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a Dock, a Power Bank (1 week of charge) and a Home Automation Trigger (HomeKit, IFTTT, and more).
« a Dock, a Power Bank and a Home Automation Trigger... Are you getting it? These are not 3 separate devices, this is ONE device, and we are calling it TotmTravl »
« a Dock, a Power Bank and a Home Automation Trigger... Are you getting it? These are not 3 separate devices, this is ONE device, and we are calling it TotmTravl »
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    1. padawanlab Creator
      on November 14

      @Bruce : thanks a lot... But the "great work" just starts now :D

    2. Missing avatar

      Bruce Stephenson on November 13

      I am so looking forward to this very clever innovation. Great work guys!

    3. padawanlab Creator
      on October 30

      Hi @Harmen, We just updated the survey with a picture of 2 times of wood.
      For TotmTravl the main difference would be color (cause it's a very small and light product).
      But as said in the News 8 : you'll be able to change at the end of the campaign. We just need an idea of proportions for the first production batch

      Hope it answered your question.


    4. Harmen ter Horst on October 30

      Hi! Is there any way for you to show the difference in appearance for the 2 wood types? Because if I have to choose on short notice, I'd like to see the difference to be honest. What are the pros and cons for both types of wood, main difference in color, etc. I'm not a expert on wood types, so some visual aids would be greatly appreciated ;-)


    5. padawanlab Creator
      on October 28

      @Özhan : Hi, well actually we're playing this one the "Apple way"... Meaning we don't want to tell you about a mAh capacity because it's still in development and it's subject to change (even more now with Apple Watch Series 3 out).
      The thing you have to know is that we have the "dynamic Range" feature + the technology we put inside Travl to achieve this goal of 7 days of charge... and it will.

    6. Missing avatar

      Özhan Türkes on October 26

      Can you please give us some more details about the battery? E.g mAh? It’s a bit vague when you talk about 7 days of charges. Thank you.

    7. padawanlab Creator
      on October 25

      @Marco Grimm: Hi Marco. It’s still in validation process at Apple. We’re waiting for it. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s released. Sorry

    8. Marco Grimm on October 24

      Where to find the AR App on the App Store? Link leads to different Apps...

    9. padawanlab Creator
      on October 22

      @Paul Hollingdrake: you know what Paul? You’re absolutely RIGHT !!
      TotmTravl will be a great product ONLY if it is HomeKit compatible. And we love great product (that’s actually why we’ll produce it in France and not in China)...

      ... so we’re changing it to 30 achievement as you proposed.

      And you know what? We’ll do even more!
      We’ll change the weight of EPIC.
      Actually EPIC are EPIC because they have a great value and because they’re not easy to achieve.

      But a great effort means a great reward.
      So EPIC will worth 4 points and not 2.

      We’re applying changes on the campaign page and prep a News to notify everyone.

    10. Paul Hollingdrake on October 22

      I've seen that you guys have a community vote for MFI and Lightning at 50 Achievements...
      Any chance you could poll the community on priorities for travl to have native HomeKit? I backed before looking into how complex and fiddly HomeBridge is, and it's now my number one hope for the stretch goals.
      If it isn't unlocked near the end of the campaign, I might consider rolling my pledge back to just the totm :(

    11. Missing avatar

      Ksy Collaborator on October 20

      Hi MacAI,

      It will be Li-ion :)

    12. Missing avatar

      MacAl on October 19

      What kind of battery (NiCad or Li-ion) is used?

    13. padawanlab Creator
      on October 18

      @Muneeb: Hi Muneeb

      1) If you want more than 1 Totm (or Totm+Travl) you have to add 19€ for a second Totm (or 49€ for a second Totm+Travl)... and if you want 3 or 4 items just multiply 19€/49€ by the number (No need to increase the shipping cost)

      2) Yes you can plug any device on Travl’s USB port. But keep in mind that Travl is sized for Apple Watch which does not support « fast charging ».

      2 bis) Actually, stay tune cause we may have something for you in our upcoming Stretch Goals :D

    14. Missing avatar

      Muneeb on October 18

      Hello, just backed. Few questions:
      1. If i want more than one Totm how do i add to the order.
      2. The powerbank is it just for apple watch use or can be used to charge iphone as well?

