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Pathfinder: Kingmaker is an isometric single-player RPG based on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Kingmaker Adventure Path.
Pathfinder: Kingmaker is an isometric single-player RPG based on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Kingmaker Adventure Path.
18,351 backers pledged $909,057 to help bring this project to life.

Season Pass & Post-Release Content

Posted by Owlcat Games (Creator)

Dear Pathfinders!

As many of you have noticed, the Imperial Edition in our new pre-orders on Steam and GoG contains a season pass. We have received many questions and comments about this from you, so let us address the most urgent ones, starting with the nature of the DLC contained in the season pass.

After the end of our crowdfunding campaign, many of you have sent us requests for additional races, classes and other content and features to be added as DLC after release. So we are going to work on some additional content post-release to make the game even bigger and better and to add even more to the experience! This is going to be funded, you guessed it, with the help of the season pass. No content is cut from the base game for this! Pathfinder: Kingmaker will release with all the content, all the races, classes, story chapters, absolutely everything we promised during our Kickstarter campaign. You get the full game, as promised.

Over the coming months after release, we are going to release several DLC packs. The first three of these DLC packs will be in the first season pass. You will also be able to buy each DLC on its own when it releases. We will release more information about the contents and estimated release dates of each DLC at a later date. Don't worry, all will be revealed before the release of Pathfinder: Kingmaker!

As for the pricing, our Imperial Edition has everything contained in the Royal Edition, as well as the season pass. Because of that, it costs $15 more than the Royal Edition. The season pass is going to contain about $40 worth of DLC. Those of you not interested in the Imperial Edition will be able to purchase a standalone season pass when we get a little closer to release. As mentioned before, each DLC will also be available for purchase on its own.

One more thing: we are giving the first season pass to every backer, who pledged $95 or more for our beta tiers on Kickstarter or $110 on our crowdfunding-preorders for free as a thank you for helping us beta-test our early builds! So if you're one of our beta supporters, there's no need for you to buy the season pass - you'll be getting it from us, free of charge! 

Hail to the Kings!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Kiel McGettigan

      Is there going to be a way to upgrade to the royal or imperial edittions alongside just getting the season pass? I would really like to get the digital map.

    2. Meszaros Zoltan on

      Kids these days.

      Instead of being happy that the game releases with every promised content they payed for, with only a small delay (which often is much longer for KS projects), they complain about the OPTION to get even more content later.

      Also, they have these "plans" because the players themselves asked for more things (including classes, races etc.), which weren't funded during the KS.

    3. Johnathan Mack on

      this isnt the first company to announce "Plans" for dlc content before the game officially released, heck games like ARK had DLCs releasing when they were in early access. This company has said absolutely nothing about not caring for their customers, in fact they have double if not triple the updates that half my other kickstarters do. What they did do is promise to give everyone what was unlocked during their deadlined kickstart, and then stated that because more money was raised later, they were going to introduce that content at a later date. The only thing that has changed in the gaming community is how sorry the gamers are getting, They want everything their way and if the producer cant give it to them they run off crying to the next game only to see the amazing reviews of the game they cried about and come back to play anyways.
      Wait for the game to come out before you totally thrash the company trying to give you the best they can, which if you've watch or played any demo, is amazing.

    4. Cody Buehl on

      Yet more signs of the way the gaming industry is going. This feels like it was done in a very backhanded way. I suspect this will be the last kickstarter game I ever support.

    5. Missing avatar

      Yudir Chang on

      Wow announcing DLC for a game not out yet.. The base game better be godlike otherwise I'll probably pass.

    6. Missing avatar

      James Edwards

      @Bryan actually, in a sense they did do DLC's during the KS, i.e. Stretch Goals and included them in the appropriate pledges.

      It sounds like they have gotten to the point where they now know they have the financial means to do additional DLC, which is a good thing, but have presented it, like a lot of other things, in a very bad manner.

      From what I gather they do decent games, but suck at Kickstarter communication apparently.

