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$12,751 pledged of $20,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

By Paisley Board Games
$12,751 pledged of $20,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Andrew Bosley Collaborator about 5 hours ago

      Hold your horses, Roberto! :)

    2. Adhil Riad Patel about 5 hours ago

      Hmm. An 18 card version of Planecrafters...? Nah, maybe not, but something with planes...

    3. Missing avatar

      Roberto Rojas about 17 hours ago

      Awesome game! Good luck with your campaign!!! We want our game soon!

    4. Paisley Board Games Creator 1 day ago

      @Jonathan Good luck with GenCant - it's always sounded like a lot of fun to me. I'd love to give your game a shot, 18 cards and dogfighting is intriguing. Thanks for sharing our campaign on your social media groups, and thanks for your enthusiasm!

    5. Jonathan Weaver 1 day ago

      @creator No way! That's a crazy coincidence. I haven't ever met anyone outside of military base interactions that was crew or related to crew of the B-52. I wish that I was coming to Gen Con but alas! I will be trying to submit my game to the GenCant 18 card contest so if up want to try the PnP before then I'll gladly send it to you.
      Also let's get this thing funded! I'm going to start sharing some things about this on social media and in my gaming groups!

    6. Paisley Board Games Creator 3 days ago

      We've hit 400 Backers! Hurrah for Crumplehorn! Steady on!
      "Aeronautics was neither an industry nor a science. It was a miracle." -- Igor Sikorsky

    7. Paisley Board Games Creator 3 days ago

      @Jonathan My father was also USAF - B-52 Navigator / Electronics Warfare. I hope to see your game when it's ready - or if you'll be at GenCon we might be able to meet up.

    8. Jonathan Weaver 3 days ago

      @creator My dad was a pilot in the USAF and my son loves planes as well so I couldn't resist.
      Also, I am currently designing a WW2 dogfighting game and I immediately loved the art and goofy planes of this game!

    9. Paisley Board Games Creator 3 days ago

      Thanks @Adhil! We're pretty excited too!

    10. Adhil Riad Patel 3 days ago

      Almost at 400 backers. Going along nicely. Looking forward to seeing this game made.

    11. Paisley Board Games Creator 4 days ago

      @Gianluca That is a great quote!

      @ekster The objective cards were something we were testing, but realized we needed a lot more testing / refining before we put them into production. We still need to balance the value versus the difficulty, and work out the synergism.

    12. ekster 4 days ago

      Out of curiosity, the rulebook contains "20 mini sized objective cards" that I don't see mentioned anywhere. Is that something that's still part of the game or were they removed?

    13. Gianluca Casu 4 days ago

      @Creator I give you another aviation quote for the technical isntitute of Aeronautics of Pisa (Italy) "Just give me an engine powerful enough and I'll make a couch fly"

      It is actually the engineering branch motto :D

    14. Paisley Board Games Creator 5 days ago

      We hit 50% in the first 48 hours! Woot! Here's another aviation quote:

      "Aviation is proof that given, the will, we have the capacity to achieve the impossible."

      Eddie Rickenbacker (WWI American fighter ace in World War I and Medal of Honor recipient)

    15. Paisley Board Games Creator 6 days ago

      @Kevin Thanks! Yes, it's definitely something we have thought of, and would like to include. We wouldn't, however, want to include anything incomplete.

    16. Missing avatar

      Kevin Moore
      6 days ago

      Just wondering if a Solo Mode is in your (flight) plan? :)

      Best of luck with your first KickStarter! Looks great fun!

    17. Paisley Board Games Creator 6 days ago

      To celebrate another milestone - 300 Backers! Here is another aviation quote:

      Sometimes, flying feels too godlike to be attained by man. Sometimes, the world from above seems too beautiful, too wonderful, too distant for human eyes to see. --Charles A. Lindbergh

      On a side note, and a cool aviation connection, my great grandfather was on duty guarding the Spirit of St. Louis the night before Lindbergh took off on his famous trans-atlantic flight.

    18. Teresa
      6 days ago

      Brilliant, thanks ; )

    19. Paisley Board Games Creator 6 days ago

      The cards are 300gsm greycore (standard) - until we unlock the appropriate stretch goals - 310gsm ivorycore, then 310gsm blackcore.

