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Pathfinder: Kingmaker is an isometric single-player RPG based on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Kingmaker Adventure Path.
Pathfinder: Kingmaker is an isometric single-player RPG based on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Kingmaker Adventure Path.
Pathfinder: Kingmaker is an isometric single-player RPG based on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Kingmaker Adventure Path.
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Characters and animation

Posted by Oleg


We have prepared a brand new video for today's update. As you've certainly guessed by our headline, it's all about characters and animation. Our technical director Alexey Drobyshevsky lets you have a first look at the inventory system and how putting on items works. He is also showing off some of our combat animations. Please be aware that the shown footage is still work in progress and we're still ironing out some kinks. With that in mind, we hope you will enjoy our new video and, as always, we can't wait to hear your comments and feedback. 


Hail to the Kings!  



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    1. Missing avatar

      Glennwynne Shannon on June 20, 2017

      Are all of the base classes going to be playable options?

    2. Meszaros Zoltan on June 20, 2017

      @László Stadler - most likely there won't be more weapons like this, except if we can loot some giants during actual gameplay.

    3. Donald M Pollack on June 19, 2017

      Dazzling Shirt of Charisma+2.

    4. sorrowofwind on June 19, 2017

      @elaner Agree. Not asking for super flashy moves but at least NWN1 (2002) level of animations of parry, blocking, dodging and hitting would be nice.

    5. László Stadler on June 19, 2017

      "Her oversized bastard sword is a trophy from when she was sent on a suicide mission against a frost giant camp by her tribe’s elders." As long as this is just one single unique sword I can accept it. I hope there won't be several versions around.

    6. Nathaniel Gousset on June 19, 2017

      Good job on the video. Keep the good work on ;)

    7. Nathaniel Gousset on June 19, 2017

      This shirt, this shirt... My eyes, my eyes...Nooooooooo

    8. Missing avatar

      Pedro Duarte on June 19, 2017

      Im loving the constant updates on the game.
      I love that all items carried are showed on the characters person and it a really neat idea, but only if it doesnt create lag or longer loading times. Im hoping it works out cus it looks really freaking cool and i like the immersion it creates.
      The combat system did look like it needed some work though, seemed rather slow.

    9. Missing avatar

      barddy on June 19, 2017

      I wasn't aware of the class selection, but Inquisitor as well?
      Oh my gods, the hype just rises.

    10. Missing avatar

      elaner on June 19, 2017

      Looks very nice!

      Though, in my opinion, combat animations still need quite a bit of work.

      The problem I'm having with them is as follows: characters seem to stand still between the blows/other actions. It was fine in BG2 era, but by today standards it's ruining immersion quite a bit. Maybe you could consult some martial arts experts in order to make the combat movements more believable? For instance, a character can do a bit of footwork between the blows, or make some feint actions with their weapon. It would add a lot to immersion.

    11. Missing avatar

      Harris on June 19, 2017

      Her story and origin of the sword:
      Amiri is a fierce tribal warrior from the north who left behind the lands of her chauvinistic tribe to escape the bonds of tradition. Her oversized bastard sword is a trophy from when she was sent on a suicide mission against a frost giant camp by her tribe’s elders.

    12. László Stadler on June 19, 2017

      I hate that huge sword. It looks really childish :(

    13. Missing avatar

      Blave on June 19, 2017

      @barddy: Alchemist and Inquisitor have been confirmed pretty much since the campaign started.

    14. Missing avatar

      barddy on June 19, 2017

      C O N F I R M E D

    15. Missing avatar

      StrangeCat on June 18, 2017

      Really fantastic Guys! This game just gets better and better!

      I would like to see Blood pool around dead NPC humans etc when they die.

      Hope you make as much money as possible!

    16. ShadySands on June 18, 2017

      "...not just ogres"

      I'm dying over here

    17. Lewis Crown on June 18, 2017

      Love what I'm seeing.

      I will second Eelco Roes is saying that there should be 1 pair of magic pants/skirts at least in the game. There really is no reason not to. Paizo just forgot to do it & it would make a fun stretch goal.

    18. Shaz on June 18, 2017

      Oh, cool, I love the layered clothing items. Wow, extra weapons show up, too?
      And potions show up on your belt?

    19. Missing avatar

      Elicia on June 18, 2017

      Super excited for this game!

    20. Missing avatar

      Michele on June 18, 2017

      Looks awesome! Keep up the great work!

