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The PanaCast Experience utilizes this 200° field of view panoramic-HD internet streaming camera to allow you to be there from anywhere.
The PanaCast Experience utilizes this 200° field of view panoramic-HD internet streaming camera to allow you to be there from anywhere.
140 backers pledged $49,107 to help bring this project to life.

Live video broadcast update: Next Friday at 1pm (California time)

Next Friday (12/21) at 1pm (PDT) we will provide a live video broadcast update. We will use our PanaCast camera to broadcast a 200 degrees field of view. To watch you will only need a modern (HTML 5) browser. We will provide the URL in another update. Please save the date. We will also take questions via the browser. We will test for Windows and Chrome browser.

PanaCast Audio plan

We’ve had a few requests regarding more detailed information about our plan for audio support with the PanaCast camera/server and in our client applications, and wanted to clarify our approach and timeline for these capabilities.

We are working on a phased release approach for providing audio support.

Our prefered solution is to work with your 3rd party Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) audio bridge solution using our integrated Voice over IP (VoIP) support in our client applications. This support does not require any subscription or usage fees. We also support the mode where audio is handled outside of our client application, i.e. using a traditional or cellular circuit switched phone call.

The SIP stack in our VoIP client supports G711u and G711a audio encoder types.

Phase 0 - End January

The current plan is that, for our release at the end of January, we’ll provide integrated Voice over IP (VoIP) capability within our client applications. We will either work with your 3rd party SIP audio bridge if you have one or we offer the Altia audio bridge with US dial in numbers. The Altia audio bridge will be free of cost until 31st March 2013. After this date we will charge a subscription fee to use the Altia audio bridge.

In this release, audio from the conference room will be carried over a conventional or smart phone device that would connect the participant(s) to an audio bridge using the telephone network (either through a standard telephone system line or via a cellular network), just as is done every day for an audio teleconference call.

Phase 2 - End of March

At this time, we would integrate support for a discrete set of 3rd party USB speakerphone which could be connected directly to the PanaCast camera. In addition to the audio capabilities made available earlier, this will provide support for a a wideband audio codec to further enhance the audio quality. The plan is to support several ‘USB audio class’ speakerphones. Please let us know if you would be interested in a bundle which would include a USB speakerphone with the PanaCast camera (for an additional cost). How much would you be willing to pay for an added high-quality USB speakerphone?

We welcome your feedback, so please do send us a comments. Thanks.

Seam test videos at different distances

On November 14th Jamie asked for the following:

“I'd like to see a recorded full resolution sample as a download showing a room like you have used previously with some one walking / moving past the camera at different distances so I can see at what point the separate images converge / break up and how it looks with the seams”

It took a bit of time but we now have the files available on our Google Docs:

We shot the video on November 22, 2012 using our PanaCast camera. This camera has our latest stitching algorithm which has improved significantly.

We shot Dan walking at the following distances from the camera:
7.5ft, 10ft, 15ft and 20ft.

Each video is included. Please note that Dan is walking across all 6 imagers. Can you see the seams? We configured this camera for a large meeting room.

The files were recorded with VLC. We then used Adobe Premier to unwrap the image and downsize it to fit inside a 1080p frame. When running in 200 degree mode our camera records the video in two strips inside a 1080p frame (wrapped inside a frame). No image processing or seam manipulation was performed in Adobe Premier. We are developing a software tool which will unwrap the output from the camera. Until this is available, we do it by hand in Adobe Premier.

Below is a diagram which shows how the Panoramic HD is wrapped inside a 1080p frame.

  • Image 186544 original.jpeg?ixlib=rb 1.1

Feedback from our 1st live broadcast

Our thanks again to the Kickstarters who’ve backed our project, and to the folks who joined us for the first live broadcast this morning!

We set this up as a live broadcast event, with the live video stream being trans-coded and distributed via a cloud server by a third-party provider, so that it could be easily received by anyone with mainstream browsers.

We were sorry to hear that some of you could not see the video on Windows browsers, or received choppy audio and video. It looks like this was caused by the service provider’s cloud transcoder interaction with payload variations and bandwidth, and we are working with them to help optimize their setup. We expect to have this fixed by our next call.

We’ve been focused on the manufacturing builds lately, and the good news is that these are moving along well and are on track to meet the plan we outlined at the start of the project.

Live video broadcast update: Tomorrow at 11am (California time)

Tomorrow (Tuesday 11/20) at 11am PDT we will host a live broadcast with the founders of Altia Systems the creators of the PanaCast Experience. We will use our Panoramic camera for the broadcast. To join just open the following page in any modern HTML5 browser:

We will support a live chat for questions on the browser page. Please join if free.