    15. padawanlab Creator
      on October 15

      @Ingo Kasprzak: shuutttt don’t reveal our stretch goals before we do it ourself :o)
      You’ve got very good ideas!!

    16. padawanlab Creator
      on October 15

      @Jason Smith: hi Jason. Off course we’re working on it but I can’t commit to it ridge now.
      What I can tell for sure is that, as soon as we saw the success of the campaign (we did not expect it to be so fast), we asked our electronic supplier to check the requirement and look for certification process.

      Stay tune we’ll come back at you via « Kickstarter news » really soon.

    17. padawanlab Creator
      on October 15

      @CloudifA: bonjour. Aucune question n’est stupide ;)

      En effet pour l’instant l’icône sur iOS est un logo Bluetooth mais Apple commence à ouvrir la possibilité d’ajouter un logo personnalisé.

    18. Missing avatar

      Ingo Kasprzak
      on October 15

      Hi! Really good idea! Are you planning versions with a different wood type or in different colors? Maybe as a stretch goal? A dock, that fits to the interior would be nice.

    19. Missing avatar

      Jason Smith on October 14

      Now we’re almost 200% funded (197% at tone of writing) can we get confirmation that HomeKit will be native rather than via homebridge?

    20. CloudifA on October 14

      Bonjour, peut être une question débile mais dans le widget " batterie " , est ce que l'icône du Totm & Travl sera réellement comme sa ? Je veux dire, que l'icône ressemblera au comme sur le votre ?

    21. padawanlab Creator
      on October 14


      - Pictures of the App in the Kickstarter page are mockups but we do have a "developpement app" (which is quite ugly) that is working. We use it to test the Bluetooth connection between Travl and the iPhone and to debug triggers.
      Regarding the development of the final app we dont have any fear about it as we have xp in developing apps (actually one of us is a full time mobile dev).

      - The light is a Philips Hue Bubble (if it's what you were asking :D )

    22. MaKa on October 14

      I have two questions if you could respond:

      - Do you have the software for watch and the phone already finished, aka do you have a working prototype of the software or your screenshots are mocks?
      - In "Magic switch" gif you show some home automation, there is a floor standing light, can you tell me what light is that?


    23. padawanlab Creator
      on October 13

      @Harmen : Yes you can but the idea is to put Totm+Travl on your night table (without a cable) and just charge it once a week (you'll be notified when you need to charge it)... But if you prefer to keep it connected, no problem.

    24. Harmen ter Horst on October 13

      Although I already pledged, just thought of something: is it ok for the battery in the Travl to be charged/plugged in continuously? I mostly want this for being able to take my charger on the go once in a while. It will be mostly on my nightstand though.

    25. padawanlab Creator
      on October 13

      @ CocoaBob : Thanks
      @ Neeraj : It should be about 1h30 but we're still working on it to optimize
      @ Mike : currently it charges both at the same time. We're working on Travl (and the app) to let the choice.

    26. Mike Azirius Shellard on October 13

      I couldn’t see anything in regards to changing pass through. Can I have the Travl unit plugged in and have it charge itself and the Apple Watch charge simultaneously? Read the whole campaign detail section and could not see anything referencing it.

    27. Missing avatar

      Neeraj Agarwal on October 13

      How much time will it take to charge Travl

    28. CocoaBob on October 12

      Je suis fier de vous soutenir, car je suis français, mais je suis aussi chinois, AMHA, je crois qu'il y aura beaucoup de clients chinois aussi, potentiellement, vous connaissez ;)

    29. padawanlab Creator
      on October 12

      Hi Paul,

      You're right, it's not clear enough in the project page and we'll edit it to reflect that....
      ... now don't be afraid, It'll fit perfectly.

      You can put your watch with an "open band" or "close band".
      And regarding the link bracelet, if your wrist circumference is bigger than 55mm... it will be ok.


    30. Paul Quick
      on October 12

      What about non adjustable bands? I noticed that all the pics show adjustable bands tightened. I have a stainless steel band with removable links. So it is sized for my wrist and wouldn't be able to be tightened on the charger. Would this still hold onto the charger?