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Experience the historic interstellar message for extraterrestrials the way it was meant to be played.
Experience the historic interstellar message for extraterrestrials the way it was meant to be played. The Voyager Golden Record is now available from Ozma Records.
Experience the historic interstellar message for extraterrestrials the way it was meant to be played. The Voyager Golden Record is now available from Ozma Records.
10,768 backers pledged $1,363,037 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Abhijit Mitra on

      @Angus Akacich I would recommend going to their website to contact them

    2. Missing avatar

      Abhijit Mitra on

      Never mind, figured it out through some backers' pictures! This was, is and always will be superb. Simply divine!

    3. Missing avatar

      Abhijit Mitra on

      Hi I was just wondering where I could see what number box set I was. Thanks!

    4. Missing avatar

      Angus Akacich on

      Ive only just updated my email on kick starter. And therefore updated my shipping information. I pledged back in 2016.

    5. Kevin R. on

      It is gorgeous. Of the campaigns I've backed, this is the one that I have truly been pleased with. :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Kevin on

      Is there any way of checking if or when my copy was sent?

    7. Joseph Sweeney on

      Major congrats on the Grammy! Well earned and well deserved!!

    8. Ozma Records Creator on

      @Chris Hardeman @Vincent C and all of you! Thank you so very much. We wouldn't be here without you. We are deeply grateful for your support and encouragement.

    9. Chris Hardeman

      Congratulations on the Grammy! Well deserved as the packaging is absolutly beautiful. I'm very happy for the entire Voyager Golden Record team.

    10. Missing avatar

      Vincent C

      Congrats on the Grammy win! How cool is it that we backed a Grammy winning project??

    11. Ozma Records Creator on

      @Elliott Sneen, the version that is currently available is quite different than the Kickstarter "40th Anniversary Edition" that, as promised, will never be manufactured again. The limited, numbered Kickstarter edition had a cloth-bound box with foil inlay, 180gram vinyl, and a hardcover book. The standard edition has a regular box with metallic gold ink, 140gram vinyl, and a softcover book. Thank you!

    12. Missing avatar

      Elliott Sneen on

      I was hoping this would be available outside of kickstarter. It's unfortunate they're your not keeping to your original FAQ's....…

      You said it would only be available for people who funded it. Crummy.

    13. Viktor Sloth Schroeder on

      what a piece of art
      i salute you <3

    14. Wong Kuan Suan on

      Anyone in SIngapore received their reward yet.

    15. ferdie on

      worthy of a collection piece

    16. Missing avatar

      Vincent C

      If you're a fan of space and art, check this campaign out...

      Glowing Galaxies |

    17. Dustin A. Teske on

      I finally had a chance to open mine. Packaging was great, which is odd why there is damage to the box set. The actual box set has a ding which caused a ding on all the interior pieces. Hoping I can exchange for a mint condition set?

    18. Kiran on

      I forgot:
      Box set #05788

    19. Kiran on

      After 50 days, my box set has arrived!
      Wonderful work of art just as Ozma Records had promised.
      The very first Kickstarter project that I've ever backed. I hope it is the first of many.
      I am a really lucky guy!
      Everything is ok!
      The Enamel Pin was inside the hard cartoon protection. (I must confess: It was somewhat hard to find but I did it!)

    20. Missing avatar

      Jake Miknuk

      Great work for real guys! Every day I look at this work of art, I appreciate it more. Definitely the best thing I’ve ever funded on kickstarter.

    21. Kiran on

      I'm already a backer of this project!

    22. Missing avatar

      Vincent C

      I had the same issue as Steve Lowe below with the gold foil offset just a bit. Other than that, this box is a masterpiece

    23. Alex on

      amazing box! well packaged! best KS project i have been apart of!

    24. Missing avatar

      Ivan Nenchovski on

      I just received my box set. It's amazing. This was an exceptionally well-conducted Kickstarter campaign.

    25. Missing avatar

      Steve Lowe on

      I received mine a little while ago, and though this may sound like an odd complaint, the gold foil decal on the box is not, for lack of a better word, straight. I.e., it's about 4-5 degrees off of "true north." I couldn't see a way to contact the creators directly, so I'm resorting to this means. Other than that, it's a beautiful item.

    26. Mark White

      Please provide updated tracking info. The last update was from FedEX on 9.15. It seems the package was turned over to USPS. There should be an additional tracking number provided by USPS.

      12:09 pm In transit RICHMOND, CA

      In transit to local Post Office - Allow two to three additional days for delivery

    27. Tomas on

      By the way, easily the best KS project I have backed, the updates were always a pleasure to read, and the finished product is far beyond what I expected. Congrats on a job very well done!

    28. Tomas on

      Received! it's a beautiful boxset, thanks so much for all of your hard work!

    29. Missing avatar

      Charles on

      Has anyone found a good wall display case for this? ie: records, book, pin, etc..

    30. Jurriaan Wittenberg on

      Got a letter from FedEx about a week after the package was delivered here in The Netherlands...
      So I thought.. here we go... import duties.

      But no: they sent me information on the customs documents of the package. Still no bill! They did note that Customs might still take auditory actions.

      Fingers crossed.

