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I want to fullfill my life's goal of recording my best songs, with the best musicians, under the best circumkstances possible. If I can accomplish that, I believe it will bring alot of happiness to alot of people around the world through their enjoyment of my songs over the many years to come. The songs speak for themselves, or... I should say I hope they do. I am not a great guitar player, I am not a great vocalist.

I am a great songwriter. I have written over 700 songs and have had success around the globe with terrestrial and internet radio airplay of my debut album "Disarray", which was done for $1000 total... from start to finished product.

I ask one thing of you and only one thing. Listen to my songs. If you see the quality of the songs themselves and you believe in them ... please support them. It's not really me you're supporting, it's the songs. The songs are everything. Look past the performances and know the songs themselves. The lyrics, the arrangements.The songs themselves.In the hands of great musicians and artists, these songs can accomplish alot and please alot of people around the world. That's why we listen to music, to enjoy it. I'd like the feeling of knowing my songs went from my basement out across the planet and made alot of folks happy. I believe they can, I hope you belive they can as well.

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    please do not support my project if you are looking for "rewards." i only want your support for one singular reason... because you believe in the quality of the songwriting. That's it. I care about my songs too much to be sittin' here thinking you supported my project because of whatever rewards you may receive. That ain't music, that ain't rock and roll. Support this project as a tangible acknowledgment that you can see the quality of the songwriting. If I complete this project and the songs reach the world, you won't have to ask me for rewards. I will come looking for you with armfuls of them. Why? Because you believed in the songs and for no other reason. None.

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