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$43,858 pledged of $79,000 goal
By Panther MPC
$43,858 pledged of $79,000 goal

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    1. Missing avatar

      Uwe Heitmann on is may, and it looks like there will be no panther alpha ever..!

    2. Missing avatar

      Jordan Traynor on

      Hey guys,

      Any more news for all of us when the relaunch will be happening?


    3. Panther MPC Creator on

      Thanks so much to Alejandro, Charles, Myer, David, Uwe, NialP Angela, Douglas, Ryu, FuCherng, Bezouwenr, Lee, Jordan, Mark and all the other 437 backers that have supported us so far. We really wouldn’t be here without you!

      If you’re new around here, sign up now and be among the first to know when our re-launch goes live:

    4. Missing avatar

      Alejandro Gonzalez on

      I will be with you until the end. Good things will come out of your project, I believe it firmly. Good luck!

    5. Charles Nelson

      i look forward to the future news also...cheers Charles

    6. Missing avatar

      Myer Made on

      Was excited to read the new update after the campaign cancelled. Looking forward to what's next and hoping for a success!

    7. David M. on

      I'm sorry the project didn't get funded. I look forward to the email.

    8. Panther MPC Creator on

      Hi Uwe, we'll be sending a message to our backers soon!

    9. Panther MPC Creator on

      Hi NialP, good to hear from you again!

      The board you’ve found does look similar to our prototype but the same could be said about virtually any ARM development board, especially those with the same chipset. Just look at the Raspberry Pi 3 and ODROID C2: The layout and early board designs look virtually the same even though it’s a completely different manufacturer, from the other end of the world. Unlike development boards however, our focus is not necessarily on hardware. We needed a performant, powerful base and found a manufacturer that was able to meet our specs (chipset, memory, …), quality standard and help us achieve our overall vision.

      As for memory use, we’re not doing any magic and any experienced Linux developer could replicate the 100-200MB we’re seeing for Desktop use. What we’re delivering with Panther Alpha, is a complete experience with the software tailored for the hardware, much like Apple does with their Mac and macOS. With that, we take away the issues Linux (missing drivers, system-breaking updates) and Windows (no privacy, a lot more threats and even more system-breaking updates) users usually face.

      Panther OS builds on existing open source projects and technologies. That means for example, that we don’t actually write our application store / software installer but simply adapt an existing project to suit our users needs. That means Panther OS users get access to a stable, modern, software that’s tested and optimized for their platform and the individual projects will benefit from patches or enhancements we implement – open source at it’s best.

      We are just at the very beginning and Panther OS will evolve into a complete and independent platform that offers our users unique performance, stability and privacy benefits – not to mention great, free software that helps you get work done! All that in a compact, completely silent, affordable package.

      By the way, the latest Kickstarter video already shows some impressions of Panther OS running on Panther Alpha, one of which is a 4K test. That’s also our focus – Panther OS - the included Android is pretty much vanilla to enable our users to game and, for example, watch Netflix trough the Android app.

      I hope that helps :)

    10. NialP

      A couple of points...

      The 1st is kind of a biggie... After just a brief browse around I found loads of products identical or very similar to yours, including AMLogic's own dev board for their MCU/CPU which is remarkably similar to your units main board. It does use a different model chip but i'm sure if i keep looking I would find the same board that you have pictured.
      So is your board your own work or have you just taken a product like this and either re-packaged it into your own case or just used another company's case and board and put your logo onto it?

      In your video you claim that your machine is "The worlds most versatile open source desktop computer"... How has this been confirmed and verified?
      You also claim that your OS is "The most outstanding Linux Experience to date" Again, that's a huge claim and you haven't actually shown us anything to back this claim up...

      You haven't really given us any info about how you have been able to shrink memory usage compared to other similar systems when using the same hardware and software etc...

      You have still failed to follow through with my request to see the unit from all angles to see how ports and plugs etc fit. I find it very troubling that you have never shown your box connected to anything or any video showing it running.

      Details on the OS are so vague. Its a pretty big task to create your own custom OS with dedicated software installer/store etc...

      You in fact haven't shown us any of your own work except for a few pics of the OS desktop screens which in fact could easily be any Linux or Android OS that has had its home screen customised.
      I'm just a little unclear what it is you are selling us? Is it a full package of your own Mini Desktop PC with your Own OS, or is it a generic Mini PC with Your OS or is it a generic Mini PC with a generic OS that you have customized a bit?

    11. Charles Nelson

      Go, Go, Go!!!! Maybe wishful thinking though...Cheers Charles

    12. Angela on

      Consider this a third vote for "I hope I still get a Panther Alpha!" Looking forward to your next update.

