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There's still time to get your custom game mat! Click the link below to begin.
There's still time to get your custom game mat! Click the link below to begin.
479 backers pledged $61,185 to help bring this project to life.


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Custom Game Mats- Any Shape, Size, and Image



Thanks for visiting our campaign!  There is still time left to late pledge at 10% off the standard price!  Click the link below to be taken to our order system.

  • Late pledge backers receive 10% off the regular price
  • Upon visiting the site, you will be asked to enter in your table's shape and dimensions
  • Shortly after checkout, we will send an invitation to design your mat (est. early May)
  • Shipping will be charged after you have designed your mat (see shipping table below for estimated shipping prices)

Thank you to everyone who made custom game mats become a reality!!!  

You all are the best!

The BEST and most CUSTOMIZABLE gaming mat ever!

  • 100% American-made
  • Fully customizable
  • Any shape, size, and image
  • Premium thickness
  • High quality fabric
  • Phenomenal, high resolution artwork

Turn Any Table Into a Board Game Table

Here's why you need a game mat! (2 minute video) 

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Why Back on Kickstarter?

Kickstarter backers will receive our lowest price and be the first to fulfill! Our custom mats are 15% off the standard price, and our 24" x 14" mats are 20% off.  This is a Kickstarter-only offer, so act fast!  If you have waited for a custom game mat, now is the best time to get one! 

 How Do I Order My Custom Game Mat?

  •  Step 1- Visit (or click the link below) to get your custom mat quote
  •  Step 2- Select your table shape, input your dimensions, and choose whether you want edge stitching
  •  Step 3- remember your price and select "Return to Kickstarter"
  •  Step 4- select the "Custom Game Mats" reward level and input your custom quote amount as your backer amount

Paying on Kickstarter for the full amount of your custom mat is critical to receiving your mat on time.  The money we receive from backers will go toward buying raw materials for your mat.

How Do I Order My 24" x 14" Game Mat?

For $20 you get a 24" x 14" mat that can be any image, including one you upload.  This price is 20% off the standard price.  All you need to do is select the 24" x 14" reward and checkout!  

Want to learn more? Watch this 1-minute video!

"I cannot sing their praises enough!"- Rahdo  

"It's cut specifically to the size of my table.  It fits like a glove!"- Dice Tower Mark Streed

"This is a GIANT of a playmat!"- Watch it Played Rodney Smith 

Any Shape

We precision-cut each and every custom game mat with high-end machinery.  Our default shapes are circles, squares, and rectangles, but we can do other shapes such as ovals, hexagons, octagons etc.  These unique shapes often take extra time in designing the digital cut file, and we want to make sure they are done right, so please contact us directly at for more info.

Any Size

Our cutting equipment is extremely precise which allows us to cut to your exact dimensions, including fractions of an inch.  Our standard size range allows for a maximum width of 56" and a maximum length of 96".  However, if you have an oversized mat, we have several solutions to help, so please contact us directly at for more info.

Any Image

You can upload your own image, choose any solid color, or select from one of our artwork files!  However, we are unable to print copyrighted material, which includes game boards, movie artwork, sports team logos and more.  This keeps everyone safe from the legal consequences of printing copyrighted material. (We suggest printing at a minimum of 150dpi.  To calculate the required resolution, please visit-

Premium Quality

We chose to manufacture here in the United States, which allows us to have tight control on quality while also being able to fulfill faster.

Edge Stitching

Provides a premium, finished look to the perimeter of your mat while also preventing the edges of your mat from fraying.  When stitching, we round the corners of the mat to allow for a clean and consistent stitch pattern.


We created 60+ pieces of unique artwork suitable for even the largest of tables!  Scroll to the bottom of the kickstarter page to see thumbnail images or click the link below to view our artwork on desktop. 

When Will I Create My Custom Game Mat?

Shortly after the kickstarter is complete, you will receive an e-mail with a unique one-time-use code and a link to our custom mat creator online tool.  Using this tool, you will be able to customize the graphic design of your mat however you want!  

