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Planecrafters is a card game set in a fantasy "Golden Age" of aviation!  Hire your dream team, build exotic planes, and win!
Planecrafters is a card game set in a fantasy "Golden Age" of aviation!  Hire your dream team, build exotic planes, and win!
Planecrafters is a card game set in a fantasy "Golden Age" of aviation! Hire your dream team, build exotic planes, and win!
913 backers pledged $25,684 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Francis RAKOTOARISON 1 day ago

      ok, thank you, I didn't find the page ! :)

    2. Paisley Board Games Creator 2 days ago

      @Kevin. Try clicking your avatar, in the top right of the kickstarter page, then under "My Stuff" click "Messages". That's where you should find the note from us with the link. If not, let me know, I'll send it to you directly.

      @Francis - I think it was about a year ago that we set up the BGG page.

    3. Francis RAKOTOARISON 2 days ago

      When do you build a game page on BGG ?

    4. Missing avatar

      Kevin Ho 2 days ago

      Hi paisley board game team. I didn't get an email for the investigator level...

    5. Paisley Board Games Creator 2 days ago

      Hi @Brian. So, here is how it's supposed to work.
      With three players add only the (+3) cards.
      With four players add the (+3), and the (+4) cards.
      Thank you for helping us clarify this.

      @Jens, there should be two Spare Parts per player.
      Four Spare Parts in the two-player deck.
      Two Spare Parts in each of the (+3), and (+4) decks.
      So there should be six in a three-player game, and eight in a four-player game.
      I hope that helps.

    6. Missing avatar

      Brian 3 days ago

      Rulebook page 2, last sentence in the first paragraph under the Setup heading states:
      "Note: For three and four players, make sure to add the (+3) and (+4) part cards to the parts deck."
      Are the part cards added respective to the order stated ((+3) for 3-player only and (+4) for 4-player only) or are both they added to both 3-player and 4-player games ( (+3) and (+4) for 3-player games and (+3) and (+4) for 4-player games)?

    7. Jens A. Czaplo 5 days ago

      For a better balance, shouldn't there be only 4 (2 player) or 6 (3 player) „Spare Parts“ in play?

    8. Gianluca Casu 6 days ago

      Thank you! this will be sweet!

    9. Paisley Board Games Creator 6 days ago

      Hey everybody, Great news! We've just finished up the Print'n'Play! Those of you who backed at the Investigator, or Ace Pilot level should have gotten a message with a link to the PDF file. Let us know if you have any problems, and enjoy your printing and playing!

    10. Paisley Board Games Creator on

      Thanks Andrew! Glad you enjoyed the tabletopia version. I'm sure you will enjoy the real version even more! To me it's more satisfying to hold the cards and coins in hand.

    11. Missing avatar

      Andrew Apps

      I had a play with this in Hot Seat on tabletopia and love it! Simple, Elegant, not at all complicated, hopefully have this by Christmas and it seems easy enough to play so that I can drag the family away from the monotony of Sorry and Yahtzee

    12. Paisley Board Games Creator on

      We've opened up the pre-order page. Anyone with friends who missed out on backing the Kickstarter can still get in on the deal here: .

    13. Paisley Board Games Creator on

      @Adhil, We have a few updates to make to the rule book, and then QC everything, but the plan is still to have it done in August. Having said that we are pretty confident it will be early August.

    14. Adhil Riad Patel on

      @creators Congrats! How soon can we get access to the print n play? I'm really keen to start playing this game asap!

    15. Meghan

      Thanks!!! I’m excited to see what the exclusive plane looks like!

    16. Missing avatar

      Lucas on

      Congrats on successful funding! Am looking forward to this one.

    17. Andrew Bosley Collaborator on

      Thanks everyone! Any project on KS is a leap of faith, from the creator's perspective and the backer's perspective. We really appreciate your willingness to support us and take that leap together. It's been a 3+ year labor of love for Michael and I and we know you'll be happy with the product! Y'all are amazing!

    18. Gianluca Casu on

      Congratulations for funding!

    19. Samuel Rohling Auras on

      Awesome campaign, great exclusive reward!

    20. Teresa

      Just saw the new update about the KS Exclusive Plane. I´ll say it again: You guys are the best!
      Thanks! : D

    21. Caleb Maturin on

      A+ experience, great job on the campaign. Looking forward to playing and seeing what you guys come out with next.

