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A children's book written for zombies and their little undead, written by Dan and Amelia Jacobs. Illustrated by Scott Brundage.
165 backers pledged $10,181 to help bring this project to life.

New Illustrations and Text

Hello, Brain Backers! 

We're excited to share new and updated Illustrations for A Brain is For Eating. We've also released more text for you to devour (below and on our main page.)

We've reached the half way point in our campaign and we are 30% funded. Thanks to each and everyone of you for your support. As most of you know these Kickstarter campaigns usually start off with a big bump of interest in the beginning. Then things get quiet during the middle before a big surge in the end. We are definitely in that quiet middle part of the campaign. The good news is the vast majority of campaigns that reach the 30% mark usually get funded. So we are confident that A Brain is For Eating will live, in the end. But we still need your help to continue to spread the word. Please share these new illustrations and our Kickstarter page with friends, foes and random strangers. 

Thanks again for your support. Brains!!!

- Dan, Amelia and the P.V crew



A brain is for eating
yes, that's what I said.

They come in all sizes
and hide in the "head."

The package is different
some big and some small.

Some packing has two brains
and some none at all.

There are packages in boxes
that move on fast wheels.

But find one not moving
and you'll have many meals

If the package is old and lying in bed
you may not have long to make it undead.

But if it is young
and able and true,
it will taste that much sweeter
when its running is through.

So remember these rules
and follow the lead
of your big zombie brothers
when its time for the feed.

1) When hunting for packages
just say with a roar
its "braaaaains" you are after
and you always want "moooooore."

2) Always practice fine habits
when slurping your sup
and announce to the world
when your feasting is up (belch)

3) Though brains is our diet
don't waste but a sliver.
Enjoy heart, spleen, and lungs
both kidneys and liver.

4) Sharing is caring
so give what you snatch
to zombies less able
to bag a fine catch. (Zombies with no legs)

[This is just the first 2/3 of the book. We've finished writing the book and we'll be releasing additional lines and illustrations as the campaign continues.]