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Padron is proud to release its skeletonized edition of the Tessera, a precision 25 jewel automatic watch built in Minneapolis.
Padron is proud to release its skeletonized edition of the Tessera, a precision 25 jewel automatic watch built in Minneapolis.
97 backers pledged $32,171 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Leo Padron 5-time creator on

      Hi Rowan:

      Just left you PM. There was a mix up. Your additional items are on the way and being sent out today.


    2. Rowan

      I have just received my watches. Rather than two bands for each watch I have received two watches and only one band (not 4 bands). What is going on?

      Please send an email so I can send a picture of what has arrived!!

      This is unacceptable.

    3. Leo Padron 5-time creator on

      Hi Mike:

      Making a shipment this week of the remaining rewards. Yours is among them!

    4. Mike Callender on

      Hi Leo,

      I am probably one of the last on your list to receive a watch. Just wanted to get some idea of a timeframe. Thanks!

    5. Leo Padron 5-time creator on

      Hi Daniel:

      Sorry for the delay. Yours is actually going out this week. I'll follow up with tracking notification.

    6. Daniel

      i am back from vacation and am just checking in on my watches status?

    7. J Bird on

      Looking forward to receiving my new watch!

    8. Missing avatar

      David Yew on

      Thanks and cheers!

    9. Leo Padron 5-time creator on

      Hi David:

      Absolutely. I will send you tracking info the moment I ship it.


    10. Missing avatar

      David Yew on

      Hi Leo,

      Could you please let me know if mine has shipped? Still waiting for it...


    11. Missing avatar

      Jay on

      Thanks Leo! Just received the watch and the craftsmanship is superb.

    12. Melchy on

      Watch received with thanks :)

    13. Leo Padron 5-time creator on

      Hello Daniel: You should receive yours before August. I will send you tracking info over PM.

    14. Daniel

      hello, i was just checking in to see if my watch will be delivered before august. i will be on vacation for the first half of august and hope to have this watch with me. i am looking forward to receiving my watch. thank you.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jay on

      Hello Leo,

      Just an update on the status of my order. Thank you.

    16. Leo Padron 5-time creator on

      Hi Melchy:

      I've already begun shipping the first models out. I'll follow with you with tracking info over PM regarding yours. But this week it will ship.

    17. Melchy on

      Hi Leo,

      Could you give us an update please.

    18. Missing avatar

      peter fisher on

      Hi Leo,

      As per Paul's question below....Don't suppose I am on the current build list also? Great if so.



    19. Missing avatar

      Paul Mascitti on

      Thank you for the update.

    20. Leo Padron 5-time creator on

      Hi Paul:

      I'm about 1/3 through the builds as of today. Your watch is on my current build list so it won't be long. I will send you the tracking info once it ships.

    21. Missing avatar

      Paul Mascitti on

      Hi Leo,
      Any progress updates?

    22. Missing avatar

      Paul Mascitti on

      As a proud owner of the Selby, I'm looking forward to the Tessera X-ray.
      The Selby has a beautiful weight to it.

    23. Leo Padron 5-time creator on

      Hi Melchy:

      I will post an announcement shortly but I have begun building. The first watches will begin shipping later this week.

    24. Melchy on

      Hi Leo,

      Any progress updates ?

    25. Leo Padron 5-time creator on

      Movements are in, so I am about to begin builds.

    26. Rowan

      What's the status? When will this be shipped?

    27. Leo Padron 5-time creator on

      Hello Hans:

      It needed to have been included in your pledge. I'll set up a link shortly for people to purchase this if they haven't already.

    28. Hans Hafgren on

      Will I be able to add the $25 for the additional band when the survey arrives?

    29. Leo Padron 5-time creator on

      Hi Daniel:

      The production run for this particular model is exactly 100 watches. This was intended to be for the January Kickstarter Make100 event, but I decided to launch it in February as a standard project. Its always my intention to sell all that I make, so if I make 100 of this model, there will be 100 buyers. :-)

    30. Daniel

      is this a Kickstarter only project, meaning only the number of watches needed to fill the backer rewards will be made of this particular design?

    31. Leo Padron 5-time creator on

      Because another backer asked as well; if you're international but you prefer a different carrier other than FedEx just let me know. Alternate shipping arrangements are always possible.

    32. Leo Padron 5-time creator on

      Hello Persephone:

      Thank you. I use FedEx international Economy / Priority for virtually all of Europe (and 90% of everywhere else)

      As far as customized notes, I frequently do! :-) I sign the box sleeve with the build and test date, serial, and my name (there's footage of this in the video). And in situation where it's a gift for somebody, I will write a customized note either on the sleeve or provide it separately in an envelope. Always an honor when I'm asked to do this. When the pledge reward survey goes out, just fill in the details in the comments form. (Or message me).

    33. Persephone on

      It's beautiful, Mr Padron. What shipping do you use for International? I may get it as a gift. Can you offer a customised message with the parcel?

