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Pathfinder: Kingmaker is an isometric single-player RPG based on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Kingmaker Adventure Path.
Pathfinder: Kingmaker is an isometric single-player RPG based on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Kingmaker Adventure Path.
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Companions: Introducing Valerie, the Brevic Fighter

Posted by Owlcat Games (Creator)

Dear Pathfinders,  

The Stolen Lands are a dangerous place! Fortunately, you will meet other brave adventurers on your quest, who will fight by your side or who may ultimately choose to betray you, depending on your actions. They all have their own story, their own goals and motivations, their own reasons to join you. They are your companions, who will help you build and rule your kingdom. Some of these companions are familiar faces from the Adventure Path. Some may even be popular Pathfinder iconics. Others are completely new. We are going to introduce them to you in a series of updates. Our first companion update is dedicated to Valerie.


Due to her flawless, almost supernatural beauty, Valerie has been at the center of everyone's attention, even when she was still a child. Born into a noble Brevic family, the young girl soon became a shining star of high society. She quickly had to learn to resist the unwanted advances of her admirers, using cold arrogance and impeccable, distant manners as an impenetrable shield. Her father had chosen a great destiny for Valerie: she was supposed to become a paladin of Shelyn. However, the teachings of obedience and humbleness before the goddess of beauty and love appeared to be something that young Valerie wasn't too susceptible to - unlike the lessons of martial arts, which she mastered almost to perfection. The life of Valerie had changed dramatically when an act of blasphemy made her future path as Shelyn's paladin impossible. Having rejected the grace of the goddess, she left high society to take her fate into her own hands.

Today Valerie is not some nobleman's pampered daughter. Instead, she has become a seasoned mercenary, who has lived through dozens of battles under the banners of Swordlords. Having her gorgeous hair cut off and her silk dresses replaced by steel armor, she has broken with her past without hesitation. But is the past ready to stay behind the proud and confident mercenary? Even the kindest of gods don't take well to blasphemy, and the revenge of Shelyn may not only be harsh, but also incredibly poetic.

For those who appreciate her military talents, Valerie will become a reliable defender in every possible challenge. In battle, she uses a bastard sword and a tower shield. Valerie prefers full plate armor and defensive tactics: she waits patiently until the enemy reveals an opening, and only then she strikes with all her might.


Valerie is a natural-born leader, who can inspire and rally people. If she gets an important role in the Kingdom governance, she can show her talents not only in state defense but also in the field of diplomacy. Although she once has rejected the path of a lady in high society, Valerie still knows how to behave in aristocratic circles and how to save face in conflict situations. Though she may prefer the way of the blade, if necessary, Valerie can actively participate in diplomatic maneuvers as well as in straightforward battles.


One more thing

Some of us here at Owlcat Games enjoy the dark setting and brutal gameplay of titles like Dark Souls. This is why the Kickstarter campaign for Blasphemous has caught our eye. It's a tough, side-scrolling platformer full of frantic combat, epic boss battles and swordsplay. If you are interested, check it out!




Hail to the kings!  



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    1. Missing avatar


      ... I ask this because my daughter's name is Valerie :) I just updated my pledge just in case.

    2. Missing avatar


      Is hers going to be the statue in the Collector's edition?

    3. Wicker on

      "Due to her flawless, almost supernatural beauty" - So I'm assuming her face was messed up by fighting at some point?

      Otherwise this world has some low standards apparently, lol.

    4. Lewis Crown on

      Oops I meant to say that you pick any class for future levels on a companion. This would be an example of someone you shouldn't be able to take levels in Paladin for.

    5. Berserkerkitten on

      Regarding companion classes - each companion will have one or several levels in a predetermined class when you meet them. You can level them any way you wish from there on out, but their "starting class" is preset.

    6. Lewis Crown on

      It's stories like this that make me feel good about backing this project. Now I want to know why she decided not to be a paladin of Shelynl & what blasphemy she committed. I hope we will have the ability to eventually find out as part of the story (assuming we try hard enough).

      This does bring up a good point though. Before Owlcat has said that we will be able to pick any class we want for our companions. This is a perfect example of why we shouldn't be able to pick any class. Valerie shouldn't be able to take levels of paladin due to her backstory. At least until she either apologizes to Shelyn or takes up with another god that might be willing to get on Shelyn's bad side.

      Also brings up a point. What if you decide your character shouldn't be the king & decide one of your companions should. Obviously the player would still make the decisions, but could you put someone else "in charge" of the kingdom? Or would you just have to have your character marry the person who should be in charge?

      @Cotilla it depends on what kind of vengeance the god goes with. Going the medusa route where she turns lovers to stone (or even her gaze) would be Calistra. But if every time she wears a nice dress or tries to look nice a bird manages to poop on her at some point would be a great way to say she pissed off the goddess of beauty.

    7. Aephix on

      @AJ Carruthers - I think when they said "martial arts", they were meaning more "the art of war".

    8. Heine Stick on

      Never mind, a good ol' ArtStation search did the trick.

      For those wondering, the concept artist behind the companion artwork seems to be Valeriy Vegera.

    9. Heine Stick on

      Who's the concept artist behind the companion artwork?

    10. Lambert on

      I love this update, but more importantly you mentioned the question of "pre made" companions with storylines etc vs "custom made" companions which might have the exact skills you want but clearly far less of a story.

      I am always on the side of story. I like the story of your first character, including the capricious nature of the gods. I like that people might have to take the negative consequences of taking a known blasphemer into the inner circle. It actually makes choices meaningful not just, who has the best TANK stats.

      This game is looking mint.

    11. Missing avatar

      cotilla on

      Shelyn? Harsh revenge against a mortal? Did you confuse her with Calistria?

    12. AJ Carruthers

      Certainly an interesting character though I am curious why she didn't lean more towards developing her martial art skills rather than following the path of the fighter.

    13. Missing avatar

      Mark Boettcher on

      Wonderful idea for updates! Please keep the character profiles coming. I love the Pathfinder art, and I save these images for use in our tabletop RPG.

    14. Harlot on

      She seems interesting. Definitely someone I'd keep on the forefront in my kingdom. Usefull set of skills :)

      Also the animations rock!

    15. Josh (no not that Josh)

      Deflected Arrows hitting the ground? If you can pick them up after and retrieve that would be awesome

    16. Missing avatar

      Jordon Bise on

      Yisss this game will be so good!

    17. Missing avatar

      Rituals on

      Nice to see the shield to have a more active use

    18. Missing avatar

      Archangel on

      I love the animation of arrows bouncing of the shield. Nicely done

    19. Missing avatar

      Mat on

      Great update. Looking forward to more of them! Thanks.


      this game is looking so bad ass...

    21. Joshua Neeley on

      Awesome! Can't wait to meet more companions!