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A creepy collection of Pathfinder-compatible templates to help you customize your gruesome foes.
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We’re not done with our line of Pathfinder-compatible products yet, and we want to offer you a collection of templates to turn monsters into things that will remind players why most people don’t go adventuring!

At our base funding level, we’ll provide you with 43 Gruesome Templates (and one sample monster for each), written and developed by industry veterans Owen K.C. Stephens, Dan Dillon, Steve Helt, and Stephen Rowe. Built off the series of popular Gruesome Monster books by RGG, these templates have been revised and expanded to apply more easily to any monster you need to strike fear into the hearts of your players.

After that, we’ll list stretch goals to make it a bigger, better, gruesomer book! We have several Pathfinder-compatible experts ready to make ever more horrible templates to slap on anything imaginable! Up first is a template written by Paizo Managing Developer, Adam Daigle, if we manage to go $500 over our base goal. For a lot of freelancers, if you ask, how did you get into the industry, they respond with "I wrote monsters for Adam." As one of the masters of monsters, at this level, we unleash Adam and see what particularly gruesome threat he whips up.

Why Just One Pledge Level?

We want to make this book. THIS book. We want to make the best version of this book we can. So we want to make supporting it easy. No early bird exclusives. No signed book plates. ABSOLUTELY no miniatures or t-shirts!

One pledge level pays for you to get a pdf, and for those of you who want a Print-On-Demand book we’ll let you get that at just the cost of having it printed and shipped to you.


NEW Cover
NEW Cover

1st Stretch Goal


2nd Stretch Goal

A new Gruesome Template from the Paizo Developer and RGG Contributor responsible for the Luchadore class, so you know it’ll be out-of-the-box! MICHAEL SAYRE


Risks and challenges

There is always the risk that the book will never be finished, and therefore, not delivered. However, we can promise you that the initial work is already complete, including 80% of the new art pieces. Only the extra pieces in the stretch goals have yet to be written.
Also, since the only physical rewards are a print-on-demand copy of the book, that you have the option to purchase at the cost of printing and shipping, there's no chance of printing delays, budget errors from changes to international shipping rates, or issues with a slow boat from overseas. We are designing this entire Kickstarter to make sure you get what we promise, when we promise it.

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