    6. Missing avatar

      talktong on

      Where is my refund,order 2get 1only

    7. Missing avatar

      talktong on

      When collect money,very fast response,now ,refund,after few month no mail or money response,where are u guy,at the moon