After you have designed your mat, you will use your unique code to reduce your mat price to $0. Follow the remaining steps to submit your digital print file, confirm your address, and pay for shipping.  Our order update system will allow you to track the manufacturing process of your mat, notifying you when your mat is printed, cut, stitched, and fulfilled.     


This includes 2 new images by Rene’ Aigner, 2 new images by Ethan Brown, and 1 new image by Denise Jones!

Shipping is included for FREE with all add-on purchases.

Shipping Information (Important)

Due to fact that we manufacture each and every custom mat here in the United States, it is quicker and less expensive to ship single parcel via UPS, including to customers outside of the United States.

The shipping prices listed below are current estimates based on the most common mat sizes.  The exact amount you are charged for shipping will fluctuate depending on your specific mat size and weight.  Mats that have a width of 48" or more are often more expensive to ship.  

You will be charged for shipping after the Kickstarter campaign based on your address and your mat's weight and dimensions. 

Customers outside of the United States will be subject to their country's duties and taxes.

Shipping multiple mats? Please visit the FAQ for more info. 

There are many more colors available online for our game layouts.

Retailers and Licensed Mats

If you are a distributor, FLGS, or retailer looking to purchase numerous mats at a time, we are eager and excited to work with you all!  Please visit the FAQ section of the kickstarter page to learn more.

If you are a game designer or publisher, we have some truly exciting and beneficial ways in which we can partner! Please visit the FAQ section of the kickstarter page to learn more.

Who is OverPowered?

OverPowered is a family-owned and operated local business just outside of Birmingham, AL. It’s a project that has been in research and development for nearly a full year now, taking up every spare hour and weekend for me and my wife who both work full time. My wife and I have fully funded this project ourselves.  

Thankfully, we have had a huge helping hand in creating our mats by working with countless truly phenomenal collaborators that we are extremely appreciative of. Without the support and guidance of family and friends and the expertise of industry leaders, we wouldn’t have been able to make all of this possible. Thank you to all of those who have helped us get to this point! 

Risks and challenges

Although unforeseen risks and challenges may arise, we do not foresee any obstacles in fulfilling this campaign. We have done extensive testing, and the trial and error from that testing ultimately produced an exceptional, final-quality product that we are proud of. Now that the manufacturing process is complete, we will need to order raw materials in bulk, finish the custom mat creator online tool, and start fulfilling orders.

The Kickstarter campaign will allow us to better understand product demand and provide the necessary funding to source the amount of raw materials, warehousing space, equipment and staff needed to take this product into full production.

Without you all, this project cannot become a reality. We genuinely appreciate your support and will do our best to not only meet but exceed expectations as soon as we possibly can.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ


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    Custom Mats- Any Shape, Size, and Image

    Get an early copy - 15% off the regular price!
    Get your custom quote at: BECOMEOVERPOWERED.COM.
    Enter your custom quote in the pledge amount.
    Edge stitching is available as add-on.
    Made in USA.

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    Pledge US$ 1 or more About US$ 1.00

    Custom Game Mats- WORLDWIDE

    This pledge level is only for backers that do not live in the United States.
    Visit BECOMEOVERPOWERED.COM to get your custom mat quote.
    Enter in your unique mat price as your pledge amount.
    Backers receive 15% off our online price and are the first to fulfill.
    Edge stitching is available as an add-on. Shipping, duties, and taxes will be applied after the kickstarter campaign.

    Estimated delivery
    Ships to Anywhere in the world
    90 backers
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    Pledge $20 or more About $20

    24" x 14"- Standard Mat

    Get an early copy - 20% off the regular price!
    Available in any image by OverPowered, including art, patterns, game layouts and more.
    Available in any solid color.
    Or upload your own image.
    Edge stitching available as add-on.
    Made in USA.

    Estimated delivery
    Ships to Only certain countries
    94 backers
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