    7. Bryan Letcher on

      This is overall just such a bad move and let's us know there is not the care for the people who made your game happen. Without us, you would have no game! You had to know you were doing DLC. You knew it was in your financial model and yet you kept quiet about it! Are you telling me you could not have added DLC to different packages. This is very frustrating!

    8. Missing avatar

      James Edwards


      The higher tier was not worth the added $$$ during the kickstarter to many people. With the added $40 in dlc content it would have been worth it to more people.

      To announce that add to a pledge level now, when its to late to benefit people who didn't pick the higher tiers at the start (since beta access is now over and worthless ) is a pretty shit move by Owlcat.

      Secondly there's the timing, "hey ya'll the game we haven't yet released, well we're going to do dlc content, but don't worry, the game we haven't released is totally going to be complete..."

      followed by

      "Ohh, we don't know what the dlc content is going to be, but it'll cost over twice what the game costs, per season..."

      Couple that with the fact that Paizo's first foray into digital games (pathfinder online) was a complete and utter rippoff, which Paizo is trying to bring back to rip off more people and the timing of this announcement is pretty bad.

      As far as faith, I have faith that Owlcat will release a product. I have faith that it might bear a vague resemblance to pathfinder and at the very least ok to play, possibly even great.

      But trust? They haven't earned that yet and the way they handled this will make it a very, very hard for them to do so.

    9. The Evolutionary on

      @Erik Lentz. I second that thought.

    10. Missing avatar

      Erik Lentz on

      This is why I'm always hesitant to buy games when they release: I want the complete game because I will only play through it once. I guess I should always wait until the game has been released and gone Gold/GOTY.

    11. James Sunderland on


      Must be nice to have so much money and trust to throw at a project that may or may not see the light of Day.

    12. Missing avatar

      kwerboom on

      Good to hear definitive word that no content is being cut from the base game that was crowdfunded for the season pass. Just so long as a season pass is available at a reasonable price for those of us who backed at a lower tier, I'm fine with the DLC. I've purchased season passes for other kickstarted games to cover content that wasn't part of the original pledge drive.

    13. Jack Hepburn Raine on

      People wanted DLC they gave us DLC what more can customers want than a company who gives them what they want.

      People being mad for not backing at a higher tier i say TOUGH LUCK, you should have had more faith in the project in the first place to back more, you were also given plenty of opportunity to upgrade.

      DLC is standard to these type of games now, it is also optional, we are getting exactly what we were promised, in fact some of us are getting more.

      Awesome work Owlcat Games keep up the great work and look forward to this game and hopefully many more to come.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jrteal on

      @Stefanos, it's the idea that the kickstarter game hasn't been released yet, and they are now talking about DLC content with a season pass. This is a startup company that is using the same corporate tactics that a lot of gamers think of as bad practices. They are changing their kickstarter promise now that the game is being released, and a lot of people are mad they paid a higher tier when this wasn't an option available at the time. So it's a hot topic, and a bad stunt to pull from a kickstarter campaign. They should have just released the game, and launched another kickstarter for an expansion. Like Shadowrun did. I backed every single one of those games. It was a classy move. The base game sold like crazy, so they did another kick starter and released a new story in the same system.

    15. James Sunderland on

      Finally got an email response from Owlcat. They said pricing for the season pass isn't finalized.

    16. Missing avatar

      Stefanos 'netlich' Patelis on

      I *must* be missing something.

      Everywhere and everything I read implies that what was promised in the original scope of the project and everything advertised or reached via stretch goals *will* be included at release in September.

      So why are we complaining about a game that promises to be active and updated after release?

    17. Missing avatar

      Jrteal on

      The timing of this announcement is horrible. Someone in marketing needs to be fired. This makes the game look like it wasn't finished, regardless of if the game is completely finished. Gaming companies never learn that announcing DLC before the game is finished will always get push back regardless of intent. Release the game, then two weeks after announce that you're doing an expansion. If you announce a DLC al season pass before a game is released you'll look like the rest of the cash grabby companies that have screwed people over. Since the actual game isn't released and they are placing a season pass up for sale this is indeed a cash grab. It doesn't matter how they word it if you attach a season pass to a game before it's released it's a cash grab. Please pay us upfront for content we promise to deliver later. I hate this business style in a company. Come out with a solid expansion worth the same price as the retail company. Don't do DLC "Downloadable Lousy Content". This is a disappointing announcement.

