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Lead the brave heroes sent from the Wanderer's Guild to discover and end the corruption taking place in Barnacle Bay!
1,566 backers pledged $173,108 to help bring this project to life.


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Stretch Goal we are currently working towards:

Here's what you currently will get for backing "Wander: The Cult of Barnacle Bay":


 We also have a Retailer Pledge available! This is what you get with it:






The game will feature beautifully sculpted miniatures by industry veteran and highly talented sculptor, Patrick Keith!


 Here's everything you can add-on to your pledge! After the Kickstarter Campaign is complete, we will send out our Pledge Manager. You will be able to choose which add-ons you want, and the credit from your pledge will be applied. More to come based on overall funding!



 Wander: The Cult of Barnacle Bay is a campaign based co-op dungeon crawler where the players take on the role of heroes from the Wanderer's Guild. They must work together to infiltrate the once peaceful village of Barnacle Bay and put an end to Elder Bane and his Cult of the Deep! Throughout the campaign, players will choose branching scenarios that each provide their own challenges. Its up to our heroes to navigate these scenarios by choosing a set of unique abilities tailored to their own strengths. They acquire these abilities by defeating enemies during a scenario, but dont get too carried away! If you do, you are liable to summon more of Elder Bane's cultists who will try and stop you by any means.

The Heroes of the Wanderers Guild!
The Heroes of the Wanderers Guild!

Here are the models of the heroes that are included in the base game:

 Players will work together to defeat many enemies and challenges pitted against them throughout the campaign. There is no need for a dungeon-master however, since the enemies will follow a simple set of rules based on line of sight and engagement with the heroes. Different enemies will have special abilities, so make sure to pick your targets carefully!

Throughout the campaign, Heroes will have to tackle different scenarios with different winning conditions. Some will need the heroes to simply make it to the end, others will make you race against an enemy to save the town from being flooded, another might make you face off against a horrendous Megalopotomus! You will also encounter unique boss fight scenarios, pitting your Heroes against the nefarious Elder Bane! Depending on which path you take during the campaign, you will also unlocked special Relics, which gives heroes unique advantages over your enemies.


For any of you who are interested a sneak peak at beta stage of our Rulebook, you can find it at the link below:
**Note: The Rulebook is missing graphics and detailed diagrams, we are actively working on it.**

Below is a video detailing how Wander: The Cult of Barnacle Bay plays! This is the intro mission to the game. If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask!

 The game also features Boss Scenarios that play very different than the main scenarios. Here is a video of the Level 1 Elder Bane boss fight.

The very talented Lance Hinkel from Learn 2 Play Games got a chance to give his review of the game and run through some of the core mechanics with a early prototype of the core game.

Lance Hinkel made another video showing a "create your own" kind of scenario. This video is great at showing how you can create your own scenarios at ease and also shows the mechanics of the game very well.! Thanks Lance!

If you are wondering how people felt about our game, check out these testimonials from our fans at Origins 2017!

 You can also watch us on the episode of Man Vs Meeple!

A few months ago, we had the chance to show the gang of D&E Miniatures and Board Games a demo of the board game. They were kind enough to record a review of what we were able to show them.


Throughout this campaign, depending on if we break through our base goal, we will be unlocking Stretch Goals! These stretch goals include additional hero minis that are playable in the game, extra item and event cards, and potentially an expansion to the game if we get enough funding!

Also note, anything marked with this graphic:

is an exclusive item for Kickstarter Backers only. Any excess stock will be available through conventions and special promotions only.

Here's the map of our current stretch goal progress:

 Current models that have been unlocked:















Next stretch goals:




We will be charging for shipping after the Kickstarter ends during the pledge management phase. This is the best option we could find, since shipping to backers changes based on their location and what they have ordered. We cannot ship these packages to PO boxes domestically or internationally, due to their size and the high chance of being bounced back to us.

We are going to be utilizing Ship Naked, which have handled fulfillment for many other Kickstarter campaigns and have international hubs at key locations. We will absorb the freight costs to get our products to these international hubs. This means that all shipping is closer and overall cheaper for Backers!