    21. Magnus Bergqvist
      on June 18, 2017

      Very cool. I love it.

    22. Andrea Russi on June 18, 2017

      The potions.
      The potions!
      This is so, so cool.

    23. Missing avatar

      roni shamay on June 18, 2017

      At the beginning of the video the shirt almost blinded me, but towards the endi thought it a brave and interesting fashion statement.

    24. Henri Hakl on June 18, 2017

      What a fantastic showcase. I really hope Kingmaker does very well and we get to see you make Wrath of the Righteous, Hell's Rebels. Carrion Crown. And more!

    25. Eelco on June 18, 2017

      everything looks great, love that you can see the potions on the belt. One thing for a great stretch goal, as of now no magic pants. But the models have a placeholder. I would love to have pants options (or skirts) cloth, leather, mail & plate mail.

    26. Missing avatar

      on June 18, 2017

      I really enjoyed this video, please do more "behind the scenes" content

    27. Missing avatar

      Quantomas on June 18, 2017

      Watch in HD for the additional detail!

    28. Talana on June 18, 2017

      Looks Awesome !

    29. elorebaen on June 18, 2017

      Looks fantastic!

    30. Lambert on June 18, 2017

      I love the video,
      What I love even more is all updates are posted by Oleg and in our Kingmaker campaign Oleg would have been the one to inform the ruling council of any such news in their "republic".


    31. Fitheach on June 18, 2017

      Best of luck with all that item variation sounds like a ton of work. Also great video really like that sort of content.

    32. Aephix on June 18, 2017

      Have ya'll figured out how to sheathe a starknife, cause that completely baffles me.

    33. Missing avatar

      Rituals on June 18, 2017

      This looks really good. Including the UI. Perhaps you can give Thieves the ability to steal potions on enemy characters during combat, preventing them from healing themselves since you made the visible and all.

    34. Missing avatar

      Diego Blaquier on June 18, 2017

      Great Work :Next GOTY 2018 �

    35. AcesofDeath7 on June 18, 2017

      This game is going to be one of my most played games ever! Simply amazing.

    36. Missing avatar

      Blave on June 18, 2017

      Awesome Video! Anyone else notice that Octavia has three levels of Wizard, only one as Rogue and one as Arcane Trickster? Guess someone added the accomplished sneak attacker feat to the game!

      Also: Can someone PLEASE post a picture of that shirt on 9gag with "guess the country" as title? :D
      (Adding some text about the game and the Kickstarter campaign probably doesn't hurt either...)

    37. Missing avatar

      stefano cursi on June 18, 2017

      simply fantastic!!! i would like to reach a lot of stretch goals

    38. James Butcher on June 18, 2017

      That is awesome, guys, too cool!

    39. Missing avatar

      Mat on June 18, 2017

      This is awesome! I love how much detail you've put into the way character's look. Having their extra weapons, weapon scabbards, potions, clothing layers, etc all change depending on how they're equipped is a level of detail I never expected to see. We've come a long way since the gold box games 80's and 90's.

    40. Jack Hepburn Raine on June 18, 2017

      Looks awesome love the way potions etc show up, i really hope this funds soon so we can get loads of stretch goals etc.

    41. Denis Habulinec on June 18, 2017

      Excellent video! I love the level of detail on a character model after they equip their armour and weapons - really adds the feel of realism into it. And after seeing that number of 1673 in the beginning of the video, I can only wonder how many items will we be able to find and equip, or if even more items are going to appear in the game.
      And yeah, I do think the animations need a bit more work - they seem slow and sluggish to me. Giving them more spring in their step and speed during combat is going to make it look much, much better!
      Can't wait to see more of your videos in the future! (Also, I really do envy Alexey's shirt. I mean, god damn!

    42. Missing avatar

      Alan the Alpal on June 18, 2017

      Holy crap, that shirt, so bright! lol But great update! =)

    43. Harlot on June 18, 2017

      Whoa. The way sheathed items appear on character models blew me away. Love it ^^.

    44. Evil Midnight Lurker
      on June 18, 2017

      You've created a build-your-own-Wayne-Reynolds-character system! :D

    45. Steve Barr on June 18, 2017

      Wow that's looking pretty amazing! Great job so far. I really hope that shirts going to be an in game item!

    46. Berserkerkitten Collaborator on June 18, 2017

      I want the shirt as an add on! :)