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As London Burns, do you protect your own property or will you stand as the hero of London? Save the city, or watch it burn. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on August 18, 2012.

As London Burns, do you protect your own property or will you stand as the hero of London? Save the city, or watch it burn.

About this project

 Sunday September 2, 1666, Thomas Farriner, the baker to the King, forgot to put out the hearth fire in his shop. This simple act of negligence created a towering and lethal inferno which would eventually destroy 13,000 houses and leave nearly 90 percent of the cities’ population destitute and homeless…

You are no simple bystander to this tragedy; the future of London lies in your hands.

The players are men of wealth and standing who own property around London. The Lord Mayor has failed to act and it is down to these mighty men to lead trained bands of militia to fight the fire and save the city. To do so they must decide which districts to sacrifice to the fire and which to protect. Remember, these same men own much of London, thus such choices will shape their own future and greatly affect their wealth and standing.

Use the trained bands to suppress the fire and explosives to destroy blocks of housing to create fire breaks and prevent its spread.  Do you choose to protect your own homes, turning a blind eye and allowing the fire to consume your rival’s property?  Or will you stand as the hero of London, and choose to save as much of the city as possible?

Victory can belong to the player with the most property left after the ashes settle, but stopping the fire and saving London’s most famous landmarks may win a more altruistic land owner the hearts and minds of the people.

Save the city, or watch it burn. 

Great Fire of London is coming to kickstarter because it’s the only way the game is going to get a release in the United States.  Despite great word of mouth, a strong showing at Essen 2010 and strong demand the game has never been released in the United States.

The game was also marred in production issues with it's European print run.  A board that doesn't lay flat, a box that is over sized and components of the wrong shape, size and color made the European release less than perfect.  We're going to fix that with this new print run and finally give the game the look, feel and quality components that it deserves.

The kickstarter is going to help us raise money for the printing, shipping and distribution costs of Great Fire of London.  Without your support this game will continue to be unavailable in the United States. 

Card Stock stretch goal reward level

We crunched the numbers and decided as part of making this game the best possible that we will be providing the upgraded card stock, regardless of stretch goals unlocked and have adjusted the other stretch goals accordingly.  Thanks for your support!

40K stretch goal reward level

At 40,000 dollars we are going to be upgrading the games draw bag to a nice velvet-like material with the games logo embroidered on the bag.  The draw bag is used at the beginning of the game to set out your property and is a critical component in the game.  While the current bag is functional, this upgraded bag will look much nicer.

50K stretch goal reward level

At 50,000 dollars we will be upgrading the “Hero of London” card to a large wooden disc with a custom decal.  The top side will like the top of a water bucket (complete with water).  This is a card that gets passed around the table a good deal during the game, and we want to upgrade it to a thick sturdy 2" diameter wooden disc.  If you’ve ever played Catan this card is similar to the Longest Road and Largest Army cards in that game.  You get it for putting out the most fires, but once someone has put out more fires than you, they take up the card and the mantle of “Hero of London” and take the disc.

65K Stretch Goal Reward Level

At 65,000 dollars the games current pawns will be upgraded to custom meeples with powdered wigs. This is what mean of wealth and standing would have worn in the time period, and it will help bring the look and feel of a land-holder racing around the city trying to save his land to the game in a much greater way than a simple pawn would.

Below is just a sample of the great critical praise the game has received:

Undead Viking

“It’s Pandemic like in that you are trying to control a horrific event, but at the same time you don’t want to defeat it.  You just want to save your own skin and make your opponents wither away […] and have all their money and power burnt to a crisp.  So you are left as the biggest industrialist in town.”

“The game is really really straightforward and simple to play.  But it has a lot of depth to it.  The game has a lot more to it than what the rules are.  I love that.  The simple but deep games.  [The hidden player colors] adds a lot of dimensions to the game.  It opens up the bluffing atmosphere to the game.  A lot of mind games and double bluffing going on.”

The Dice Tower

"You are one vicious landowner, you want the fire to move and destroy people’s houses are not your own. […]  If you all work together you could probably contain the fire, but you don’t want to do that.  You don’t have houses in that region, you don’t have that card.  Someone else probably does.  BURN IT."

"All of this works together to make a very intriguing game. "

He Says, She Says Review

He Says

I found TGFoL to be a lot of fun because I felt we did not really have anything else similar to it. I enjoy the mechanic of trying to spread the fire to burn down my neighbor's houses but not my own; I enjoy trying to use the trained band cones and explosive barrels to block areas important to my victory; and I enjoy comparing the cost to benefits of sacrificing one of my houses to burn down multiple of my opponent's. All in all, The Great Fire of London is just a really fun game that scratches an itch nothing else in our collection has so far-- so it's a keeper!

She Says

I was pleasantly surprised with The Great Fire. […] this game really kicks into gear. People are going back and forth between burning down opponent's houses and trying to save their own. There is just something inherently fun with the game-play mechanics. I enjoyed almost every aspect of this quaint game.