    18. Missing avatar

      James Edwards

      @Lewis Crown

      We won't actually know if its a cash grab until we get some idea of whats in the DLC.

      Given the first season pass (3 dlc's) is worth $40 and the game only retailed went for $28 that needs to be a LOT of new content.

      Keep in mind, window dressing like new companions, armor graphics, character graphics, etc aren't really "new content" its old content with a shiny new skin.

      New races, classes, etc, are half-new content, you're still doing the same story, but use new abilities and spells, etc.

      So $40 new content would be something along the lines of a whole new adventure paths worth of content, with new races, classes, companions, which can be used in either adventure path, etc.

      So perhaps they should have just done a new KS as a sequel?

    19. Lewis Crown on

      @Salman Siddiqui You did not get what I was saying right. Basically it comes down to even though they were giving us all the goals we hit plus ones after the kickstarter people kept on asking for more things to be added even if it was via DLC. So they figured if there was that much demand they would start making new stuff that can be added in & this is how they are paying for it. Otherwise it would be completely at their expense. I am guessing they are starting with unredacted goals because that will be a bit faster to do. This is purely a response to people who kept asking for more, not a cash grab. Nor is this an unfinished product.

    20. James Sunderland on

      Yeah, it't looks bad regardless of when it was decided, but their communication on it is frankly terrible.

    21. Salman Siddiqui on

      I am glad my investment is contributing to bringing this game to light. But if I am reading correctly what Lewis Crown below is saying, it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. That is, were the developers going to bring all of the stretch goals (added features) in spite of our collective backing efforts? Tell me it wasn't a money grab …

    22. Missing avatar

      Kevin Burkhard on

      @Shiroco I must say I'm happy this project will get continued support, so as someone who hopes the base game is great and that there will be more to experience going forward this is some pretty good news. That being said from a business perspective it is very tacky to announce DLC in this fashion.

      What should have been done is the announcement should have come with information alluding to the ideas they're hoping to incorporate into the DLC. Phrasing it as "Everything from the Kickstarter will be there, it's a phenomenal game and here at Owlcat we were disheartened to not be able to incorporate some of the stretch goals. Now post launch we'll have that opportunity in the form of DLC." When announcing something contentious you always attempt to word it as if the consumer is involved and it's a process that benefits them.

      This reads more to the point of "We know this is going to go over badly," and as a poor attempt at damage control that makes them look worse than it is. First they should have talked about how awesome the game is going to be, how they'll have everything in the game, so any worries about them pulling an EA (enemy to unite against) should be put to rest. Slip in some we loved working on this and then how they plan to continue supporting the project going forward with DLC and a season pass. It would be advisable to slip a 10% discount to backers above a certain tier, this creates a feel good moment, thanks the backers for making it possible, and creates good PR while increasing the sales potential from backers who will then become brand loyalists.

      How it should have been handled aside I don't believe they're inherently trying to screw over us backers (at this point), but that their way of announcing this was poorly thought out and executed from a business and marketing perspective. Those that consider how to maintain long term loyalty of customers are the companies and brands that make the most money and stick around.

    23. Shiroco-Librarian of Unwritten Tales 542 on

      The negativity here is really impressive. It seems like every developer is accused of trying to milk their audience as soon as they anounce dlc. I myself reserve my judgement for after I've played the game and if I'am satisfied with the base game I'll buy the dlc. If not then I won't. Easy. I wish Owlcat good luck with their game and really hope it's a good game because 1) I'd like to play a good game and 2) It would help in getting more pathfinder games like this.

      At least I backed this game partially because I really wanted a game with D&D like rulesets underneath it. If they deliver a good game I'll be a happy panda.

    24. JHewett

      Probably just riding out the storm

    25. James Sunderland on

      Is anyone from Owlcat even reading these posts?