    13. Missing avatar

      Uwe Heitmann on

      david here already asked the question that was on my mind and 'The Creator' gave already the answer - all i need to do now is to stay 'tuned'! ;-)

    14. Panther MPC Creator on

      @David, we'll have an announcement for everybody shortly. Stay tuned!

    15. David M. on

      Since the down-payment has already been made on 1000 units, if the campaign fails, do we get a chance to go ahead and purchase the Panther MPC?

    16. Panther MPC Creator on

      Hi Douglas, since we’ve already got Android 6 running, it should be relatively easy to support Remix OS as well. However, our focus will always remain on Panther OS as our desktop OS. With Android support, we aim to deliver a superior gaming experience and the much desired Netflix Android App for HD streaming (with Netflix help, we could theoretically support 4K on Panther OS).

    17. Douglas McLean

      Good to hear that will also be able to run Android 6 on the Panther Alpha.

      What about Remix OS?

    18. Panther MPC Creator on

      @Rafeh, we're pushing hard to make sure that everybody get's their Panther Alpha!

    19. Rafeh Babar on

      If you don't get your full funding will I still get Panther OS

    20. Panther MPC Creator on

      @NetworkImprov we will post updates shortly. All work we do will eventually go upstream.

    21. Missing avatar

      NetworkImprov on

      How much work have you done in the kernel, and what if any of that is going upstream?

    22. Panther MPC Creator on

      @Chamak, our platform supports HDMI 2.0, not 2.0a. 4K output is still possible.

      @Douglas, I'm happy to see you around! Indeed, we're excited to be on Gadget Flow. Hopefully the additional traffic will help us achieve our goal.

    23. Chamak on

      Since it has 4k in the title, will it support HDMI 2.0a?

    24. Douglas McLean

      Great to see the Panther Alpha mentioned in Gadget Flow, hopefully that can generate some more momentum of the campaign.

    25. Panther MPC Creator on

      Hi everyone, our community forum is now live: :-)

    26. Panther MPC Creator on

      Hi Douglas, compiling said list is very time consuming and other projects have priority. For example, we’re about to launch a community forum in which we can exchange ideas, gather feedback and answer questions. However, we’re working on more updates for the campaign page and have answered countless of messages from backers relating to individual apps and tasks.

      You’re right, unless backers are familiar with Linux, they have little idea what Panther OS is all about though I’d argue that using Panther OS would be a similar experience as to switch from one OS to another (Windows to Mac). You’ll find many familiar applications as well as new ones, your files open as usual and within a couple of days, you’ve made it your own.

      Our application store is already deployed and being tested internally as we speak. Once Panther Alpha ships, our store will already contain thousands of applications, individually tested to run on Panther Alpha. If an application is not available on our store, users can request it (if it’s available, we can add it within 1-2 days) or install it by themselves (in most cases easier than installing a new application on Windows).

    27. Douglas McLean


      Back 16 days ago I asked about what apps would be available to work on the Panther Alpha. You indicated 1000s and said a list would be compiled. We still haven't seen the list.

      Some backers will be familiar with Linux, but many won't and none of us really know anything about the Panther OS you are creating.

      I'm sure it would help marketing the Panther Alpha if backers knew what apps were going to be on the computer when they got it and what apps would be available that they could get to use on it.

      You also mention creating a Panther App Store which presumably does not yet exist. Is that the only place users of the Panther Alpha will be able to get apps to work on the Alpha?

    28. Panther MPC Creator on

      Hi NialP, we'll get on it right away - apologies! I've had a look at They have some fantastic boards but none of them appear to have more than 1GB of memory. Sure, you could always assemble your own system (board, PSU, casing, manual installation of OS / virtually no support) but that’s not our vision – We want to offer our backers a reliable, performant OS which we focus on 100%.

      You’ve mentioned that you’re running Ubuntu 14.04LTE and 16.04LTE on 512MB memory: I’m sure that works but I’d assume you’re regularly hitting memory limits? Back when we were testing on a Raspberry Pi 3, I’ve found that even 1GB memory is sufficient for certain tasks but with 2GB, you have almost 2 ½ times the available memory to run applications.

      PS: We’re working on a community forum in which we will soon discuss everything in more detail, including benchmark, application support (such as PLEX Server, Chrome). I believe we should have this up in the next 2-3 days.

    29. NialP

      Hey uys, I still havent seen any close ups of the board and the sides around the casing showing the available ports and their posistioning.

