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Update #29 - For backers only

The end of the beginning

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Tomorrow, June 25th, OUYA will officially launch.

And, while I can’t believe the day has come, I always knew we’d get Here. 

Here: having shipped tens of thousands of consoles to passionate backers who bet on OUYA when it was just a concept.

Here: partnered with top retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop,Target and GAME.

Here: in hundreds of stores across the U.S., Canada and the U.K.

Here: with more games at launch than any other console in gaming history. And this is all just the beginning.

People said it was impossible: Taking on the big boys in an industry that chewed up the competition. The video game market was considered impenetrable. It was expensive, closed, and built for three. That was just the way it was and nobody thought it could be any different. Nobody wondered how.

But you -- and tens of thousands like you -- wanted something new. You -- the game players and the game creators -- you knew that things could be different. In backing OUYA, you proved that there were people out there who wanted a change.

The path we chose hasn’t been easy. Our development process was unprecedented in its transparency. We solicited your opinions and heard your feedback on Reddit, on Twitter and in email. We brought everyone along for the ride making both our victories and our missteps public. Because -- we believe this process is what makes OUYA better.

OUYA is built with gamers, for gamers. We do it together.

And the games... what you game creators have done is amazing! Inventive. Different. FUN. Not the same old games by the same old folks adding +1 to the version number and slapping on a price tag of $60 or more. OUYA Devs are making it happen. From raucous couch-gaming romps like Hidden in Plain Sight and You Don’t Know Jack; oddball racing games like Rush Bros and Flashout; shouting-match PvP games like BombSquad and the “killer app” candidate TowerFall; and action-packed adventures in the forms of RPG beat-em-up ChronoBlade and soon-to-come coop, iso-shooter Killing Floor: Calamity -- you’ve delivered a game lineup that rocks.

So, launch is upon us. And I can’t let us launch without acknowledging the role YOU played. 


You can CONTINUE to expect great things from OUYA. The OUYA team is ready. We will continue to deliver. And -- if you were one of our backers that was impacted by the complications caused by DHL (shipping service) and have yet to receive your OUYA, please know that we are working overtime to get this resolved. We will continue to push our partners to find a resolution and will work directly with you and keep you in the loop until every backer has an OUYA in-hand. Thank you for all of your patience and support.

Thank you. Thank you from the team, and thank you from me, personally. I will be forever awed by what we have all brought to life. And this is just the beginning...

Yours. Literally.

P.S. -- Be sure to keep in touch -- we’ll be sure to do the same @playouya, on Facebook, Google+, and on We might not be using this Kickstarter list often anymore, but if there’s something that’s just relevant to our Kickstarter backers we might still pop it here. Otherwise, Kickstarter you’ve done what you set out to do -- kindled something entirely new, that wouldn’t have existed without you.

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