    26. The Evolutionary on

      @Trevor: You probably do not mean to give this impression but it comes out like you are suggesting that Owlcat Games can't be expected to meet or the RPG gaming leaders because they are new or not as large. Since when did openness about an immediate vision/roadmap become exclusive to established/big budget dev shops? PoE came from a studio that was on the brink of extinction and the KS campaign brought them back from the dead. In Divinity 2, they took something that was okay, (Divinity 1) and made it way better. If Owlcat Games had a plan for added DLC (as might be expected) I stand by my observation that they had this in mind early (which they must have done to get this together so fast), and didn't give backers the advance consideration in the campaign and it is clear they could have in the same manner as was done in PoE 2 and other projects of a similar nature. The biggest problem and serious miscalculation here is, they just gave potential backers every reason to not back any future campaign by this group and instead, just wait 1-2 years for the prices to go down to 50% or less of the price you'd pay through Kickstarter, which after reading about that deal through GoG I suspect a number of people are wishing they had done just that.

    27. Carl on

      Looking forward to the game and the additional DLC

    28. Kennan Ward on

      Good to hear more content is being worked on. If the base game turns out well I'll be getting the DLC.

    29. James Sunderland on

      Well, you had a price point that was clearly stated, and the DLC was a slight discount for backers in addition (20%). Also there was a precedent from the original PoE that there would be substantive expansions so people had an idea of whether they would want to upgrade or not. Furthermore, their damn website was functional to do so!

      The fact that there is no dev response to anything here is the vexing part to me. I wouldn't mind if they came on and gave some feedback to clarify things, rather than leaving a now absentee volunteer to speak for them.

      In short, there are some differences.

    30. Trevor Terry on

      The Evolutionary Said:
      "The comments I am seeing are interesting. Especially those who believe that keeping people who otherwise would be laid off (temporarily mind you if they were going to develop it anyway), as a reason to withhold details and/or charge people after they were told they were getting the full game to discover they are not and the basic price of the game could double."

      What exactly are you talking about? Their update specifically says that all content promised in the KS campaign will be delivered, and that the DLC is extra stuff that is outside the original scope of the kickstarter campaign.

      Where do you get that people aren't getting the full game?

      You compare this to PoE II and Divinity : Original Sin 2, but I'd like to point out a couple things.

      1. Divinity Original Sin 2 is done by a well established studio, who already had plenty of fans of the game, so they're able to maintain runway MUCH LONGER on their sales before needing a cash infusion.

      2. Pillars of Eternity : Deadfire and Pillars of Eternity BOTH had DLC packs, Deadfire's Crowdfunding Campaign required backers to contribute an extra $20 on the outset for the "Season Pass" to access the content.

      Please tell me, other than the fact that this was revealed late, what is the difference between this and Deadfire's campaign?

      There isn't one.

    31. Lee Saferite

      Since I cannot up-vote, I'll give one via a comment.

      I concur with everything "The Evolutionary" said their comment.

    32. The Evolutionary on

      The comments I am seeing are interesting. Especially those who believe that keeping people who otherwise would be laid off (temporarily mind you if they were going to develop it anyway), as a reason to withhold details and/or charge people after they were told they were getting the full game to discover they are not and the basic price of the game could double. This is why kickstarter campaigns are getting a bad rep in places. A deal with to see how many people will pay extra for more content, telling people who basically paid the price of 3 games "hey you paid 3x the price per unit, so we'll give you the value of 2x the price of the "base" offering (which we were told was 100%...not so). What Owlcat Games appears to have done is demonstrate that it is willing to play with how much they can milk from the audience by changing the terms. Oh, we giving you what we "promised" but we are adding more now for a fee so we are seeing if you will pay more. Bad choice, because you just lost the trust of about 1/2 your backers. You didn't say you'd be paying more for for content that will be available right after the game release. Nor indicate what was in the plans nor offer the options till after the money was collected. It feels like you are fishing for more "meat" from us, and it makes people VERY distrustful. What other things will change in midstream? we don't know. Penalizing all but the top 15% hardly gets public trust. Most of us probably feel we've been kind of manipulated/mislead. This is going to get worse from a PR perspective. If Owlcat games wants to fix this, I would suggest, all backers get this content now being promised (since you didn't give opportunity to augment for the pass initially) make that an incentive to look at other kickstarters early (in case you want to do another), people who weren't there early (and didn't make it possible for you to start), pay the regular price, and more people are happy. The creators of Divinity 2 Original Sin have new "Definitive edition" which is large, but no extra cost to the backers. PoE 2 is adding content to the options they gave and everyone is happy with that. A lot of people are NOT happy with this. And as it stands, I for one would be very reluctant to back another company of this group, because I don't know what they will do to try to milk more money from me AFTER the campaign was a success.

