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A stop-motion tribute to '80s space toy ads using large-scale LEGO models!

What is all this?

“Little Guys... In Space!” is a stop-motion parody of ‘80s space toy commercials, featuring large-scale LEGO sculptures as the main characters. It’s a sequel to “Little Guys!”, a film I made in 2007.

Like the original film, “Little Guys... In Space!” will be animated using LEGO stop-motion techniques. All characters, sets, and effects will be built from LEGO bricks. In addition to continuing the fictional “Little Guys!” franchise, I’m also using this film as an excuse to push the limits of the LEGO stop-motion format; seeing what new ground can be broken in the medium.

What's the film about?

The original "Little Guys!" was a toy commercial that humorously poked fun at advertising conventions -- essentially celebrating the clichés. For the new installment, we felt it fitting to continue in that tradition by satirizing science fiction tropes, as well as the tendency to move existing properties INTO SPACE to make them fresh and awesome.

With "Little Guys... In Space!", we're aiming to advance the techniques we developed for the first film: create more expressive characters, try out new brick-built practical effects, and more. We're also just looking to make a fun, entertaining film that pays tribute to classic sci-fi archetypes and retro TV ads.

So, how's it going?

The animatic for the film is complete, and runs approximately 3 minutes. We're planning for production to take place full-time over 3-5 months, although this is contingent on both funding and our work schedule here at Paganomation (my start-up animation studio, where I’ll be producing the film). 

Additionally, my good friend and colleague Steve Stein, who composed the music for the original "Little Guys!" (as well as Playback, Space Police, and other Paganomation productions), is on board to score the sequel as well.

Are those characters in the project image going to be in the film?

The old guy, kid, and Murray Carter are characters from the original "Little Guys!" film. I put them there so folks can get an immediate idea of what scale the characters in the new film will be. Whether they might show up in "Little Guys... In Space!" can be neither confirmed nor denied at this point...

What are our contributions going towards?

Many things, including: The studio space to shoot the film in, music and sound design, a crew for the film, production supplies, and of course, the rewards.

If by some stretch of the imagination we exceed our funding goal, we'll put that extra budget towards making the film bigger and better, as well as perhaps coming up with some cool extra rewards for you guys.

What are the planned rewards like?

You can read about them in detail in the sidebar to the right. It's hard to say much about a few of them, since they're contingent on us making the film first. We do have some images of the "Little Guys... In Space!" build-able figure reward to tide you over.

I live outside the USA. Are there any particular provisos for international contributors?

Like most Kickstarter projects, if you live abroad, we ask that you please add $10 to your pledge amount to cover shipping.

Is there anything else I need to know about the film?

Not that I can think of at the moment. We'll make sure to keep you posted with any and all updates on our progress!

And just remind me, who are you again?

I'm David Pagano, and I run a studio called Paganomation, where we've made a number of stop-motion animated shorts using LEGO bricks and elements. You can find more about the work we do at our website, YouTube Channel, or Facebook page. Thanks for checking out our project!


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  • I'd say they're almost certainly going to be the same size as the original "Little Guys!" characters -- that is, about a foot tall from the waist to the top of the head. The characters from the original didn't exist from the waist down, and I would say the same will be true for the majority of the new characters.

    So, the glued caricatures will be sort of like busts. Here's an image from the making of the original film for reference:

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  • Assuming we get funded, we'll send out backer surveys at the completion of the project to amass all of this kind of information.

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  • I decided to revisit the "Little Guys!" franchise for a number of reasons. Our last original Paganomation film was "Playback" in 2008. While we've done a number of shorts, music videos, ads and other things since then, it's been a while since we've had full creative control of a project.

    Creating a "Little Guys!" sequel seemed like a nice stepping stone between years of commissioned animation work and creating other completely original films. The world of "Little Guys!" is one that both myself and the audience are already familiar with, but has room to grow.

    The film I was going to make before I made the original "Little Guys!" was, in retrospect, kind of a bore. I decided then that I would not choose to produce any original, independent projects that I wasn't excited about, or that I felt had some type of potential for experimentation and creativity.

    To that end, I also like the idea of revisiting the "Little Guys!" universe every so often, to get a handle on what I and my collaborators are capable of creating as artists at a particular moment in time. Much like Nintendo shows off every new hardware and software expansion with a new Super Mario game, I like the idea of using "Little Guys!" as a way to simultaneously check and push the state of the art.

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  • I'm currently brainstorming ways in which we might be able to fit the voices of our backers into the film somewhere. We'll keep you posted.

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    Anyone who helps a film get made deserves recognition, so a $1 pledge will get your name in the credits of the film under "Special Thanks".

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    $5 will get you a neat Paganomation logo sticker (3"x5" die-cut) and credit in the film under "Special Thanks".

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    The main attraction. $10 gets you a DVD featuring both the original "Little Guys!" and the new "Little Guys...In Space!", including behind-the-scenes, tutorials, instructions, and other extras. (Think of it as pre-ordering the DVD.) You will also receive the $5 rewards.

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    We wanted to include more build-able rewards, so a $20 donation will net you one of our classic "Little Guys!" figures (approximately 24 LEGO pieces), as well as all of the previous reward tiers.

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    Take flight with a lapel pin of the "Little Guys... In Space!" logo! (The logo was designed to look like pilot wings, so making these was an obvious choice.) Plus, you'll receive all previous reward tiers.

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    A high-quality print of a screenshot from “Little Guys... In Space!”, signed by David Pagano and the crew. You will also receive all previous reward tiers.

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    The new, exclusive “Little Guys... In Space!” build-able figure, designed by David Pagano (approximately 110 LEGO pieces). You will also receive all previous reward tiers.

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    Send us a reference photo, and we'll put a brick-built LEGO version of YOU somewhere in “Little Guys... In Space!” You'll also receive all previous rewards.

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    Identical to the $250 reward, except we'll send you a glued version of the character made in your likeness.

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    Learn how to make your own films via a personal stop-motion tutorial, with David Pagano at Paganomation HQ in New York! (Travel costs not included; a tutorial over Skype or similar video-chat is also possible.) You will also receive the $5-$100 rewards.

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    Hey, why not? Pledge $5K and you'll receive "Executive Producer" credit on the film, as well as all previous rewards.

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