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Pathfinder: Kingmaker is an isometric single-player RPG based on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Kingmaker Adventure Path.
Pathfinder: Kingmaker is an isometric single-player RPG based on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Kingmaker Adventure Path.
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Extra story chapter is funded! New stretch goal - Goblin companion.

Posted by Owlcat Games (Creator)

Dear Pathfinders,  

Extra story chapter is funded!  

Thanks to your incredible support, we have just reached the stretch goal that will expand original Pathfinder Kingmaker AP story! O_o there was a dеmonic laughter just heard in the owlcats cave - narrative designers were celebrating the ability to weave new secrets into the game plot...  

And what is more, those of you who pray Mac & Linux will not need to change your deity - Pathfinder: Kingmaker will be available on your sacred ground.


The result of the campaign so far exceeds our initial dreams, you can't imagine how excited we are that your help allows us to make our game so much bigger and better. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to each and every one of you!  

With the extra story chapter funded we are happy to present our new stretch goal: 

and here we have the special tale about our new companion from our Narrative Designer Chris Avellone.  

The Goblin’s Tale  

The goblins of Golarion have a bad reputation, to be sure. Of course, that’s usually the perspective of someone who hasn’t spent much time around goblins and has never seen the positives goblins have to offer.


For example, goblins can be especially devoted. Whether to their four goblin hero-gods, or to you. Of course, their attempts to earn your favor can be much like the family cat leaving dead animals on your door step, except it might be someone’s fingers. Such is the way with our goblin hero Nok-Nok, which is much like the sound his skull makes when his tribesmen beat it with clubs. (Which happened enough that he was mistaken for a drum at times.) He’s not only eager to help, but he’s incredibly effective in tormenting your enemies until they beg for mercy – or a swift death.


At the start of Kingmaker, however, Nok-Nok’s fallen on difficult times – very difficult times, as his tribe intends to use him as a sacrifice. You’re the only one who can save him… and as far as Nok-Nok is concerned, your arrival is divine proof that he’s destined for greatness. He should know, because as he explains, he’s the fifth goblin god, and you’ve earned his favor.  

As it turns out, Nok-Nok aspires to be more than a warty, scabby head-drum – he is convinced that he is a deity-to-be. He’s just having some difficulty making anyone else realize it. He can recite many tales of heroics and can expound at great length on how he’s bravely fled from dogs, how he set fire to his own hair when he couldn’t find firewood (he neglected to cut it from his head first), and how he’s learned how to block kicks and punches by using his head as a shield. And that’s just the beginning of his legendary journey to greatness.


Nok-Nok is a skilled thief. He excels in scuttling about, valiantly stabbing enemies in the back, and setting off every trap in the area (so much so, Nok-Nok’s attempts to disarm a trap come very close to being literal – the trap usually threatens to dis-arm him). He does, however, have an incredible resistance to pain, attracts an unusual coterie of “pets,” and embraces various junk and trinkets you find on your journey as if they were hard-won trophies of his heroics.  

If you lend him a helping hand, Nok-Nok’s quick to call you family – play your cards right, and he might even let you be among his worshippers of Nok-Nok (the Fifth, or in his words “the Fith” or sometimes, in other’s words, “the Filth”).  


Hail to the kings!  



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    1. Denis Habulinec on

      I love Nok-Nok already! Seems like the Pathfinder's version of Xzar the Necromancer or Tiax the Cleric from Baldur's Gate - mad casters who believe they're either gods, or that their intellect has surpassed everyone else's. I'm glad your project is doing so fiscally well - so far, you've earned the support and the financial strength given to you!

    2. Missing avatar

      Tim Franklin on

      Mac version has got me on-board - nice going, folks!

    3. Dale Thurber

      Looks fun, and nice homage to Paizo. I enjoyed reading his background, and imagine he has some fun moments in-game.

    4. Davide Forcina on

      Why mok mok theGoblin and not Mik mek the Kobold?
      he is a nice NPC of Kingmaker Saga!

      Btw i really hope we will reach 800k for Archetypes...

    5. Joni Nyman on

      Great to get 700k update. More story is allways well.. ..more story :)

      As a new kinky, evil little vermin companion made by one of the best minds in computer RPG genre Chris Avellone. What not to love in that?

      And yes, I DO plan to play atleast once, or 2 times as an evil main char for this game. Not to mention maybe few times as an neutral fellow.. ..druid or ranger and then... :)

    6. Paul Marzagalli on

      Oleg, considering the setting, I'm a bit sad that it isn't a kobold companion.

    7. James Butcher on

      Man, it would be amazing to get Nok-Nok, but I dunno if it'll happen.

    8. Devin Night on

      I'm super excited to be playing on my Mac, thanks! Looking forward to the game you guys sound like you are excited to produce a very involved game.

    9. Luke Clarke on

      Would it be possible to give a goblin companion head scratches?

    10. mixedsignals on

      Linux support! I get to play this game!!

    11. Midnight Anarch on

      I get that some people like this but I'd prefer stretch goals that improve the game's replayability rather than niche companions.

    12. Kieron on

      I seriously hope we reach the archtype

    13. Missing avatar

      Kylar616 on

      Having a goblin in the party of one of my current 5E games...I want this gobin so much. Would also pay for DLC for this in the future too.

    14. Missing avatar

      Warren Brent on

      Getting $200K in the next 48 hours will be an impressive feat; if it doesn't come to pass, what will be the chances we might get the goblin companion as DLC further down the track? I for one would be happy to pay if we miss the stretch goal.

    15. Henri Hakl on

      Aaaaaw yisssss - Owlcats bringing me that sweet sweet update when I was expecting it in the morning. <3

    16. Mark-Ders on

      Very interesting new goal ...