    22. Andrew Klein on

      A new tier 3 employee could be a great KS exclusive. Standees also sound fun if feasible from a production cost stand point.

      Expansion wise, I'd certainly be up for a small expansion as a pledge manager add-on.

      Looking forward to seeing things unfold over the coming months.

    23. Andrew Klein on

      Congrats! Hopefully the first of many successful KS projects :-D

    24. Paisley Board Games Creator on

      Thank you all! And congratulations to you too! This has been a great experience.

    25. Teresa

      Congrats! Awesome campaign : )

    26. Meghan

      Yay!! Funded! My boys are excited for this game.

    27. Bryan Salazar on

      Congratulations Paisley Board Games! It has been great to be a part of bringing your game to life. I can’t wait to see it come together and get it to the table.

    28. Paula Owen on

      Yay! Funded!!! Congratulations guys.

    29. Henry So on

      Did you consider other options for a card upgrade. White/ivory core is usually cheaper than black or blue core, but is a significant improvement over grey.

    30. Clarisse


    31. Paisley Board Games Creator on

      BOOM! Congratulations everybody! We'll send out an update shortly to let you know what the exclusives are!

    32. Paisley Board Games Creator on

      I love all of these ideas!
      We've had events in prototypes, but it was too random back then. Having them tied to the hiring of tier 3 employees, could make hiring a tier 3 a deeper decision (what if I pull [...] event).
      We looked into miniatures to replace the bonus cards, but that's a much bigger expense (something like $3500 just for the mold). I like the idea of standees though - that could be fun.
      I was surprised at how much more expensive it is for black core cards. That was something we wanted, but further down the stretch goal list.

    33. Missing avatar

      Tistism on

      @adhil riad patel Don't think so, it says 20 cards when listing components. But no further mention of them what i saw.

    34. Missing avatar

      Roswitha Prochazka on

      A KS exclusive plane would be awesome <3 But anyways it's just great to see this campaign getting a nice boost at the end.

    35. Paisley Board Games Creator on

      @Ro, Yes, the game play is the same for 2, 3, or 4 players. We include a 3-player, and a 4-player deck to be added to the base deck so that with any number of players, everyone will still get the same number of turns.

    36. Adhil Riad Patel on

      @Creator I could see some events coming into play when planes are completed/ launched, or perhaps when someone recruits a tier 3 employee. Global events like Bad Weather (no planes can fly) or Increased Demand (extra coin for your sold plane)...?

    37. Missing avatar

      Zhou SongMing on

      Everything and anything is welcome.

      I really like a deal if we can pledge for the expansion as a package straight up for delivery. Hate to wake longer for it.

      Game looks cool.

    38. Teresa

      Right now the the playing cards are 300gsm grey core but I guess upgrading them to black core/linen finish would be too expensive for only 75 minutes left, so an employee KS exclusive card would be neat! A KS exclusive plane also sounds really cool and it´s more than one card, he, he. Anything you think is a good idea would be wonderful. It´s such a nice gesture to add another SG for the final minutes of the campaign! Thanks! : )

    39. Adhil Riad Patel on

      @Tistism Does it maybe refer to the three awards? (Most parts etc) I think of them as awards or objectives.

    40. Adhil Riad Patel on

      Could we upgrade the awards to little standee trophies?

    41. CloClogs on

      A new plane or new/extra bonus cards

    42. Clarisse

      Bonus cards..

    43. Paisley Board Games Creator on

      Wow, so many comments over night, AND you guys blew passed that last stretch goal, AND we just hit $25k! I didn't realize just how powerful these last 48 hours could be.

      I think you deserve something exclusive! So, what would you most like to see?
      A new employee?
      A new plane?
      A new ... (fill in the blank)?
      An Upgrade to something?

      Let us know your thoughts. :)

    44. Paula Owen on

      Yay, 25,000 smashed!

    45. BoardGameRevolution


    46. Missing avatar

      Ro on

      Congratulations on making it past the funding goal! Had been watching this for a while and really hoping it would make it past the mark. Thanks also for managing to include some quality upgrades.

      Just one question: does the game play identically at the 2 player count as it does the 3 or 4 player count? Without losing out on any mechanics or fun factor?


    47. Board Game Guesthouse on

      Looks awsome! Luckily i had a chance to back! :)

    48. Gianluca Casu on

      I'm so happy we are here and finish that good, this is a sweet game that deserves to finish on a table.

      I for sure know my table will be happy to have it :)

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