Little Metal Dog Show

"The Great Fire of London 1666 is a great game that’s flown under many people’s radars – don’t let the same happen to you."

"The board design is *very* pretty. One of those boards I’d like to put in a frame and stick on the wall."

Cartrunk Entertainment

"One of the favorite games in my gaming group is Pandemic (yes, I’m throwing this comparison out there right off the bat,) and one of the great things about Pandemic is the escalation and control aspect. The diseases will escalate, you need to control them. In Pandemic you do it as a group. In The Great Fire of London, you do it individually…and you may want to control more than you escalate…and you have to be careful not to tip your hat too much.

It’s been a phenomenal experience so far. I just find the game dramatic, fun, and different. The Great Fire of London feels very simple at a certain level, but provides such interesting choices. It’s definitely player driven, which I have said multiple times is what I want in a game. This one has gotten several plays and I’m trying to fit a few more in before I send it back."

Father Geek

The closest game I can compare this to is Pandemic on its hardest level of difficulty. Except, you are not working with the other players and you won’t find any level of cooperation here. When the fire intensifies, it spreads. As it spreads, more and more points are gobbled up. A player can focus on saving their own skin or helping out the entire city, which takes a lot more work but also rewards more points. This allows the players to take several different paths to their victory or their defeat.

The game [...] exceeded my expectations. The simple game play belies the high level of game complexity and relentless challenges. I found the entire experience humbling, exciting, and enriching. Well worth playing again, but only after getting a good nights sleep. This game will drain you.

Giant Fire Breathing Robot

The […]  game is an absolutely wonderful experience and one that leads to laughter, mirth, and trash talk. And, at least in my plays, a healthy dose of misdirection as we try to determine whose houses need some burning. Great Fire is definitely worth checking out.

Kicking Down the Door

The unique […] mechanics will give you an experience of game play that will give you a feeling of well-earned satisfaction, when you alone emerge from ruins of London’s biggest disaster.

Drakkenstrike's Components Breakdown

This is most definitely a gateway game. Very easy to teach, very easy to learn.   There are a lot of cool things going on in this game, it’s very mechanically sound.  If you like […] more relaxed strategy games I would definitely give the game a look.

Board Games In Blighty 

The Great Fire of London 1666 is a very refreshing design and theme compared to the usual Euro brain burner stuff which keeps getting gets rehashed. Richard Denning’s design is simple yet clever and really gives you a sense of the sweep of the fire ravaging London whilst the few fire fighting teams rush from one hot spot to another. The theme works very well as you work together to a certain degree to fight the fire or at least manage it (not likely). This a very interesting game which really evokes the event very well. There are a number of nice features and they all come together well so that the game flows smoothly. 

"This is an excellent game with a really novel fire-spreading mechanism that is both simple and beautiful in its execution. There is a lot of tactical play in the use of firemen; and the way each player gets their turn to 'fan the flames' is sweet."

"It is certainly fun to watch players squirm when they realize you have just spread the fire into one of their scoring zones.This is where the game is devious as you are all working to save London but with the hidden missions and the specific houses to save, players are more protective of certain areas."

Brilliant game! I like the combination between burning London down and trying to save your own buildings. Superb mechanism!

New and interesting mechanics for us. Cutthroat for sure but everything just makes sense. Needs to be on the radar of more people.

Brilliant game! I like the combination between burning London down and trying to save your own buildings. Superb mechanism!

Very thematic and fun semi-cooperative game with lots of opportunities to hurt your opponents. A relatively simple, yet clever, layered design.

A very good game with a nice blend of trading between short term tactical advantage and longer term strategy.  Relatively simple rules combine to offer a myriad of differing play styles / reward combinations.

As you can see Great Fire of London is a fun game of tense decisions, but you don't have to take our word for it.  You can check out the final version of the rulebook on Board Game Geek!

Rulebook on BGG

Great Fire of London is a game with amazing gameplay and artwork to match.  Unfortunately the European printing was marred with production problems.  A board that didn't lay flat, components of the wrong shape size and color.  The game's components just didn't match up with the world class design and artwork of the game.  We are going to fix that and give this game the quality components it has long deserved.

We are going to make sure this is a world class game worthy of your library.  Every component will be printed on thick 2.5mm cardboard with linen embossing.  The board, the box, the custom components, all of it.  We are going to be using a major printer who handles games for some very big name publishers.  It might cost more to do it this way, but we want this to be a game you are proud to have on your shelf.

Prior to printing the game we will be given component mock ups of the final printing and will inspect them for any problems before the printer begins the full print run.

This is a game that we love.  We are going to make sure it's the best the game has ever looked.  We owe it to the designers, the game and most of all our backers.

Pandasaurus Games is a start-up independent publisher of hobby board and card games based in Austin, TX.  Our goal is to help great games make it to gamers tables.  We believe board games are a great way to get together with friends and family and foster a sense of community that many forms of entertainment stifle. 

Pandasaurus Games is pretty easy to get a hold of online.  We're always on BGG when we should probably be working, and can be reached on our homepage, twitter and facebook.!/Pandasaurusgame


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