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Planecrafters is a card game set in a fantasy "Golden Age" of aviation!  Hire your dream team, build exotic planes, and win!
Planecrafters is a card game set in a fantasy "Golden Age" of aviation! Hire your dream team, build exotic planes, and win!
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Planecrafters - A Fantasy Plane-Building Card Game



As the saying goes, “He who rules the skies…rules at building airplanes and all those flying things.” And the whole world is racing to be #1! The small nation of Crumplehorn, scared of being left behind by its rivals, looks once again to Master Pennington B. Knickernacker to save the day. And he’s more than eager to help! Reports say the eccentric businessman, an avid plane enthusiast, is secretly devoting his substantial financial resources to build a fleet of flying machines that surpasses all others. But does he work for the glory of king and country? Or to line his own pockets? No one knows.

Two to four players assume the roles of Planecrafters working for the Knickernacker estate. Players compete to hire the best employees, assemble the most productive factory, and deliver planes to Master Pennington. At the end of the game, the player with the most money wins.

Planecrafters is our first Kickstarter campaign and we've decided to keep this project simple.  So we are only making one version of Planecrafters.  We love this game and we know you will too.  The last thing we'd want is for Planecrafters to be delayed because we tried to make it bigger than we could manage (and bigger than it needs to be).  However, we are committed to rewarding you, our backers, with regular KS-exclusive content via stretch goals.  So, while every copy of Planecrafters is going to get better, your copy of Planecrafters will truly be a limited edition.

As a Planecrafter, you follow a strict turn order…Hire, Acquire, Flyer, and Buyer.

In the Hire step, you pay the bank and bring an Employee into your factory…they work for you now. The Employees are organized into Tiers with different costs to hire.  Each employee has specific abilities that can be used on the turn you hire them and every following turn until the end of the game. You can only hire one employee per turn.

Everyone starts the game with five crowns, the currency of Crumplehorn, and can afford one of the Tier 1 employees.  These less expensive employees focus on your own factory.  Tier 2 and Tier 3 employees have additional abilities that also involve more interaction between other players.  Who you hire (and who your opponents hire) is the thinky part of Planecrafters.  It's great to come to the table with a plan!  But be ready to adapt!

In the Acquire step, you draw part cards from the Parts Depot and place them in your hand…these are what you’ll use to build your planes.  Everyone starts this step by drawing two cards.  In the Depot, you'll also find Spare Part cards.  These are wild cards and can be used as any plane part you need, but they do not belong to any plane type (Big Boy, Goliath, etc.).

In the Flyer step, you place cards from your hand into your factory.  Every player is allowed to play two part cards per turn and you can only build one plane at a time.  Use your part cards to assemble planes in your factory.  It's not required that the parts match, but you do need a nose, a tail, a right wing, and a left wing for the plane to be complete.  Master Pennington is not very picky about the planes he buys from you.  So if you're going to build wonky planes, then own it!  Be creative!  Name those gravity defying (or gravity attracted) beauties!  And have fun!

In the Buyer step, you sell your exotic, but completed, plane for crowns.  The more parts that match, the more money you'll make. 

At the end of your turn, discard to the hand size limit and the next player's up. 

Round and round it goes, until the face-down deck in the Parts Depot is gone and then the game is over!  Bonuses are awarded to players with the most valuable plane sold, the largest employee pool, and the most plane parts sold.  Add the value of awarded bonuses to your collection of coins and...the player with the most crowns wins!

It's pretty simple, but if you'd like to learn more, check out the prototype rule booklet at!

As mentioned before, we want to keep this project simple, so our stretch goals will focus on making the game better for everyone. But we are scheduling regular unlockable Kickstarter-exclusive content. So you, our KS backers, will be able to flaunt your special swag.  Below are the first three, but there are more to come!

Following the theme of simplicity, we have decided to surround Paisley with some of the best manufacturing and fulfillment professionals in the industry.  This makes things simpler for us and easier for you. 

