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Cracking open the last closed platform: the TV. A beautiful, affordable console -- built on Android, by the creator of Jambox.
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The train keeps on rolling

Posted by OUYA (Creator)


Our campaign ended a month ago, and we’ve been heads-down cranking on OUYA.

I’m writing to give you the full update. In fact, I will continue to send updates every few weeks until we launch. First up: you guessed it...


We’re happy to say that our inbox is packed full of emails from talented developers looking to bring their games to life on OUYA. This is great news since pre-orders continue to roll into Great games, big audience, a perfect marriage.

Some of you have full-fledged games completed, others are in the process, and some of you are just starting to dream. We’re going through each and every one of your emails, playing your games, watching your videos, and reading your stories. We're working on our developer support plans and will share more details in the coming months.

Remember, developers, we’re on track to deliver our SDK to you this December. That gives you about 90 days to get your work ready to test out on OUYA before launch. Get crackin!

If you haven’t shared your game with us yet, remember to reach out to


Muffi and I just got back from Taiwan and Hong Kong. We met with manufacturers and suppliers -- all eager to bring OUYA to the world. We’ve decided on our design-manufacturing team, and we couldn’t be happier. We’re now finalizing our circuit-board layout, overall design, and what’s referred to as the “CMF” - colors, materials and finish.

Here are just some of the small, but important, questions we’re answering: 

  • “Where will the circuit board rest within the console itself?”
  • “What’s the thermal impact within our little box?” (How do we keep it from getting too hot.)
  • “Where do we position the WiFi antenna for best performance?”
  • “Just how will the box open from the top, and what’s the first reaction we want our backers to have when they open it?”

Finally, we are beginning to test each controller button, grip, and stick with not only our manufacturing partners but some of our developer friends (thank you Adam and Zach!). Again, YOUR input into this process has been highly appreciated:

  • You inspired the O-U-Y-A button scheme
  • You helped us nail down a precision D-Pad
  • You cemented the importance of four triggers


With input from Yves and fuseproject, and our skilled team of developers, we’re making game discovery—as well as the overall OUYA experience—something simple, new and beautiful. We should have more to show you soon...sorry for the tease but we want it to be great.


As you can probably guess, we’ve been beefing up our software development team. They’re working hard to build our Developer SDK, APIs, and on-console UI. By the way, if you rock Ruby on Rails or know Android like the back of your hand, don’t just sit there! Email us at and help us build OUYA. 


We’re set to meet our Kickstarter demand and then some -- which is phenomenal, because orders keep pouring in through our pre-order page.


1. We’re manufacturing our first factory-made prototype to test our design assumptions.

2. Kickstarters, expect a survey toward the end of this month. Among other things, we can’t wait to see what usernames you choose. You’ll have up to 16 characters to play with. Names are first-come-first served by backer number. Remember, there are over 63,000 backers who will reserve a username, so “Turbopianocat” will likely be easier to snag than, say, “Bob.”


As always, we want to know what you’re thinking. We continue to monitor the comment thread on Kickstarter, interact with you on Reddit, Facebook and Twitter, and of course, we’re reading each and every one of your emails.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any of the emails below.


Julie & the entire OUYA team

Developer Questions –
General Information –


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    1. Gabriel Rotar

      This is escalating quite alarmingly. It's like watching a volcano erupt (grabs popcorn and asbestos coveralls).
      To be frank I am feeling a bit disappointed that everybody is ripping Ouya a new hole.
      I for one never looked at it as a console, it was a cheap hackable alternative to getting a Nexus Q with some beter specs (mostly cpu) and no dedicated audio hadrware, but for my uses it's ok. So first thing I'm doing when I get it is brew me a new rom, second is finding a way to hook up an external hard drive to it for media storage.
      All in all I feel I'm getting my moneys worth, and I do wish them the best of luck, but they may have spoiled this kind of hardware project ever being successful on kickstarter and that is the saddest part.

    2. Harley-James Gravel on

      @Jordie Yes I know what it costs and thats why North America is going to shit. Nobody manufactures anything anymore. Have fun with your shitty console while you still have a job. They could have at least manufacture the shells in N.-A. Don't give me that non-competitive crap.

    3. Harley-James Gravel on

      @Jordie Yes I know what it costs and thats why North America is going to shit. Nobody manufactures anything anymore. Have fun with your shitty console while you still have a job.

