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Update #28 - For backers only

Level one completed. [Many] more to go.

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Drumroll ... the day has arrived.

Yep, 100 percent of all early backer orders have successfully shipped this week from our warehouse in Hong Kong and are en route to all of you still waiting patiently for your OUYA.

And yes … that means ALL early backer orders -- regardless of your geographical location, standard edition or limited edition, extra controllers, etc. -- if you are an early backer, your OUYA is on the way!

Below are a few answers to questions we’re anticipating you may have -- and -- if we haven’t answered your questions, please drop us a line at or hit us up @OUYAsupport and we’ll do our best to get back to you quickly with answers (and thank you in advance for your patience as we continue to do our best to respond to everyone!).

Q: I haven’t yet received a confirmation email -- should I be concerned?

A: Nope, it’s on its way we promise -- although every early backer order has been shipped out of Hong Kong, not every backer will immediately receive an email alert and/or tracking number notification since -- as the past couple of weeks have taught us -- it could take up to one week for the shipments to be scanned by our distribution partners (thus triggering a user email alert). Please be patient as this timetable should be consistent with this week’s final mailings and we will keep everyone posted if we hit any unforeseen snags.

UPDATE: Knowing that this weekend is a Holiday in the U.S., we contacted our shipping services partner (DHL Global) to get clarity on if/how this would impact our shipping process -- they’ve told us that, in fact, scanning all shipments (which trigger the confirmation emails) may be delayed until next Wednesday (5/29) at the latest. If for whatever reason you haven’t received a notification by then, please hit us up at or @OUYASupport and we can do our best to help track it down for you.

Q: I received a shipping email but when I click on the link it says it’s not yet in the DHL Global system -- is this normal?

A: Yes, this can happen and is normal in some cases (see the answer above); we’ve learned through trial and error that it sometimes takes more time than we’d like for shipments to be scanned and become trackable for our customers. That said, the orders are still moving in your direction and the ability to track a package doesn’t restrict the delivery schedule.

Q: Now that all early backer orders have shipped, how long before I receive my OUYA?

A: The short answer is -- it depends -- on your location, on your order type, on extra controllers … wish it was easier for us to answer! But as we mentioned above, the consistent trend so far indicates all orders will be received in no more than 3 weeks after receiving your initial shipping notification. Again, please hit us up at or @OUYAsupport if this doesn’t apply to your order -- we’re here to help!

Q: I received my OUYA but my etched controller faceplates weren’t included. What’s up with that?

A: Here’s what’s up -- because this etching process has taken twice the time and effort we had initially planned for, we’re sending you the remaining components of your order FIRST (console + controller bundle, etc.) -- and will then send your customized faceplates in a separate mailing. Again, not as we had initially planned for, but we wanted to get everyone their console ASAP and feel this was the best compromise. We don’t yet have the exact timing of when these etched faceplates will land in your hands, but we’re aiming to have them in the mail within 2 to 3 weeks at the latest. You will receive a separate shipping confirmation email once the order has been processed.

And a few other things I want to mention for those backers living in the EU and Australia:

If you live in the EU -- please be sure to check the package thoroughly as the included power adapter was packed separately from the product’s packaging for these early backer shipments (again, an adjustment we made in real-time to expedite the delivery of these orders).

If you live in Australia -- because your orders are being scanned and processed by our shipping partner only after they arrive in your country (and not when they leave Hong Kong like other territories), you likely won’t receive a shipping notification until early / mid-next week so please be patient. Your orders are on the way!

For those interested in seeing what 100 percent looks like, see below for the final chart.

Have a great weekend,


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