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Pathfinder: Kingmaker is an isometric single-player RPG based on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Kingmaker Adventure Path.
Pathfinder: Kingmaker is an isometric single-player RPG based on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Kingmaker Adventure Path.
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Love in the Stolen Lands - Companion Romances

Posted by Berserkerkitten (Collaborator)

A life of adventure and the burden of rulership are no obstacle for deep feelings and devotion. The romances of "Pathfinder: Kingmaker" are here to enhance your roleplaying experience. On top of having their own stories, personalities and motivations, we've added additional depth to some of our companions by allowing players to romance them. Four of our brave party members are available as potential love interests: Valerie (romanceable by male PCs), Tristian (female PCs), Octavia, and Regongar (both romanceable by male and female PCs).


Valerie appears rational and reserved. And yet, hidden behind all the self-control, her emotions yearn to break free. To win her heart you must first win her trust - and help her to come to peace with herself.


Young and naïve, Tristian has yet to experience love. Afraid of the pain of heartbreak, he is hesitant to open himself to others. But when he does, you won't find a partner more tender and devoted than him.


Octavia, the optimistic, bright-spirited wizard, is a true friend and confidant. But don't let her cheerfulness fool you – she sought freedom so desperately that the thought of losing it is something she cannot bear. For her, is love a source of happiness - or something to fear?


Regongar is like an active volcano. Fierce and dashing, he can't live without danger and challenges. Is there a limit to his recklessness? Will he be able to stop before destroying everything he holds dear? At the game's start Octavia and Regongar are a couple on the verge of breaking up. It's up to you to help one of them find their new love (you!) or rekindle their old flame - and even become a part of it.  

For the purpose of building a complete experience and adding more depth to the whole story, we tied the romances to the main storyline. To gain the attention of your love interest you will have to travel together and participate in the story events together. This will prompt additional cues and dialogue options with a character, allowing you to learn more about them and get them to know a little better.  

Actions speak louder than words. Striking down a deadly monster at great risk to yourself, swaying an enemy to your side, or taking responsibility for a particularly tough decision can impress your love interest... or disappoint them.  

There are no alignment restrictions on romances in the game. An evil character can fall in love with a good one, although keeping such a relationship alive may be harder than maintaining a romance between characters with similar alignment and values in life.

Romance in Pathfinder: Kingmaker is a journey, both intricate and exciting. At the end of it, you may be able to marry your beloved, or decide to skip the formalities and live together without titles and simply enjoy the relationship for what it is. In the end, this is your love story.  

Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep
Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep

One more thing - Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep is coming!

If you love oldschool RPGs as much as we do, then you may want to check out Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep by our friends over at inXile Entertainment. Their game goes live on Tuesday, September 18th at 9am PST across Steam, GOG and Humble. Did you play the classic trilogy back in the day? Why not combine your vacation in the Stolen Lands with a little trip to Skara Brae?

Hail to the Kings!


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    1. K on

      Please add Linzi as a pintsized romance option! PC gnomes need love too!

    2. Missing avatar

      Diego Blaquier on

      @Bersekerkitten plz help me I'm sorry I do not understand the kickstarter system you're missing data I'm trying to make a summary:

      As proof of my contribution so that I want to use it.
      Sponsor # 6283.
      Owner to date today $ 112: $ 95 early access + 10 alpha + 7 Pdf Guide.
      Can send me plz the steam Cd Key plz or email to help me .

    3. Missing avatar

      Kevin Burkhard on

      Definitely need a female orc love interest in some of the DLC.

    4. Missing avatar

      TJ on

      Of course the only guy that's romanceable by male PCs is the reckless and destructive half-orc...

      Swing and a miss, fellas.

    5. Missing avatar

      Eric on

      Real women plz?

    6. Lewis Crown on

      I paid $65 for the premium version plus a few extras (Walk-though, the Chris Avellone adventure & the music). So all the money was spent on the extras. If I understand right the premium version turns into the noble edition which now comes with the music. Since I had paid for the music as an extra, but it is now included what happens to the $8 I had spent for the extra? Can I put it toward the DLC or an upgrade?

