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Experience the historic interstellar message for extraterrestrials the way it was meant to be played. The Voyager Golden Record is now available from Ozma Records as a 3xLP Box Set and 2xCD-Book edition.
Experience the historic interstellar message for extraterrestrials the way it was meant to be played. The Voyager Golden Record is now available from Ozma Records as a 3xLP Box Set and 2xCD-Book edition.
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    1. David de Jong on

      I haven't received my survey yet ?

    2. Jim Stark on

      I haven't received my survey yet. Can you resend?

    3. Bob Beck on

      Just tried to answer survey - wouldn't accept a Canadian address, only US. Was auto filled for me though with info provided (Canada), couldn't complete :(

    4. Missing avatar

      Cody Wyrick on

      Have not received survey yet when will it be sent.

    5. Jayson Phillips on

      Has the download version been sent out yet?

    6. Missing avatar

      Lou Yīī Pīng on

      Cant wait! Thank you guys again for making this for us nerds to splurge on. Crossing fingers for mail to be delivered in one piece to my country.

    7. Missing avatar

      Justin Fassino on

      Love it. Just saw the Voyager documentary The Farthest at SIFF last week; fantastic movie. Maybe one of the best space documentaries ever made. Reminded me this project is coming soon.

      BTW, what's the source on the image at the end of this update?

    8. Missing avatar


      The new update sounds fantastic and I'm so happy everything is on schedule. This will be the best birthday gift ever.

    9. Mark Gray

      'If the galaxy were an LP', you'd have a hard time playing it - the relationship between radius and orbital velocity would be non-linear and would also vary as the LP rotated. :)

      Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the next instalment already!

    10. Stevep2342

      Shipping vinyl at the height of summer (in the northern hemisphere). This is one project that could slip a month or two with no objections. Crossing fingers for no heat wave in August.

    11. Missing avatar

      Destroyer of Worlds on

      As soon as I saw this Kickstarter, I instantly backed it being both a massive space-freak but a "child of Voyager", born not long after launch and growing up with the images it sent back and following along with their travels through the solar system.

      As I grew older, I came to appreciate Tim Ferris' writings more and more. Knowing he was involved in this project (as well as the original) made this more special. Having an "exclusive" essay from Tim, as well as his knowledge and insight on *both* parts of this project makes it even better.

      I've been in love with this project from the start, and as progress gets made I'm getting more excited about the final product!

      I've backed several Kickstarters, both before and after this one, but for my fellow backers as well as the crew working behind the scenes to make this happen, a million thanks!!! This has been the most patient and supportive group of backers I have seen. This is also the the most forward creator team in terms of great and perfectly timed updates.

      Kudos and cheers to all, creators and backers alike.

      I'm patiently and anxiously awaiting delivery. I have backed two copies, one a gift for a great friend I've had most of my life. Once the discs arrive, there are already plans for a great home-cooked dinner and a listen of the record(s).

      Thanks for the latest update. Like Bruce, I was wondering where things stood only a couple months out from the estimated delivery. I have this sneaking suspicion they will arrive not too long after returning home from viewing the solar eclipse in August!

      Cheers to all!

      - DoW

    12. Missing avatar

      Bruce Jenkins on

      Only yesterday I was wondering how the project was progressing... today an email.

      Thanks for the update.

    13. Kiran on

      Great news!
      But I have a question:
      Do you intend to send the vinyl box set + the hardcover book in July or just in August?
      I'm asking cuz, as I live abroad the postal services could not be able to bring me the package in a timely manner...
      Thank you for this wonderful project!

    14. Ziv A. Kowarsky on

      Will it be possible to purchase an extra copy of the lithograph so that one can be kept in the box set and one framed for the wall?

    15. Missing avatar

      Dan kerr on

      Will said survey be in email format?