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Cracking open the last closed platform: the TV. A beautiful, affordable console -- built on Android, by the creator of Jambox.
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OUYA is coming to stores

Posted by OUYA (Creator)

Our loyal-est loyalists...

We have some good news today. Because of the support for OUYA you showed, some of our favorite stores are going to carry OUYA when it officially launches to the public in June.

Just so you know, you're still getting yours as promised, before they're ever in stores. Wanted to be sure you heard that from us.

For you developers, this means even more OUYAs will soon be in the hands of gamers everywhere, so get makin' on those games...

Keeping calm,



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    1. Missing avatar

      Cris on

      Ok so if we were a smaller donation backer. Where do we place out orders to get our OUYA earlier??

    2. Soumik on

      The pre-orders on Amazon are the same price as what we paid? Ouch.

    3. Martin Kaardal on

      So when is the release ? When do we get our Ouya ?

    4. MomoTaro on

      While i do think this is a great idea, i mean this just means more people will own the system which can do no wrong, but it seems a bit weird to me. For one especially with places like Gamestop and other retailers im going to assume there will be a preorder bonus of some sorts. which means they'll possibly get an extra game, or controller for less than what us backer paid for. Two it seems they are getting a different colour system. arguably better looking, but still the only different colour system should have been the brown one, now there is a different one which just seems like a slap in the face to me as a backer. All in all i dont think getting it a couple months earlier is anything special. im happy that i backed this much but if the only positive outcome was getting it a little bit earlier just doesnt seem all that worth it.

    5. Missing avatar

      nid-vaeda on

      @Micheal Robinson, Not sure if you received an answer yet but if you go to and log in you can change your shipping address.

    6. Ben Knight on

      Your silence over the outrage by Backers over your yearly release 'strategy' is egregious. OUYA needs new leadership, NOW.

    7. CrazedHatter - OO's Lunatic in a Hat on

      For those questioning the pre-orders versus kickstarters... it says right on their webpage - Pre-Orders are expected in June. We should have ours by the end of March.

      I think that counts as a win.

    8. Missing avatar

      Luke Grice on

      what do people think of the gamestick copiers?

    9. Donna Todd on

      When you pledged it said what the expected date to receive it was. If you forgot, look to the right and it is written there.

    10. Donna Todd on

      When you pledged it said what the expected date to receive it was. If you forgot, look to the right and it is written there.

    11. Einar Örn Gissurarson on

      Aren't those pictures of the limited edition console, that you're showing on the store page?

    12. Shane Dunn on

      Extremely well said, @Eduard. Kickstarter is not a marketplace. Kickstarter is so people can help get products they like and believe in to market. There are always issues to be overcome, hurdles to be jumped. But with a product like Ouya, you're one of the people that made it actually HAPPEN. Again...this isn't a store. If you want the product to ship the day you hit purchase, go to Amazon, or some other retailer. If you want to make dreams happen, and get cool stuff in the process? Then Kickstarter is for you.

    13. Eduard Pech on

      @Kavi You get a user name with founder's emblem, which only backers will get. Ever. If you need something to brag about there you have it! For me, I'm just happy I was one of the guys who made this project happening in the first place. Or else there wouldn't be an Ouya at Amazon in the first place. And you would want to have an Ouya all over the place, because the more buyers, the bigger the player community, the better the gaming experience.

    14. Missing avatar

      Kavi Surana on

      So.....we get ours before the much earlier ? We backed this project over 6 months ago and dont have a product, however, people can place an order for one from Amazon for almost the same amount of money and get theirs just about at the same time ?!? Hardly seems fair to those that helped build/fund the company with no assurances of a product ever shipping.

    15. David Fernando Lara García on

      Wiiiiiii estoy muy ansioso por recibir mi OUYA, espero que llegue el día de mi cumpleaños 27/Marzo :D...


      Wiiiiiii am very eager to receive my Ouya, I hope it arrives on my birthday 27 / March :D...

