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£3,996 pledged of £14,000 goal
£3,996 pledged of £14,000 goal

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    1. Lenny on April 16

      anybody know why it was cancelled?

    2. Missing avatar

      Walter Chea on April 13

      when is the new one coming out?

    3. Overlab 3-time creator on April 8

      @Walter thank you! We have one year warranty, and the Soho PU leather it's double coated so it's waterproof. The sweatshirt will be unlocked as an add-on when we'll reach the funding goal

    4. Missing avatar

      Walter Chea on April 3

      Also warranties? and how long will the Soho last? and how bad is it if it gets wet considering its a PU leather one

    5. Missing avatar

      Walter Chea on April 3

      Just backed! interested in the sweatshirts! lol any info on these?

    6. Overlab 3-time creator on March 24

      @Uyen thank you for your pledge!
      Yes you can add skins of any kind, H or, in the survey after the campaign ends

    7. Uyen Ha on March 23

      And, Can I choose between H and V skins?

    8. Uyen Ha on March 23

      Hi, I am really loving your design.
      I backed the early bird package for No7orious One. I don’t really need the 20000 mAh battery, but I would like to have more skin. Do you have any options for ordering extra skins beside my pledge. Thanks

    9. Overlab 3-time creator on March 23

      @Mohamed Thank you for your pledge! The material used for the Soho is PU leather.
      @Jaime Thanks to you too! Yes, we can ship it to Singapore

    10. Jaime Lai on March 22

      it looks amazing. Great Job. I've selected the early bird but the delivery location does not have Singapore. Will you guys be able to ship to Singapore?

    11. Mohamed Said Shama
      on March 22

      Good designs.
      What is the material used for soho bag?!