    31. Missing avatar

      snak on

      @Spags Thank you for the tip! I was able to get a-hold of a rep from Bandcamp, which Ozma suggested and they "refreshed" my code and it seemed it's exactly like you and Stephen Keene-Elliott mentioned...not obvious, but there. Love how the community jumps in and helps out here!
      Thanks again all!

    32. Missing avatar

      Drew on

      I had a hell of a time getting the tracks to work with iTunes. sent @ozmarecords a message and hopefully they will fix, but in the meantime: if you use Windows, you need to rename the files (make them shorter) to get them to import properly

    33. Missing avatar

      Spags on

      @snak From memory, after the Code Redeemed page, you are taken to another page with the option to subscribe/setup your free/complimentary streaming account. Towards the bottom of that page, there is a drop-down menu/link that lets you select the format you want to download the audio as. It is just to the left of a "help" link (or something to that effect). It is there somewhere, but I wouldn't call it completely obvious. Good luck.

    34. Kevin R. on

      Unfortunately, my old consumer-grade digicam functions no more, either by chance or design; not being rigorous enough to survive 15 years of use/abuse on this terrestrial body, much less that which the Voyagers cameras had to endure. So, unless I get another, no how-to uploads from me. :P

    35. Missing avatar

      snak on

      @Stephen Keene-Elliott, thanks for the tip. When I click on the "download" link it takes me to a page that says "Code Redeemed" and link sent to my email. When I clicked on the email link that was sent, it takes me back the the same page that says "Code Redeemed" in a loop. But thanks for validating!

    36. Missing avatar

      Christopher Abbott on

      Set arrived in Utah today. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for the time, energy, passion, details, and commitment that went into the project. Who or whatever, receives the originals...let us know when they arrive ;)

    37. Joosep Vaikma

      I just got mine. I now have a piece of something far greater than I can put into words. Thank you.

    38. Stephen Keene-Elliott on

      @Colin Matthews and Christiaan Sijbranda: The difference between this Kickstarter version and the one available for order on their website is explained in Update 13 (

      'Unlike the numbered 40th Anniversary Edition, with its gold foil-printed, cloth-covered box, hardcover book, 180 gram vinyl, and gold foil-printed sleeves, this elegant second edition will include a softcover book, three 140 gram vinyl LPs, metallic gold-printed sleeves, and the Voyager Trajectories turntable slipmat housed in a deluxe metallic gold-printed box. The price for this edition will remain the same as it was for the Kickstarter "40th Anniversary Edition"'
      - basically, a softcover book not hardcover; lower weight-vinyl; and metallic gold-printed box/sleeves rather than gold-foil printed box (with the box cloth-covered)/sleeves.

      @snak - I cant' remember how it worked when I first got bandcamp (I got it to work, as I have the music on my computer!), but if you go to the bandcamp page, and then at the top right of the page click on "collection", it'll show it listed there, and there is a "download" link beneath the comment box below the photo of the album....

    39. Kiran on

      It's a very good point, RosalindF!

    40. Missing avatar

      RosalindF on

      Re: Spags

      Many indie and audiophile record labels ship records outside of their jackets because rough handling during transit can cause the records to slice through the jackets. In addition, small or running-on-a-shoestring companies can save themselves some labor by not stuffing jackets.

    41. Missing avatar

      Spags on

      Exquisite. Very pleased with the quality and effort put into this project and it felt like a shame to have to remove the shrink wrap.

      Is there a reason why the records were shipped inside the sleeves but not inside their jackets? Was that just to prevent possible damage during shipping?

      Also, did the audio-encoded images not make their way into the digital download? That would be unfortunate if not (and more so if they weren't digitised either). Regardless of this, I am still very happy with the result and pleased to have contributed in some small way to the preservation of those master tapes.

    42. Missing avatar

      snak on

      Anyone else having issues downloading from bandcamp. When I redeemed the code, it made me sign up for an account, and when I activated the account, it sent me an email link, but that link just loops back to the bandcamp page with the voyager record.

      Any help will be appreciated!

    43. Missing avatar

      Martin Platts on

      Got the records/book etc - All looks good though records look a little paler/see-through than I was expecting. They arrived at work on Monday but I was working away for a week so just collected them now at the weekend. Happy with them - now to find some way to play them. Thanks.

    44. Kiran on

      Today, exactly one year ago, my credit card was charged in $170.00 but unfortunately I didn't receive my box set yet. I'm not sure but I can guess the Brazilian Customs employees are on strike. :-(

    45. Missing avatar

      Susana Balderas Lara on

      Does the new CD edition will have a digital booklet?

    46. Kiran on

      There are some differences between the limited edition on Kickstarter and the pre order edition: Kickstarter's have three heavy weight (180g) vinyls and also is numbered. The pre order have two CD's or three standard LP's and isn't numbered. The only thing in common is exactly the same price: $98.00

    47. Christiaan Sijbranda on

      @Colin Matthews Yeah I was under the same impression, specially when you read the following line on the kickstarter campaign "An exquisitely-designed objet d'art, this limited edition Voyager Golden Record: 40th Anniversary Edition vinyl box set will only be available through this Kickstarter. It is the ultimate album package of the ultimate album package." None the less, this is truly an amazing and superb crafted edition!

    48. Missing avatar

      Colin Matthews on

      I was under the impression that this was a strictly limited edition box set but I see that you are still selling them for delivery in November? Is there any kind of limit to this issue or will you just keep selling them indefinitely?

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