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the Pickpocket™: Pocketclip/Bottle Opener's video poster

The Pickpocket is a combined bottle opener/pocketclip that allows you to hang your keys in a pocket or from a beltloop. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on December 5, 2012.

The Pickpocket is a combined bottle opener/pocketclip that allows you to hang your keys in a pocket or from a beltloop.

About this project

THE IDEA:  The Pickpocket's design is a result of my desire for an always-with-you bottle opener, and an unwillingness to add any unnecessary bulk to my already over-filled pockets. After a number of napkin sketches of minimalistic keychain bottle openers, the idea came to me that by incorporating a pocketclip I could eliminate the need to fish for a bulky mess of keys deep in my pockets, making the convenience factor twofold.

BOTTLE OPENER:  Experts in bottle opening know, its all about the geometry. I made it my goal that the Pickpocket's claw design not only be able to reliably and easily lift a cap, but to be as minimal as possible. Alot of experimentation, mockups, and dremel shavings later, I had a design I was extremely pleased with. Small size, big performance...

POCKETCLIP:  Integrated into the design of the Pickpocket is an extremely handy pocket clip. Hang your keys comfortably inside your pocket, rather than in a clump deep at the bottom. Or slip the Pickpocket onto a beltloop and never dig for your keys again! Being no larger than an average key, yet adding much more versatility to keychain carry options, the Pickpocket can actually minimize the bulkiness of a keychain, rather than add to it

LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN:  Up to this point, I’ve only made a small batch of prototype Pickpockets offered to members of a small web forum. Each of these was very costly and time consuming for me to produce, but were a HUGE hit right off the bat! It wasn’t long before I was surprised to see that several popular blogs and websites had gotten word of my Pickpocket design and featured it on their site! I was thrilled to see the online community begin to buzz about the Pickpocket, anxiously trying to find where they could buy their own…

It was at this point, I realized I needed to be able to offer many more of the Pickpockets and at a lower cost by reducing the amount of hand work that had to go into each one. Once this project has been funded, I will be having them mass produced out of .075"-.100" thick Titanium. After deburring and stonewashing the Pickpockets to give them an attractive and durable surface finish, they will then be completed with a 1" splitring and a minimal amount of packaging.

This is where you come in. Your pledges will help cover the initial cost of tooling and production, and help me get this ball rolling. With your contribution, this concept can become a product, and I thank you in advance for your support!

PREMIUM MODELS:  In addition to the standard stonewashed titanium, I'd like to offer some premium finishes and materials available at different reward tiers. Unlike the standard production model Pickpocket, each of these will be individually cut and painstakingly hand-finished. These are likely never to be publicly available again, and are offered only as a perk for Kickstarter members. Brief descriptions of each material may be found in the reward notes.

Risks and challenges

The only things that may interfere with the delivery of Pickpockets would be scheduling complications, such as bulk material availability (most specifically, the handmade materials: damascus and mokuti versions), or in the off chance that I am unsatisfied with the manufacturer's finish quality. In either of these cases, I would simply need to delay delivery until I can either correct the complications or find another production source.

Otherwise, the Pickpocket is a proven design, with excellent user feedback. The production prototype is effectively identical to the final product, so I am confident that no design modifications will need to be made.

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    The good Karma of knowing you've helped make this product idea a reality :)

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    $20 will get you one basic titanium Pickpocket. Sweet and simple, this will be the primary production offering in grey, stonewashed titanium alloy. Perfect for the pockets of your favorite pair of bluejeans. (international: add $10)

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    44 backers Limited (106 left of 150)

    ANODIZE IT. With nothing more than a bit of electricity, and some phosphate rich liquid, titanium can be anodized a variety of brilliant colors. A pledge of $50 will get you a Limited Release, orangepeel textured, anodized titanium Pickpocket with an artistic blue freckle pattern hand applied by yours truly. Each one will be unique and different, just like you. (international: add $10)

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    23 backers Limited (127 left of 150)

    DAMASCUS STEEL. Que the 'oohs' and 'ahhs'. This ultra-classy Limited Release Pickpocket will be cut from Chad Nichols stainless damascus steel. Similar to the folded steel blades of the samurai, the forging and folding of two steels creates beautifully elegant swirling patterns of light and dark grey reminiscent of the flowing of water. One of these would look great hanging next to the keys to your Rolls Royce. (international: add $10)

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    9 backers Limited (141 left of 150)

    MOKUTI. This limited release will be the premium of premiums. For the man (or woman) who settles for nothing less than the best of anything, a $200 pledge will get you a Pickpocket made from Chad Nichols "Mokuti".... Similar to damascus steel, this special material is made from two grades of TITANIUM that have been forged and folded into intricate swirling patterns. Once color anodized, these Pickpockets will have a brilliant woodgrain pattern of purple and blue. (international: add $10)

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    Ships anywhere in the world

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