      Also could you explain how your little SBC is better/different over the ones available from places like who sell 2 fantastic little Quad Core boards for $8 (Ethernet) and $16 (wireless) in their NanoPi Neo range (40x40mm with an optional full board size heatsink and either a supplied case for a few $ or you can print off or cut your own using a 3D printer or Laser cutter... They also sell a huge range of SBC's of varyin power, RAM, Ports etc but they are really well priced.
      I have a couple of their boards but have recently been using their NanoPi Neo Quad-Core with 512MB RAM and it runs Ubuntu 14.04LTE and 16.04LTE perfectly and is fast enough for most tasks! (This is one of my $8 units in a simple 3D printed case (which could obviously and easily be made to a higher standard

      They also they sell some slightly larger units that have more features, RAM, Onboard eMMC, WiFi, BT4, IR and Ethernet and so on and some really powerfull units.

      Would love it if you took a look at their gear and could compare your board to the ones available from them...

      Finally could you run some benchmarks to show how your board compares to some of the greats like the Raspberry Pi 3 which is a powerhouse of a board with more support then any other SBC on the market!

    30. Panther MPC Creator on

      @Angela, thanks for backing us! :) That's a great question. Let's have a look at the average power consumption of a number of USB devices: Wireless mouse receiver (0.067W), wired mouse (0.27W), external HDD (± 1.9W - depending on size, speed, type). Depending on what kind of device you plan to use with your Panther Alpha, the overall power consumption will increase: Panther Alpha Idle (1.6W) + Wireless Mouse & Keyboard (0.067W) + external HDD (1.9W) = 3.567W + 19inch LED Screen (20W).

      Panther Alpha (+external HDD) + 19inch LED Screen = 23.567W total

      If you plan to use more than two devices, we highly recommend the use of a powered USB hub. However, you should be fine as long as you don’t exceed 0.5A (2.5W) on a single USB port. That means, you could use an external USB HDD on the first USB and a mouse and keyboard on the second, trough an unpowered USB hub.

      PS: If you want to find out more about the average power consumption of your screen, have a look at this website: They have a nice overview “Power Consumption Comparison Between LED, LCD, CRT & Plasma”.

      I hope that helps :-)

    31. Angela on

      I know a huge part of your design is power efficiency. Does your estimate for power usage include normal usage with all standard peripherals (monitor, keyboard, mouse)?

      Follow up question: have you tested devices connected to the Panther Alpha through a USB hub (for when 2 USB ports isn't enough)? If so, were there any power problems or performance issues?

      PS This is a great project and I'm very excited about it!

    32. Panther MPC Creator on

      @Vijay, me too! We'll look into official Plex Media Server support. From what I can see, this shouldn't be a problem at all.

    33. Missing avatar

      Vijay Jadav on

      Would love to see this thing run Plex Media Server officially!

    34. Panther MPC Creator on

      @Daniel You’re right, the recommended minimum for Fedora Workstation is 1GB of memory (RAM) but this ‘minimum’ already considers that you’ll be running Gnome desktop along with at least 2-3 applications. That being said, it’s the minimum you need to be productive but you could boot and run the same installation with only 512MB of memory or less.

      Panther OS will come pre-installed with Chromium (Google Chrome). Having Chromium run with a couple of tabs open alongside other applications such as Pidgin, Mail or Libre Office is no problem. Compared to the Raspberry Pi, the additional 1GB memory (total 2GB) makes a huge difference. If we were to run Panther OS on a Raspberry Pi 3, we’d be left with a little under 700MB of memory but on our Panther Alpha, we’re looking at more than 2 1/2 times that.

      You’re right, Panther Alpha is so compact and lightweight, it’s easy to carry around and take anywhere. Compared to the Intel Compute Stick, our Panther is not only much more well connected but truly embraces open source. Going Intel Compute Stick with Windows 10, you’d be back to what we hope to defeat – bloated, spying, breaking, proprietary Windows.

    35. Daniel Shafer

      Thanks for the reply. That comment was written from my phone so probably not the best written.

      So Fedora itself has a system requirement of 1GB and Gnome 3 has a system requirement of 1.5GB. I have no idea what browser you would attach to it but Firefox and Chrome are both memory hogs (not your fault).

      Have you guys done stress tests? How many browser tabs can you open before it starts to freeze up? Can you run multiple things without lag such as Pidgin, Browser, Slack, Skype, LibreOffice? Those seem to be probably the most used ones I can think of.

      I only ask these because I remember using Arch Linux with XFCE on a Rasp Pi and man did it tank after a few applications were running.

      I think this device would great as a cheaper version of an Intel Compute Stick type device which could be taken with you to hotels and stuff. Chrome is most likely going to be wanted because of Chrome's support for Netflix on Linux.