    33. Missing avatar

      Crosaith on

      Nice. Fingers crossed for quality story & romance content being added.

      I think most companies are greedy af and milk games, but I have faith in Owl Cat. If they can release solid post release content like CD Projekt Red did, they'll become legendary. Witcher 3's DLC was epic, Kingmaker's can be too! ^^

    34. Missing avatar

      Jai on

      I am one of those that do not like having to chase the newest update on a constant basis. One of the reasons that I prefer stand alone games over MMOs.

      Had I known when I backed the game that there would be DLC, I would have either waited to buy the complete set on cell the DLC was all out, or have increased my pledge to include the DLC from the start. While I do not believe this was done with malice, it does turn me off of the game already.

      Knowing that I will not have the full experience, which I thought I was buying, really puts a bad taste in my mouth. I don't see why they don't give all backers the 1st season pass as a thank you for their support, instead of rewarding some and punishing others.

    35. Missing avatar

      James Edwards

      My first thought is "The season pass is going to contain about $40 worth of DLC."

      The base game cost $28.

      So is the first season going to double the amount of content available in game?

      Also, announcing a free perk well after it would have been useful information to have when evaluating the value of the individual pledge packages, i.e. an extra $67 for beta access and a few minor perks vs. and extra $67 for beta + $40 worth of DLC content and a few minor perks is an entirely different deal and actually would have been worth the extra $.

      Now with beta over or nearly over its not.

      So your nice bonus is also a big FU for anyone who didn't do beta because you didn't give them all of the relevant information they should have had to make an educated decisions as to its true value.

    36. Missing avatar

      CynicalCzech on

      @Scottie: I assume that this is because Owlcat has been migrating their site and not everything went over yet ... anyone from Owlcat willing to confirm/deny/provide feedback on that?

    37. Missing avatar

      Scottie on

      So I see people talking about upgrading/or trying to upgrade their pre-order at this point. How are you doing that? When I go to the site all I see is a pre-order page that is completely blank. Under the pre-order heading.

    38. Lewis Crown on

      Things also depend a lot on what the additional content is. If it's stuff like races & classes then it has much less impact. You can't play every race or class already so it's not like there are really barring you for doing so. Hopefully they will be able to let us know approximately when & what stuff is coming so that if your favorite race/class is coming you can wait until it is available.

    39. Morris

      I feel for you guys who feel like you don't want to play a game when there will be more content coming later? But As a player of the tabletop Pathfinder RPG where new content comes out every =single month I feel like I'm actually on more familiar ground with a game that has promised the potential to grow in new ways that i can either buy, or ignore if I want to (like the various books in Pathfinder).

      There's a lot of controversial content that Honestly? I wouldn't want in the base game, like Gunslingers, and Tieflings and I'm glad I can get a chance to opt out of buying that stuff if I want to since I wouldn't be interested in adding gunslingers into the game but I know that other people go absolutely insane with desire at the thought of gunslingers being added.

    40. Missing avatar

      Arnold Lau on

      I welcome additional content, and am overall happy with this plan. I love the fact that we're getting even more stuff down the line, and I hope for meaty expansions. But admittedly, that's only because I wasn't planning on playing this game on release anyway, because I'm sure it'll be just as buggy as every CRPG has been on release, including 'heavyweights' like Pillars 2 and Divinity OS 2. I've come to expect that I shouldn't be playing a CRPG until it gets some sort of "definitive edition", and while that fits my video game habits, it'll be disappointing to other kinds of players.