    20. Teresa
      6 days ago

      What´s the quality of the cards? are they black core? linen finish? ; )

    21. Paisley Board Games Creator 6 days ago

      Thanks @Werner! It is a fun game!

    22. Werner Beytel
      6 days ago

      looks like a fun game, backed!

    23. Paisley Board Games Creator 6 days ago

      Good to have you aboard @James!

    24. James Wilson 6 days ago

      Glad to support a fantastic game! To Infinity and Beyond!

    25. Mark Fadden
      6 days ago

      Well then, there it is.

    26. Paisley Board Games Creator 6 days ago

      @Mark, the PnP (Investigator) pledge is included with the Ace Pilot pledge.

    27. Mark Fadden
      6 days ago

      No PnP with the physical copy? The only thing keeping me out of the Ace pledge is no playing early with the PnP.

    28. Paisley Board Games Creator 6 days ago

      Thank you @Gianluca, @Laurent1974, and @Timothy!
      @Joan - that cracked me up!

    29. Timothy Gay 6 days ago

      This looks great!

    30. Laurent1975
      7 days ago

      Good luck for the campaign! I hope the founding goal, as realistic as it surely is, is not too high... it will take time to be reached ( at least 600 backers or so, pretty nice already for a rather simple game), which may lead to low dynamic after the 48h launch period. Let's hope & see!

    31. Joan
      7 days ago

      Order of Events:

      -Got Andrew's email saying this had launched
      -Clicked to campaign page and pledged
      -Looked through page to see what I had just pledged for

      After Everdell and Lightning & Bolt my trust was absolute. Now that I’ve combed through all the details I’m somehow even happier. I think the nephews will just love this too- will we be able to add another copy?

    32. Gianluca Casu 7 days ago

      Ryan Laukat brought me here! This gam,e has charming art and a nice engine building. Plus Marx Brothers humor. I do not ask more. Am in!

    33. Paisley Board Games Creator 7 days ago

      Okay, since we hit 200 backers, here's another aviation quote:

      "There is no sport equal to that which aviators enjoy while being carried through the air on great white wings." — Wilbur Wright, 1905.

    34. Paisley Board Games Creator 7 days ago

      Thank you @James!

    35. James O.
      7 days ago

      Backed. Good luck on what looks to be a fine design.

    36. Paisley Board Games Creator 7 days ago

      Just thought I'd share some aviation quotes once in a while here. I particularly like this one because it really applies well to gaming, and life in general.

      "You start with a bag full of luck and an empty bag of experience. The trick is to fill the bag of experience before you empty the bag of luck."

    37. Alberto Vitali on June 12

      Backed! ... and ready to take off :D

    38. Paisley Board Games Creator on June 12

      Thanks @Teresa! Glad to have you with us!

    39. Teresa
      on June 12

      Insta-back for me. Card game plus the beautiful artwork by Andrew (I also loved his artwork in Everdell). Glad to be on board. ; )

    40. Nullpunkt
      on June 12

      Thanks for the quick response!

    41. Missing avatar

      Colin Faulkner on June 12

      Backed! Thanks for the quick response about postage being added after the campaign. To the Skies!

    42. Paisley Board Games Creator on June 12

      @Nullpunkt We've been working with Quartermaster for fulfillment.

    43. Adhil Riad Patel on June 12

      Very pleased to be on board. Upwards!

    44. Nullpunkt
      on June 12

      Are you able to tell us which fulfillment company you've partnered with?

    45. Paisley Board Games Creator on June 12

      Thank you @Brooke! Andrew has done a great job on the art. --Michael

    46. Missing avatar

      John Silveira
      on June 12

      Sweet! I’ve been waiting for this to launch

    47. Missing avatar

      Brooke Briggs on June 12

      Backed! I've shared this with my friends at work - They all love the illustrations. Nice job!

    48. Paisley Board Games Creator on June 12

      Thank you @David!
      Thank you @Eric!
      Thank you @Big Tom - we appreciate the rally cry!

    49. Big Tom Casual on June 12

      Love nice clean design work and themes that break away from the traditional tabletop space. Wishing this all kinds of success.

      Tell your friends folks! These type of projects deserve and need that type of community outpouring to get the attention they deserve.

    50. Eric Torres on June 12

      Backer #12 here, wishing you guys clear skies and much success! Over and out!

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