    36. Panther MPC Creator on

      @Daniel I appreciate your input. Our Panther Alpha is significantly faster than the Raspberry Pi 3. For desktop us alone, the additional memory makes a huge difference in terms of performance and usability. Based on our own experience working with the Raspberry Pi 3 and now, our own board, 2GB RAM is plenty! for day to day use.

      You're right, it isn't going to be easy to establish Linux as a mainstream desktop for every day users but now is a better time than ever to break trough and have an impact on the established players. It's going to take a lot of time and a strong direction but I'm confident that we'll soon see more Linux desktop users around the world - Panther Alpha is our contribution.

      Also, we're not at all ignoring enthusiast users like yourself. While our campaign page is more oriented towards end user, we hope for strong support from the development community as well because after all, the community is what makes Linux strong.

    37. Daniel Shafer

      Essentially it's Gnome 3 from the look of it. I like the specs but I'm a little unsure that the mobile graphics card could handle a 4K TV or monitor efficiently. Specially when watching movies and stuff. Gnome also has a larger footprint than just Linux on its own. It has somewhat better specs than the raspberri pi, and that can barely handle raw mkv files.

      Finally, this product appears more focused towards normal every day users and, as sad as it is, it's not going to be that easy to get people to use Linux. This should have been focused more towards enthusiasts like me.

    38. Panther MPC Creator on

      @Oskari thanks for stopping by! Yes, it should be possible to run Plex Media Server on Panther OS. As far as I can see, ARM packages are already available. If there's enough interest from our backer community (you have my vote), we will add official packages to our Application Store.

      @Dayne we’re focused exclusively on Panther OS. However, next month backers of the “Early Access to Panther OS” tier will get access to Panther OS source code. With that in hand, a capable Linux developer could start working on an Arch port. We’ve already set-up a forum to coordinate future community efforts.

    39. Missing avatar

      Oskari Pihlajamäki

      I know it's possible to run plex media server on fedora 24, is it possible to run it with this product?

    40. Missing avatar

      Dayne Dougan on

      Has anyone had a play around other OSs on the hardware? Arch or something like that?

    41. Panther MPC Creator on

      @Chat thanks so much. We’re as excited as you are! Good question: Panther Alpha would make a great server, considering that the device requires only little energy while still providing more than enough performance for a central file storage at home or in the office, a web server to host an intranet or even a small website powered by Wordpress.

      In fact, we’re planning to provide instructions and tools to help you get started using Panther Alpha as a server (ex: How-To Share an External Hard Drive with Multiple Users around the Office).

      @Todd I really appreciate your kind words. Thanks so much! We’re looking into a couple of options to widen our reach to make sure that everyone get’s their Panther Alpha. Help us spread the word :)

    42. Chad Anderson on

      Very cool project! Excited to see how it turns out.

      It doesn't seem to be its intended purpose, but could the Panter be used as a small server?

    43. Todd McCreery on

      I love the idea of this project. Think you guys just need to do more advertising. I see the ad on facebook from time to time, but that's it. Hope it's successful. :)

    44. Panther MPC Creator on

      @Douglas thanks for your follow-up and apologies! We're still working on the list - we're literally talking about thousands of applications, including Chromium (Google Chrome), Gimp, LibreOffice, Evolution, Audacity, Calendar, Contacts - all full-blown, fully-functional, highly polished desktop applications.

      Panther OS will come with a sensible set of preinstalled applications. Additional software will be available through our Application Store, where you can search for and download new applications and keep installed ones up to date. Unlike others, our users won't need to register or pay anything to download and install new applications. The Application Store is tightly integrated with the system and automatically notifies users about updates for both installed software and Panther OS itself. No changes are made without our user’s explicit permission and we don’t keep any data about how you use Panther OS or our Store.

    45. Douglas McLean

      You were going to have a comprehensive list prepared of apps and programs that will be available to be downloaded to use on the Panther Alpha. Can we please see the list?

      Where will the apps be available and on what basis?

    46. Panther MPC Creator on

      @NialP of course, no problem. We'll post some new, clearer images as soon as possible.

    47. Panther MPC Creator on

      @NialP, thanks so much for backing us! :) Our initial release of Panther OS is based on a heavily modified Fedora 24. Our goal is, to make it as stable, performant and user friendly as anyhow possible. Linux has come a long way and performs great for day to day tasks but it's not yet as accessible to end users - We are trying to change that.

    48. NialP

      Is there somewhere where I can see photos of the device internals and the 4 edges where the connectors are in a photo or video that has clear photos of a size that I can actully see rather then the limited size photos published...? Just more photos of the device please.

    49. NialP

      Is the OS a custom rolled Linux environment and GUI?
      The settings and menu pictures look like Ubuntu and other Debian based Linux OSs.

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