Shipping Quotes

For all of you backers who have been so patient with us for these quotes, we do sincerely appreciate it! The only delay on our end was wanting to make sure the quote was accurate and that we could confirm a few things, like how we can now offer CANADA FRIENDLY SHIPPING!

These estimates include 2 sections that cover shipping for both BACKERS and RETAILERS.
**NOTE: These are estimates based off our base "Wander: The Cult of Barnacle Bay" box size and weight. Depending on if we hit more stretch goals and add more to the base pledge, these numbers can potentially increase.**

Estimated Backer Shipping costs:

US to US: $15-18
CAN to CAN: $16-19 (includes import duty)
Germany to Germany: $12-15 (includes import duty)
Germany to EU: $20-23 (includes import duty)
Germany to Non EU: $22-25 (includes import duty - backers may still pay duty for import outside the EU)
Germany to Rest of World: $38-41 (includes import duty - backers may still pay duty for import outside the EU)
AU to AU: $17-20 (includes import duty)
AU to NZ: $33-36 (includes import duty)
China to Asia: $24-27 (includes import duty)

Estimated Retailer shipping costs: (This is for one master carton that contains 4 copies of Wander:”The Cult of Barnacle Bay)

US to US: $32-35
CAN to CAN: $35-38 (includes import duty)
Germany to Germany:
$28-31 (includes import duty)
Germany to EU:
$40-43 (includes import duty)
Germany to Non EU:
$45-48 (includes import duty - backers may still pay duty for import outside the EU)
Germany to Rest of World:
$73-76 (includes import duty - backers may still pay duty for import outside the EU)
AU to AU: $45-48 (includes import duty)
AU to NZ:
$77-80 (includes import duty) China to Asia: $65-68 (includes import duty)



Once the Kickstarter campaign is complete, we will be working around the clock to deliver what we've promised in a timely manner. Depending on the campaigns success, this timeline for production may shift. Below is a rough estimate of what we expect from our production schedule:

  • End of Campaign (Oct. 5th, 2017) - Pledges are charged
  • (Nov.-Dec., 2017) - Send out Crowd Ox pledge manager, confirm optional buys and pay for shipping/extras.
  • (Dec. 2017, Jan. 2018) - Send out assets to manufacturer for production.
  • (June-July, 2018) - Production finishes, starts shipping to international hubs.
  • (July-August, 2018) - Start shipping product to Backers.

As a reminder, this is only a rough estimate. There are many factors which could change this timeline, including production quality checks, shipping issues, etc.

We will be working with the awesome guys at Crowd Ox for all pledge management needs for the campaign.



Heath Foley, Jonathan Phillips-Bradford, and Elizabeth Beckley
Heath Foley, Jonathan Phillips-Bradford, and Elizabeth Beckley
  • Heath Foley - Co-Owner and Art Director - Heath has been working in the tabletop gaming industry as a professional freelance illustrator and concept artist for 6+ years. He's worked for companies such as Mantic Games, Gale Force Nine, and Ninja Division to name a few.
  • Jonathan Phillips-Bradford - Co-Owner and Lead Designer - Jonathan has been working in the industry for 7+ years, and has been heavily involved in video production through his company Eldritch Studios, producing Kickstarter, game-play, painting tutorial and convention coverage videos all across the industry.
  • Elizabeth Beckley - Studio Painter - Elizabeth is a multi-award winning miniature painter who has been in the industry for 6+ years. She has worked with Reaper Miniatures, Kingdom Death, and Ninja Division to name a few.


Risks and challenges

The Panda Cult Games team, as individuals, have been involved in numerous Kickstarter Campaigns before. We have put in months of time and research to check our options to deliver the best product in the most timely manner we can possibly provide. This includes time spent balancing out which manufacturer to use to guarantee quality board game assets, time spent hunting down and securing the best shipping partner for our needs, and utilizing numerous industry contacts for professional advice and input.

Our game is going to be manufactured in China, which introduces us to a few vague details as far as scheduling goes, such as Production Delays, Shipping Delays, and Customs Delays. This means our estimated delivery date of September 2018 is just that, an estimate.

We will do our best to minimize any issues that would cause delays and we will be open and honest about any problems that come up. First and foremost, we respect our Backers, and want to make sure you know that you are our priority.

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    * You may add additional funds to your base pledge for add-on materials.

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