    7. James on

      Thanks for including romance and I look forward enjoying that content. Fingers crossed for romance feature for the other companions as well as a part of future development or dlc.

    8. Missing avatar

      Morgan Everret on

      Hmmm i still did not get any email. No even answer for email i sent. Is it coz i backed 55 with boxed edition reward?

    9. Cifer on

      @Jeffrey Campbell
      "Big-time love on this one. And the diversity is ace. Nice moves, guys."
      Well, "ace" is traditionally not all that present in romance quest lines...

      While more would of course have been loved (geddit?), the chosen romance options read pretty cool. Valerie and Tristian seem okay, but I absolutely adore all the concepts you've packed into Octavia and Regongar. Bisexual characters? Exploring a break-up and mending in an rpg? With the possibility of going poly? I don't think I've ever seen anything like it in a mainstream RPG. Kudos to you!

    10. Kelsey R. Marquart

      All of these options are amazing! Especially excited to smooch Tristian. :D

    11. Timothy Earl Cox on

      @Beserkerkitten Thank you, I appreciate the help.

    12. Margareth S

      Soooo you're saying I can have both a gf AND bf? I am most pleased rn :D

    13. Berserkerkitten on

      @Timothy Earl Cox - I'll have a look and get back to you.

    14. Berserkerkitten on

      As for the amount of romance options, it would have been nice to offer more of them for sure. But there's only so much you can write in a little over a year between a Kickstarter and release. ♥

    15. Berserkerkitten on

      It is not our intention to offend anyone by having the two bisexual romance options in a (failing!) relationship when you encounter them. As others have pointed out - their relationship is about to break up. It's not the player who breaks them up in order to romance either of them. The player has the possibility to help fix their relationship. That's a pretty important difference.

      Can we please all tone down the aggro a notch and not insult one another over this?

    16. Missing avatar

      Roisin Cowans on

      A touch concerned about having to break up a relationship between 2 bisexual characters in order to get with my character, but otherwise its always good to have more character interactions! And I agree with Gerrit Deike, we don't need everyone bisexual, but it would be good to have an even wider net of people in future!

    17. Gerrit Deike on

      Nice. I wish there were more romanceable characters, but maybe that will come later. I think it was a great idea to add characters that are romanceable from both sexes, but I think it would also make sense to add some characters that can only be romanced by same sex characters. *my two cents*

    18. Icinix on

      Hmm. To romance or not to romance, and if to romance, to destroy a relationship or.. yeah let's be honest..I'm destroying that relationship...

    19. LuckyLuigi on

      Yay romance ! And even a love triangle ! Oh goodie ! :)

    20. Missing avatar

      Morgan Everret on

      I don't care about "inclusion". I want content. There don't need to be any gay characters i cannot interact. *sob* Valeria, your boobplate should warned me beforehand.

    21. Missing avatar

      Azriel on

      Amenephis said nothing that was bigoted. Seems your proving his/her point.

      With that said, only 4 choices, well, for most it will probably be only 2 options. Kind of disappointed, especially with the no barbarian romance option.

    22. Missing avatar

      cotilla on

      Oh look, the people that base their entire lives around perpetually being bigoted asses, are being bigoted asses.

      Well imagine my shock.

    23. Amenephis

      Oh look, the people that base their entire lives around perpetually being offended, are offended.

      Well imagine my shock.

    24. K on

      Oddly enough, I was looking forward to a Linzi romance (Gnome MC). I am very unhappy with the romance options listed. It is a sad, sad day. :(

    25. Missing avatar

      SavageHenry on

      i love it when game developers waste time and resources on cringeworthy fap material for sadbrains

      it's great

    26. Mike X on

      @Starshine "lgbt inclusion"? GTFO.

    27. Brandon Skipper on

      Not much of a fan of Valerie or Tristan, seem a bit too stereotypical imho. The apparent nod towards poly though... that I'm all about! Would be nice to have more romance options, hopefully they get added in as part of later DLC.

    28. Starshine on

      Also. @Berserkerkitten please pass this on to the team.

