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Pathfinder: Kingmaker is an isometric single-player RPG based on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Kingmaker Adventure Path.
Pathfinder: Kingmaker is an isometric single-player RPG based on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Kingmaker Adventure Path.
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Tristian, Favorite Of The Everlight - A Touch of Sunlight

Posted by Berserkerkitten (Collaborator)


Meet another one of your future companions: a young cleric of Sarenrae called Tristian.


The Stolen Lands are unforgiving, known for their dangerous inhabitants and harsh weather, and leave little room for the weak and gullible. Still, even in the Stolen Lands, there are beacons of hope. Tristian is one such individual, forever questing to help those in need, no matter the cost to himself.

Gentle and kind, it is as though Tristian was born to serve the most merciful of gods. It is not known, whether it has always been in his character or whether the ministry shaped Tristian’s views – one way or another, the compassionate and thoughtful cleric embodies the virtues of his divine lady, the ever radiant Sarenrae. According to the dogma of the Everlight, no being, no matter what heinous acts it committed, should be denied a chance of redemption. It is the way Tristian follows determinedly – even given the unpleasant experiences and disappointments he found during his travels across Golarion, Tristian still believes in redemption for all. 

Tristian never preaches, and shares the teachings of Sarenrae only with those who ask to hear them. His faithfulness mixes well with his good-natured curiosity, inexhaustible kindness, and unfailing belief in the inherent good  inside every living person - although you cannot help but notice a trace of sorrow in the young cleric's words.

Tristian always seeks to help those in need, but his most recent expedition to the Stolen Lands is one of the greatest tests of his spirit. Something wicked has taken root in the swamps and plains of this region – something that makes curses of all kinds much more potent and deadly. In search of answers Tristian unites with a bold adventurer who seeks to bring peace and order to the Stolen Lands. Should you rely on the cleric and invite him into your party, Tristian will look for the most practical way to help – he never preaches his beliefs if not asked to enlighten others about the teachings of Sarenrae.

Do not let the gentle ways of Tristian fool you – for those who think of Sarenrae clergy as weak are quick to regret it. The Everlight's mercy is generous but not boundless: those who embrace evil and forsake salvation are judged by blade and blood. Tristian knows how to hold his own in a fight – although he prefers to look out for his companions, healing the wounded, and helping any companions who find themselves overmatched or outnumbered. If forced to resort to violence, Tristian relies on his spells – for the sunlight of Sarenrae can bring searing pain as well as healing relief. The cleric wields a small crossbow and scimitar, a favored weapon of Sarenrae. Instead of armor he prefers protective spells and keeping well-measured distance between himself and his enemies.

Considerate and empathic to the troubles of others, Tristian is an excellent councilor to the realm. As a cleric of Sarenrae, he has a clear sense of duty and can offer sharp insights and wisdom when troubles arise.

Hail to the kings!



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    1. Danial Watkins

      I have always enjoyed the Sarenrae faith in my Pathfinder games. Especially playing a Sunder and Smith Paladin of Sarenrae.

      I would like an option for a female Tristyn

    2. Missing avatar

      David Morgan on

      I'm really looking forward to this game, (so hear this criticism in that light)
      interesting character, but I can't help but notice how post modern he is for a fantasy religious leader. His faith sounds exactly like what contemporary westerners want from clergy- to be nice, do good deeds and never say anything that challenges anyone else.

      I would love to see a cleric who actually (shock) so deeply believes their faith that they would share it with others gently, respectfully, but urgently, even if that character's beliefs offend my own as player.

      I hope Tristan sometimes preaches, for example would he preach Saranrae's judgement on those committing the vile deeds of forced slavery, dark necromancy, child sacrifice, etc..., or would he just be nice to those people and hope they would ask him about his faith?

      Once again, I'm really looking forward to this game, and I'm not writing this cynically, but I genuinely think you could do more with this character's religious beliefs

    3. Missing avatar

      Blave on

      So... is he an elf? Human? Half-elf? (Aasimar? :P ) The update doesn't say anything about his race and his hood doesn't help either.

      Not wearing armor sounds like an Ecclesitheurge cleric (an archetype who forfeits armor and shield for greater magic powers). But an Ecclesitheurge should not get the Scimitar Proficiency. Not unless he burns a feat on it which would be pretty bad.

    4. Lewis Crown on

      Nice to see that we are going to have more than 1 cleric as an option for the group.

    5. Amenephis

      She looks a lot like that elf chick from Lord of the Rings. You know, what's her name?


    6. Missing avatar

      Tyler Bacon on

      As someone who played a cleric of Sarenrae in a year long campaign, I'm extremely pleased at the writing here. Its exactly how I remember them being described in pathfinder, and similarly to how I played my character. I'm very excited for this game, keep up the great work!

    7. Missing avatar

      Owen Ricker on

      Sarenrae might be decent, but I don't think everyone would agree that her clergy uniformly is--look how repressive they were in Osirion, and if they didn't succeed at eliminating the native gods, it wasn't for lack of trying. Got my eyes on you, Good alignment or not...