    16. Bashar Abdullah on

      And as an early developer who backed the project, I'm still waiting for someone to tell me where my package is! :(

      @kamel Are you a backer who still did not get his console? Cause I have same problem and am not getting anywhere

    17. Brandon C. Driver on

      @ Thomas

      I agree. I wished they would release a base console and just have us upgrade the chipset inside the box (almost like a plug-n-play style). We buy the Chipset and just replace the old one inside the Ouya; thus keeping the outside box/case while exchanging the new chips.

      That way there's no xtra mess and older chipset are still usable, but outdated.

    18. sean dunford on

      Ouya, Don't Panic!

    19. Kemel Zaidan on

      Will we ever receive a tracking code for the consoles? I haven't received mine yet and that would be a nice stuff...

    20. Missing avatar

      Jon on

      Due to financial troubles I was wondering if theres any way to get a refund. I've tried to email about it but I've not had a reply in 2 weeks.

    21. Sharon on

      Hooray!!! I hope I get mine before the stores gets them, lol.

    22. Missing avatar

      Amir on

      If Ouya is going to get a yearly update, they should at least offer to sell an upgrade kit to those with existing devicess

    23. Jacob Jakubski on

      Congratulations guys! This is excellent news :)

    24. Michael Robinson on


      I am glad to hear this, since I have friends I am slowly convincing to try this out.

      I have a small problem, not related to this, though: I will be moving by the time this ships and I need to ship my Ouya to another address. I sent a message about this and did not receive a response. Please let me know if I can do this.


    25. JC on

      @Thomas LH Potaire She also stated in the same release that all future Ouya's will be backwards compatible.

    26. Sukxk Oomo on

      @Thomas: As Julie said every game will be compatible downwards. Übrigens: Auch diese News in Deutsch nur bei uns:

    27. Thomas LH Potaire on

      A Ouya every single year? Really?... I can foresee a frustrating experience in the future.
      "Oh this game is not compatible with Ouya1 anymore... I need to buy a new one so why shouldn't I just buy a console that will last 7 years and will provide a better experience for 7 years?".
      Phone market is already super frustrating and gamers don't need the same kind of frustration.

    28. Lignum on

      Cool beans. The Ouya is on the front page of the Video Games department of amazon

    29. Owen Oliver on

      Can we add extra contollers before it ships?

    30. BernieTime

      Hopefully they also provide support for the Wii-U Pro Controllers

    31. Colt Nay on

      Any update on when our consoles will be shipped out?

    32. Missing avatar

      Craig Jordan on

      @tonyrayo It's already been mentioned that you will be able to use Xbox 360 controllers or PS3 controllers with the OUYA due to the negative feedback of their controllers so as long as you have a console you have no need to purchase more controllers (I know you didn't mention about price but i thought that would add on to what you were saying)

    33. James on

      It's important to keep in mind that the point of KS is to raise funds to see projects get made that wouldn't otherwise. It's not a store or a place to expect to get deals.

      For updates, they have been updating via their blog on the official site, . You can also follow them on Facebook and twitter.

      For people wondering when they will ship backer hardware, it says right in the update "Just so you know, you're still getting yours as promised, before they're ever in stores. " The expected delivery date is March as per the estimated delivery date on this very page.

      If you need to update your address, it can be done through the official OUYA portal here: .

      If you are not able to sign into the official portal, click the link on the login page that says "Resend Confirmation Email". If that still doesn't work, contact them from their official site .

      It would prob be better for anyone with questions to direct them there (the official site ) instead of here as they are not likely to respond to all the comments here.

      As far as I know, the $99/$95 backers get the silver one, the $140 backers get the brown one, and it looks like the general retail one may be darker If the retail one is in fact a different color than the backer ones, it would prob not be hard to sell your backer version to get it if you wanted.

    34. Missing avatar

      Rick on

      @jeewaka - But you won't get it first. Still, the whole idea was to build a $99 console. People backing this Kickstarter wanted to help make it happen, the fact that it's this succesfull should be reward enough.