      Having Valerie and Tristian restricted while Octavia and Regongar aren't restricted the other way means it's not balance and adds nothing except make lgbt inclusion seem like a after thought and mean spirited with only being an option by breaking up an otherwise straight couple, you know, 'as those gays do.'
      Just making the first two open to all PCs by the actions speak louder than words rule shouldn't be too much of a writing issue unless you went out of your way to have lots of dialoge specifically about gender which would be weird.
      So would add alot but presumably not take alot of dev time or take away anything from the game while also fixing the weirdness and presumably unintentional connotations of the current options.

      Please address this before release or shortly after.
      Thank you.

    29. Missing avatar

      cotilla on

      @Evil Midnight Lurker Not really a positive for me. More of a, well, someone else gets something I guess.

    30. Starshine on

      If Valerie could be an option for girls also that would be very good. She has the Joan of Arc-y thing.

    31. Missing avatar

      Darkpesmerga10 on

      Man, the two females I had no interest in romancing are the two I get. It is a sad day. Wanted some Barbarian or Necromancer love.

    32. Missing avatar

      James DiPresso on

      Valarie not really feminine looking, just saying.

    33. Timothy Earl Cox on

      @Joni Nyman

      I checked my spam, trash, and inbox. I got an email from Owl Games but when I click the link, it says "You have no paid orders. It takes 1-3 minutes to process your payment" I did this before two days ago and this is still the same. I am unsure what I need to do. I have already emailed explaining what has happened.

      Thanks for answering.

    34. Evil Midnight Lurker

      @Cotilla - it sounds like there's a poly option as well there. :D

    35. Joni Nyman on

      @Timothy Earl:
      Around 3 hour ago:
      To our Kickstarter backers who have not yet transferred their pledges to our backer portal - we have re-sent the pledge transfer codes and instructions to the email addresses you used to back us on KS. Be sure to check your spam folders if you cannot find them!

      So you have your information, just check your spam folder and use same e-mail as you are using here when you log in for kickstart.

    36. Timothy Earl Cox on

      I sent an email to request the Kickstarter transfer to the website but haven't heard back. Could you please resend the information?

    37. Mark Howe on

      No Amiri barbarian rage love? I had band aids ready and everything... sigh lol

      I guess Iconics are just TOO good for us mere mortals.

    38. Missing avatar

      Niels Kühn on

      @Johnny - I feel with you, would be very fun to romance Amiri

    39. Missing avatar

      Johnny on

      Not gonna lie xD totally wanted to romance our favorite Barbarian, Amiri

    40. Johan Kullberg on

      I am very confused about this whole registering process at your homepage. I used the link you sent to my mail but no pledge shows up at my page.

    41. smudboy on

      @James Edwards - don't blame me. I forwarded all requests for a Nok-Nok romance to our team. Surprisingly, though, Chris Avellone didn't seem overly keen on the idea. XD

      Chris Avellone hates love. He has a cold, dark heart. Just the way we like it.

      But yeah, romance, awesome.

    42. Jetstream

      Come on y’all. It says they’re going to break up. The character option is whether or not to prevent that breakup.

      There’s a pretty firm distinction there.

    43. J. Stewart

      Glad to see more character depth.

    44. Missing avatar

      Toomid on

      Love to see the representation for non-traditional relationships here. Thanks for the variety guys, it means a lot.

    45. Missing avatar

      cotilla on

      So, we get a depraved bisexual (Bioware already did this nearly ten years ago, and as much I enjoyed Zevran, it was already problematic then) and to boot we have to break up his heterosexual relationship if we want a romance.

    46. Berserkerkitten on

      @James Edwards - don't blame me. I forwarded all requests for a Nok-Nok romance to our team. Surprisingly, though, Chris Avellone didn't seem overly keen on the idea. XD

    47. Missing avatar

      James Edwards

      No luv for the goblin?

      For Shame!

    48. Missing avatar

      Mat on

      Looking forward to breaking up Reg and Octavia. She can do much, much better. Like 20 Cha half-elf sorcerer better. ;)

    49. Heartsib

      OK. So, correct me if I'm reading this wrong, but is this essentially saying that to have a m/m or f/f romance in this game, you have to break up another couple?

    50. Jeffrey Campbell on

      Big-time love on this one. And the diversity is ace. Nice moves, guys.