    34. Leo Padron 5-time creator on

      Hello Dreyes:

      Thank you. There are different grades of stainless steel that have different properties. All of my watches use what is known as 316L stainless steel, which is the same stainless steel used for surgical equipment, medical implants, and also marine applications. It's especially corrosion resistant, which is why it makes such a wonderful watch for the ocean. (That and the fact that the case is water resistant up to 500 feet!)

      The Tessera weighs 88 grams with the leather band, and 150 grams with the stainless band.

    35. Dreyes on

      Hello Leo

      Very beautiful watch. What kind of steel is surgical grade? How much does the watch weigh too? Thank you.

    36. Melchy on

      Thanks for the clarification on the movement Leo. More than happy with my original Tessera, so very much looking forward to this.

    37. Leo Padron 5-time creator on

      Thank you, Ozzel. :-) Very pleased that you like it.

    38. Ozzel on

      I just backed. Killer looking watch!!!

    39. Leo Padron 5-time creator on

      Hi JJ:

      I looked into it. I have my 22mm carbon pattern black leather bands that I use for all my models. It wasn't clicking for me for the X-Ray Edition and I prefer the warmth of the brown leather which I feel highlights the brass very nicely.

      I wouldn't discount the possibility entirely. For one thing, I have the carbon bands already stocked, which would be a handy black option. But I still might explore other styles first.

    40. Missing avatar

      JJ Noyce on

      Hi Leo

      Congratulations. It's beautiful and I love the leather look. Have you ever considered a black strap as an option too?

    41. Leo Padron 5-time creator on

      Hello Melchy:

      Sorry if there was confusion about that. These are my Tessera/Hennepin movements which are 2824-2 derived designs. I have a nearly four year track record of use in my products and so I'm pretty keen about them. They also permit me to offer a much more rounded product to backers at a sub $500 price point.

      I've priced out Eta brand 2824-2s as I currently use the Swiss Eta top grade in my Padron Selbys. There's a few issues (1) Eta it seems is finally making good on its endless promise to restrict supplies to its own stable of brands, which means I might be switching to Sellita in the near future (2) There's a high labor input for using a skeletonized mod with a rhodium perlage finish. This kind of execution makes Eta brand cost prohibitive if I want to keep the price reasonable for the Tessera X-Ray.

      Hope this clarifies.

    42. Melchy on

      Hi Leo,

      Just to clarify, is the movement a Swiss ETA 2824-2 as in the Selby or a clone as in the original Tessera. I'm not quite clear from the description.

    43. Leo Padron 5-time creator on

      Heat blueing itself is actually quite simple. I do this often, and the result is more aesthetically pleasing in my opinion than chemical blueing. But the issue isn't blueing, it's having a bare stainless version of the existing sweep hand to function as a blank. The thing to know about my watches is that everything is original design and specific to my brand. The sweep hand is one of a kind, so this would require a separate run of the sweep hands with minimums, etc. Hence this would have to be set up as a stretch goal as it falls outside scope.

      But in order for something to be a stretch goal, I have to first try it myself, I have to like it, and also feel good about the process/business side of it.

      An alternative would be to try a one-off with a third party generic sweep hand, but then that's diluting the look of my product and something I'd never offer as a feature. One-off customizations like this though are something I occasionally do in my line of business. That would be out scope for Kickstarter but which could be revisited and quoted for individually after the campaign ends.

    44. Manan Kacheria

      I might be getting slightly annoying, but what about a blued (chemically or heat treated) seconds hand? If it's chemically treated, it isn't that difficult. I think. Could also be something you can make people pay extra for. Or it could be a stretch goal. Your watch is anyway awesome, and I'd pledge for a seconds hand or pay extra for a blues seconds hand

    45. Leo Padron 5-time creator on

      Hello Manan:

      Very easy for me not to add the sweep hand for your build. Be sure to note this in the comments section when you get your reward survey after the campaign ends.

      My wrist is approximately 7". The leather band is 120/90mm and the stainless steel band is adjustable. There's plenty of headroom on the stainless steel for any wrist size, really.

    46. Manan Kacheria

      And would it be possible to get rid of the seconds hand? It spoils the look of the watch for me. Maybe not for others. So that could also be an option, along with the colours

    47. Manan Kacheria

      Hey Leo, thanks for your reply! Just one more question. What's the size of your wrist? And what size does the watch wear to?

    48. Leo Padron 5-time creator on

      Hello Manan:

      The case is 42mm. I was very conscious to size this for a wide range of wrists, as I myself had been growing tired of the "wrist fridge" trend when I designed the case and tend to wear smaller. The lugs are also recessed so it wears more comfortably. There is a wrist shot on the page that will give you an idea. I have specifications listed within the photography that speak to the movement and the case features. I see that case dimensions should be added and will be updating that. Let me know if there's something else I can answer. But the watch is 42mm wide, and the recessed lug distance is about the same.

    49. Manan Kacheria

      Also, could you add more pictures and technical details in the details section? Would really help people understand and pledge for the watch, IMO

    50. Manan Kacheria

      What's the case size of the watch? It's a very cool watch, but I hope it isn't too massive!

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