    35. Greg Love on

      Congratulations, that is great news!!
      Quick question: can you please confirm that it will be available in Target stores here in Australia?
      I assume 'Target' means ALL Target stores, world wide? Thanks.

    36. Missing avatar

      jeewaka on

      So if I was not a backer, I could get it for cheaper than the backer who had to pay shipping? :-)

    37. Missing avatar

      Jeffery Miller on

      Where are the developers? Very few comment questions being answered. Will we get OURS before the STORES?

    38. Missing avatar

      Jeffery Miller on

      Yes when will we get ours.

    39. UnseenHero on

      Also what if we never got confirmation on our username what do we do.

    40. Peter Jacob on

      Looking forward to seeing what's in the launch library.

    41. Balazs Nadasdi on

      Why I asked about backer's shipping?

      "Guarantee we will have one available for you, before it gets to stores."
      I don't get one and it gets to a store... so?

    42. Eric Formo on

      Have you thought about creating a referral program of sorts? I'm referring like crazy and wouldn't mind a bit of a kickback from helping kickstart. It worked well for dropbox.

    43. Richard L. Hill III on

      Dang straight. Just a little quip: I saw Amazon advertising a dark-ish looking OUYA. This isn't the limited edition one that only Kickstarter backers get, correct? I'd just love to see some HD pics of the color scheme(s) of the consoles...would make my day.

    44. Missing avatar

      Amir on

      How about updating us on the actual development of OUYA???????

    45. Missing avatar

      moonfisherman on

      Ouya in brick and mortar stores is a solid step towards recognition as a console.

    46. Andrew Dieffenbach on

      I was kind of surprised not to see Walmart. But actually, it makes me happy; I avoid shopping at Walmart entirely. Walmart not having the OUYA is probably a sign of how much they are in bed with the current big three.

      On that note, however, seeing it selling Target goes against my previous theory.

      I was definitely not surprised to see it from Gamestop, with the way they already push tablets.

    47. Julia Gosztyla Ziobro

      I hope we get some kind of coupon code as loyal backers to be able to buy controllers for a little less. So glad I got my JuliaZ username... Ouya is going BIG!

    48. Tony Rayo on

      I know it may seem odd against the cost of the OUYA unit itself, but the controllers are really worth what they are charging and not cheap to make (just think about the best parts of an Xbox 360 and a PS3 controller and now add in a touchpad and you get what I mean). Also for those who which to use OUYA as a media player (either as a dedicated unit or just some of the time), you need not worry. With the openness provided by the system, it would be trivial to add support for let's say the PS3 Media Remote (in fact for all I know this may be supported with the launch of XMBC for OUYA as I can already use my PS3 Media Remote with XMBC on another platform). If the price of $25 seems too steep as well you can be sure that OUYA will have plenty of 3rd-party peripherals that are designed specifically for the system (the ability for this functionality was talked about way before the KS even ended).

      I do have one question that I haven't been able to get answered so far and that is are the non-dev Kickstarter units going to be the same as those released to the public a few months later? 3 months, esp. with lead time, doesn't seem like it would give way to any noticeable changes (aside from software, which everyone can update), however for all I know there may be KS models along side retail models being made right now. I would respectfully ask that this question be answered by someone that knows for sure or can point to official statements.

      Also regarding possible Gamestop tie-ins, in the last year Gamestop has really started to push Android gaming (so this is likely a dream come true for them) and on a majority of their units they include a controller (not needed) as well as a sampling of full commercial games. I would expect something similar to be included with their OUYA release. Also congratulations on getting into other brick and mortar shops as well (hopefully they will offer real shelf space and not just take orders through their online counterparts). Also I know it might be a bit frustrating for those outside of the US, but I just ask that you give it time (plus if you ordered a KS unit you can show it off to all of your friends =p) and I'm sure later in the year OUYA's will be appearing in shops like GAME, HMV, etc.