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Pathfinder: Kingmaker is an isometric single-player RPG based on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Kingmaker Adventure Path.
Pathfinder: Kingmaker is an isometric single-player RPG based on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Kingmaker Adventure Path.
18,351 backers pledged $909,057 to help bring this project to life.

New Race Unlocked - Join The Forum Poll!

Posted by Berserkerkitten (Collaborator)

Dear Pathfinders,

When our Kickstarter campaign ended, we promised that all funds generated by pre-orders and pledge upgrades on would go towards unlocking new stretchgoals. And we are happy to announce that the next milestone, a crowdfunding sum of over $1 million, has been reached thanks to your generous help and support! Thank you so much for believing in us!

Our exact crowdfunding sum is now at $1.026.681

This means that we now have the resources to add one more playable race to Pathfinder: Kingmaker. And you get to help us decide which race it's going to be! We have opened a poll on our forums, where all backers get to vote for one of three possible new races. The three options are as follows:

1. Aasimar
2. Dhampir
3. Elemental*

*Humans, whose family trees include elemental beings. If elementals win the vote, we will add playable Sylphs, Undines, Ifrits and Oreads.

You can vote right now by visiting this thread on our dev forums:

Please note - you can only see this thread if you have transferred your Kickstarter pledge to our backer portal or if you are a preorder backer. If you need help transferring your pledge, send a message to

Thank you once again for making this possible! And who knows - perhaps we can even reach the next milestone of $1.1 million and unlock a new playable class - Hellknights.


They are intimidation, relentlessness, and unwavering conviction. They are the black-gauntleted fist of absolute order. They are the Hellknights! Provide your character with even more options to choose from, including unique abilities and items for the Hellknights, as well as the quest line dedicated to the their presence in the Stolen Lands. Face them on the field of battle or fight by their side - the choice is yours to make.


The Mac Beta is here!

Our first beta build went live a few days ago for everyone who pledged at the $95 level or higher and everyone who pre-ordered the $110 Early Access tier. Unfortunately, there was a technical issue, which delayed the start of the beta version for Mac users. We are happy to announce that the issue has been found and is now fixed. The Mac beta is now live! Sorry for the extra wait, dear Mac users.

Hail to the Kings!



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    1. Missing avatar

      Nikolaos Antonopoulos on

      I would like an Aasimar

    2. Missing avatar

      SavageHenry on

      i'm quite sure i never received a pledge transfer email previously, so i would also appreciate one of those

      also why even add another race at this stage of development? please, please don't pull a star citizen

    3. Missing avatar

      John Silveira

      Due to unforeseen circumstances coming in, I was hoping it would still be possible to request a refund?

      I’m not sure what’s the best way to go about getting one, thanks

    4. gatherer818

      I could use one of those emails when you get the time, too, please. I didn't do it before because there were problems with the portal so I just waited - no sense rushing things, give you time to get it worked out. Hopefully this time it should go well :)

    5. Berserkerkitten on

      Hey guys,
      the next ~100ish pledge transfer emails have gone out to those of you who requested them. It's now 8pm in Moscow, so we're gonna take a break until tomorrow. If you haven't received a response, yet, please bear with us for another day. We're working through them as fast as we can. :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Niels Kühn on

      Totally Elemental, Ifrit all the way AND you get 3 more races^^

    7. Missing avatar

      Robert D on

      This is a touch choice! all three races are amazing!

    8. Berserkerkitten on

      Hey guys, thanks to all of you who are emailing us about your pledge transfers. I'm going through the messages as fast as I can, but there's over 150 of them right now, so please bear with me. ^^;

    9. Matt on

      How is Dhampir losing?!

      Come on people! Get out and vote! xD

    10. Denis Habulinec on

      Definitely Dhampir! :D

    11. Missing avatar


      Come on Elemental!

    12. Berserkerkitten on

      @Kotawolf, Joshua Furtado - Thanks, guys! You're exactly right!
      And yes, just email us at if you need help with your pledge transfer. Just bear in mind it's nearly 3am in Moscow right now, so don't panic if getting a response will take some time.

    13. Joshua Furtado on

      The e-mail was sent out 8/25/17 if you missed it. There is a link to sign up and how to transfer. Took me about 2 minutes to do. Very easy and straightforward. If you don't have the e-mail, just e-mail them, I'm sure they'll send it out to you.

    14. Missing avatar

      Kotawolf on

      For those that missed the email to transfer the backer kit, I got the email :: Fri 8/25/2017, 11:53 AM (Central Time) I missed it and had to go back and find it. Thanks Beserkerkitten!!

    15. Berserkerkitten on

      @Christian Thalmann - that's because you never transferred your pledge to the backer portal. It can't just magically know about your pledge, you need to transfer it. That's why we sent all those reminders and instructions...

    16. Paul Marzagalli on

      A little bummed that it isn't something Stolen Lands-centric, like kobolds, lizardmen, or boggards, but may the best choice win.

    17. Missing avatar

      Christian Thalmann on

      I pledged $28 for the digital download during the Kickstarter campaign and gave my credit card details to back it. On preorder/account it says I don't have any paid orders, and that the digital game is $35. What gives?

    18. Ryan on

      Yeah, let's go Hellknights Campaign!

      We're nearly there; we can do this!

    19. Dondon

      Why are the Dhampir so low... They seem like they will be the coolest race of those 3 to play :(


    20. Berserkerkitten on

      @Ilija Jovcevski - pls scroll down and check my reply to Devon Ronald MacInnis.

    21. Missing avatar

      Ilija Jovcevski on

      I'm a Premium Digital Download backer, but i don't recall transferring my pledge. How can i check? Thanks!

    22. Berserkerkitten on

      Getting flooded with messages from people who didn't transfer their pedge and say they're unable to vote. PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, PEOPLE! You cannot vote if you don't transfer your pledges.

    23. elorebaen on

      Awesome! Here's hoping we hit 1.1!!

    24. Berserkerkitten on

      @ExcalibursZone - the poll is on our forums, where only backers and supporters can vote. That's on purpose.

    25. Berserkerkitten on

      @Devon Ronald MacInnis - you could always check by going to
      That's our backer portal. If you have an account there and you have transferred your pledge, it'll show up at
      If you haven't transferred, send us an email to and we'll help you get it done.

    26. ExcalibursZone

      When you do stuff like this, please set up a survey monkey or something so that backers who don't have or don't want an account on your forums will have a voice.

    27. Joshua Furtado on

      Now that I'm a streamer, I wish I had backed it enough to do BETA. That would have been amazing. I love what you all are doing here and truly look forward to playing (and streaming) when it's released.

    28. Devon Ronald MacInnis on

      I don’t remember if I transferred over to your backer pledge