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PaperFlock is proud to present "Keeping the Ball Alive", a coffee table book celebrating 30 years of pinball creation at Stern Pinball.
444 backers pledged $55,313 to help bring this project to life.

Graphic Design Progress and More!

Posted by PaperFlock Inc (Creator)

Hey Kickstarter Backers!

There has been a lot going on with Keeping the Ball Alive in the last month!

First we are hiring an intern to help us do some Photoshop work to help speed up the process.

We now have a layout with all chapters and games, and we are tweaking the flow of the graphic design. There is still a lot of work to do but we feel good about the progress that has been made.

We have images of every machine Stern has made, but we would still like a few more so we scheduled one last shoot at the end of this month to better document a few of the older games.

We should have all content done by end of the month, and along the way our graphic designer Zach is going to be working on layouts.

We have been in communication with Greg at Stern about their CD archives, and they have taken on an intern to help them digitize the older artwork just for this project! Greg is providing us a list of what they have available and to help identify how far back they have high resolution digital game assets.

In addition, George has been collecting more of his personal sketches, physical molds, toys, etc for us.

This process is taking longer than we expected, as it has been at every stage, but the content we are putting together is first rate!

In my opinion there has never been a pinball book like this before

Thank you all for your patience I know it is difficult, but good things are happening!

With gratitude, Joe and Dameon, the Paperflock Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      j.m.ratkos on

      the book is now 18 months overdue and you guys haven't even provided preliminary layout photos, let alone any pictures of any of the bonus items.

      joe, if you're planning on attending the chicago pinball expo next month, please bring the $325 that you owe me for backing a project that obviously is never going to be completed

    2. Missing avatar

      Billy16 on

      Too little much too late. This book is so far behind no one is counting on it actually seeing print.

    3. PaperFlock Inc Creator on

      Hi Ari,

      Thank you for being respectful with your question. I will always respond to people who are respectful.

      In answer to your question, there is no one thing that pushed things so far off schedule there were many many many things. It's a complicated process that has a lot of steps so I will out line a few of them. Most of these have been posted in updates, but I don't mind talking about them again.

      As soon as the funding was in we began working, hiring a writer and lining up the interviews, which was the writers' preferred method of "research". The writing took longer than anticipated and came in much longer than requested so it required a heavy editing process, which of course took longer too. When we originally approached Stern about the project they told us there were tons of assets we would have access to, but as it turns out many of the assets were in giant printed form and not digitized at all! In fact we are still waiting on a some of the assets to get digitized even now. Our original graphic designer got pregnant and had to drop out of the project, some of the support we were told we had turned out to not be supportive (yes vague on purpose). And MANY other things like that.

      But despite all of the hurdles and set backs we keep pushing forward and making progress.

      We have now purchased or investigated every pinball book we could find, and NONE of them have been created with the support of manufacturers and none have had the access to content we will be bringing.

      So I know there is a lot of belly aching at this stage and we are behind schedule, but I am confident that when the book is finished and out everyone will love it. There really has never been a pinball book like this made.

      I am strongly of the opinion we make this book as GOOD as we possible can even if it costs us more money / time. The real shame would be to waste this amazing opportunity we have to work with the manufacturer and really show off what they have accomplished. Anyway, that's my opinion.

      Thanks again for your respectfulness, Joe

    4. Ari S. on

      Nice to hear about some progress being made.

      Could you explain what exactly has pushed you so far off the schedule?

    5. Eric F Grodsky

      I'm so past caring about this book.

    6. Missing avatar

      j.m.ratkos on

      awesome! you guys are *finally* to the point that you should have been about 18 months ago after the project funding ended.

      so, do you think that we'll see this book sometime before 2020 or will todd tuckey get his just announced series of 10 books out first?