      When I sit down with a game, I too want a "complete experience" as much as possible, because no matter how much I end up liking a game, the chances of my replaying it are extremely low. For many of those who are angry, stuff like DLC is not just "optional add-on content" - now that we know it exists, it'll be crucial to having that "complete experience", and playing the game on release when we know there's more coming down the line somehow feels wrong.

      Even if I trust the developers when they say that the game on release will have everything it's supposed to have, the point of contention is not whether the developers fulfilled their promises, it's the feeling that playing a game that has upcoming DLC feels much the same way as playing a game in Steam Early Access. It's the same reason why I did not touch Kingmaker despite having alpha and beta access, because I absolutely do not want to play an incomplete game. I'm grateful for the people who do play betas (and post gameplay videos!) as well as the people who play games like Pillars 2 on release and flag bugs and gameplay issues. That's not me, and I suspect a lot of the people who are angry fall in my camp as well.

    41. Missing avatar

      Erik Rutins on

      Very happy with this plan.

    42. Missing avatar

      jepeman on

      How many seasons of season passes are planned?
      Are the DLCs just going to be extra races and classes?

      Would really like to know if there is any story content being added post release and if new content is added, will it be accessible after completing the game without restarting?

    43. Meszaros Zoltan on

      I just wanted to chime in, that I1m very happy we get additional content above what was founded in the KS. I1m bot interested in new stories and gameplay elements, like new classes.

      I hope we will get the almost reached Hellknights, and some new classes like the witch. If the game is good (ad based on the beta, it is) then I will do multiple playtroughts anyway.

    44. Brad Trulove on

      I am going to wait and play the game and see if it feels complete before I grab my pitchfork.

    45. Shawn Chesak on

      @Morris summarizes it well. People who are complaining need to get a better of understanding about some of the basics of development. This close to release there is a large portion of the team at owlcat with NOTHING to they start work on DLC. Its either that or get laid off; the people complaining need to stop and ask themselves if that alternative is what they'd prefer to you know...getting them working on additional content we'll see down the road.
      Very said if you'd answer yes to that.
      Thanks Owlcat for keeping us in the loop and letting us know future plans. Me, personally, looking forward to it. If the game is good enough that I'll want to do additional playthroughs this DLC will enhance my experience for less than the cost of a new game, so I'm grateful.

    46. Lewis Crown on

      I don't think the problem is really with the fact that Owlcat is doing dlc, so much as it's a reaction to other companies that put out poor games/games missing pieces & calling the fix dlc. I really believe that they are dong this because there was so much fan outcry that so many things from the huge library of Pathfinder stuff couldn't be done. We are getting everything they promised us in the beginning after all.

      Of course I also think that this is a game that will have a lot of replayability since there are so many classes & paths to try.

    47. Scarlet

      Like others I'm glad you're upfront - because it let's me know I can completely disregard your company in the future. Hopefully the product you deliver won't be too substandard without the extra shelling out you seem to expect.

    48. Missing avatar

      Dale Bawlz on

      As others have mentioned... this just really sucks for people who don't have the time to be doing multiple playthroughs. I don't play a lot of video games, and I was really excited to play a game right at release for the first time in probably 5 years... Now I feel like I need to wait until all the content is released, and at that point, how do I even get it all in an economical fashion. Would have been much happier to just wait until all the content was done and purchased a Complete Edition or something. Bah. I mean.. I get it.. and it's cool they are doing it.. really.. but it just really sucks for the time I have to commit to games. Big sigh. I hope when all the content is done, they have some bundle that allows you to get all DLC at once for a reasonable price.

    49. Missing avatar

      JiminyJickers on

      Disappointed by this. Feels like I need to wait for all content to be released before starting to play.

    50. Missing avatar

      Matthew Snyder on

      I don’t see much issue with the whole idea or anything of DLC or a season pass if the game is a complete game on release.

      So long as the sundae is made right, has everything it should have, and is the right size for what I was told to expect, I don’t mind more toppings having extra charges.