Lots of further information below, but two things we want to make sure are clear...

  • You will be able to order multiple copies of the game after the campaign, via our survey management partner.
  • Shipping costs (based on region) will be applied after the campaign, also via our survey management partner.

For the production for Planecrafters, we are using the top notch services of Panda Game Manufacturing.  We've worked closely with our representative (Thanks Stephen!) to make sure all the details are in order and all the specs are correct.  Some of the most impressive games in the last decade have been produced by Panda and we're excited to bring that impressiveness to Planecrafters.

For fulfillment and shipping, we're working with a dedicated and very experienced fulfillment house to make sure each game is tracked, organized, prepared, and delivered with care. 

We all know that shipping is an expensive part of any campaign and we want to do what we can to minimize that expense for our backers.  But we can't take it on completely.  After examining the numbers provided by our fulfillment house, we've decided to break down shipping costs by region and split that cost with you, our backers.

Fore example, the cost to ship Planecrafters within the US is $10.20.  We'll cover half.  We'll follow the same pattern with shipments to the EU and CA/AU/NZ, where shipping rates run around $15 and $19 respectively.  Outside of these regions, shipping rates vary wildly.  In some cases, we'll be covering more than half of the shipping, but this system keeps things simple...just the way we like it.  Also, we'll be making it easy to combine multiple copies into one order through our post-campaign survey.  If you're within the US, EU, CA, and AU, you will only need to pay $30 + $1 (shipping) for each additional copy you bundle.

To make things even easier, we will be coordinating our fulfillment and shipping plans with partners inside the European Union, Canada, and Australia to make sure that no additional customs/VAT costs are passed onto you.

Planecrafters is the masterpiece of Paisley Board Game's dynamic duo, Michael Patience and Andrew Bosley.

Michael Patience - Michael has been programming since he was ten years old. He has always enjoyed creating things whether it's a computer program, clay models, paper airplanes, or board games. He has always loved playing board games, especially hobby games or those of a more fantasy theme. Remember Dragonlance, or Gamarauders? Now he enjoys creating games of his own and contributing back to a community that has brought him countless hours fun.

Andrew Bosley - Andrew is a freelance concept artist, illustrator, writer, and game designer. He was the lead illustrator on the new Mission: Red Planet, Citadels, Everdell, and Lightning & Bolt. When he’s not daydreaming or drawing, Andrew is playing games with his wife and five kids. He is pretty good at ping pong, possum wrangling, and he’s the best ukulele player in his family.

Game Design: Michael Patience and Andrew Bosley

Illustration and Graphic Design: Andrew Bosley

Kickstarter Design: Andrew Bosley

Kickstarter Video - Video Production: Joe Schneider and Matt Schneider

Kickstarter Video - Animation: Matt Watts

Kickstarter Video - Narration: Dallas Jensen

Special Thanks: Cynthia Patience, Maren Bosley, Jenny and Rory Bristol, David Somerville, Joe Schneider, Dallas Jensen, Travis Wilkins, Bill Allen, Jessica and Alex Krenik, Chad Elkins, the Lowry family, the Siddoway family, the Gamble family, the Fetty family, the DeSpain boys, David Chen, Andrew Gilstrap, Jon Schindehette, and many many more!  Thank you!

Risks and challenges

While we have chosen a proven manufacturer and a dedicated fulfillment service provider, both with a lot of Kickstarter experience, we understand that there are still unforeseen challenges. But we're doing all we can to find and fix as needed along the way. The game is 100% designed and 99% illustrated (there's some minor rulebook typos and art fixes). And while this is Paisley Board Games' first Kickstarter campaign, the team is made up of experienced producers and crowdfunders. We've done our homework and we've been conservative in our time estimates. So! We can't guarantee a flawless campaign and fulfillment, but we are committed to making it as smooth for you, our backers, as possible and keeping you informed the whole way.

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