    4. Ole on

      @ASH LAW
      I just entered "Not needed" in the Transaction ID-Fields

    5. Jesse Moore on

      An update would be great, considering that it was stated an update would be given every few weeks.....

    6. Missing avatar

      Amir on

      How about an update? it's been over a month since the last one....

    7. Missing avatar

      Ian R on

      update please.

    8. Missing avatar

      Darrylle Sunderland on

      @Einar Örn Gissurarson
      Same here - the survey demands entries in all fields (even though I added the extra for shipping + controller). I just entered a period (.) in each field.

    9. Einar Örn Gissurarson on

      All right. Just filled in the survey. I don't think my username is one of those that people immediately jump on, so I should be safe.

      Two quick questions, however. I already included 50 dollars for an international shipping fee and an extra controller. The survey also didn't allow me to finish unless I put something inside those fields where you were asking for a confirmation code about me paying extra money for shipping/controller/random amount.
      It's fine that I essentially just put "Non applicable" in those fields, right? You guys can figure out that the extra money, that I already included in my original amount, is for shipping + extra controller, correct?

    10. Missing avatar

      Roy on

      Got my survey as well. Not sure if it went through though, I dont remember seeing some sort of sent verification.

    11. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    12. joelthom99 on

      I filled out my survey, but I didn't know what to type in for the additional controllers question, since I already included $30 over the initital $99, for an extra controller, so I just explained that in the space provided. I hope that works.

    13. Missing avatar

      Josh Burkhead on

      Has anyone seen the survey come out yet? I haven't received anything yet.

    14. Chuck Marshall on

      Karl: If you included payment for an extra controller, etc (whatever the other fields say) in your original pledge, then you do not need a transaction ID. You can just put "NA" on the line. If you are looking to add a controller, etc. you did not originally include in your pledge amount, then you need to follow the link. I assume once you complete that payment info, you will get an ID.

    15. Stephanie Pereira

      @Karl You can search your inbox for emails from "Amazon Payments"

      Alternately, you can search your Amazon Payments transaction history by logging in at

    16. Missing avatar

      Karl Sabino on

      I can't find my amazon payment confirmation email - and they don't seem to be easily findable at

      SO I can't find my transaction ID - what do I do?

    17. Missing avatar

      Vito Riccio on

      I'm slightly concerned that you guys were unable to produce a simple, straightforward survey...

      Additionally, why is international shipping $20 more for original Kickstarter backers but only $10 more for newcomers?

    18. Mike Schlueter on

      Since I don't need to make any additional contribution, I'm putting "NULL" for the transaction IDs.

    19. Tyler Swindell on

      Stan, just use your transaction ID that you have from amazon. You must put it in each box to continue the survey.

    20. Stan Strusky on

      when filling out the current survey, how do i finish it without adding international shipping, additional controllers, or additional funds. i don't have any transaction numbers to fill them out with

    21. Missing avatar

      helder on

      Hi Julie, just a thought since one of these days you will start to ship, regarding to INTERNATIONAL shipment please consider to send it via normal courier and not UPS, since from my experience on other kickstarter projects i backed if you send it through UPS we will get charged big fees, not just custom taxes and so on.., and it seems at end of the day we pay twice the price of my pledge as in normal circumstances we should pay around 23% of taxes.... i think this way you will please lots of other INTERNATIONAL members like me heheh

    22. Aaron Levitz

      @David Lawson,
      I'm also planning to move between now and the ship date. But I have friends and family who aren't planning to move at all, so I'm just having mine shipped to their place. If I remember, I'll send in a note with my new address, but failing that, I'll still receive my console..

      It's unfortunate that Kickstarter won't let Ouya send two surveys (one to handle the more immediate concern of reserving our usernames, and another for last minute shipping confirmation), but given the choices, I think we're better off acting now than stalling for a few months.

    23. Missing avatar

      Lunatic on

      Also ich habe 200 "gespendet" und mich für die Limited Edition entschieden. Leider reichen meine English kenntnisse nicht ganz um nun hinte den Fragebogen zu steigen. Das ich in Germany sitze sollte klar sein (da ichs angegeben habe) sollten also von den 200 abgezogen werden. Allerdings hätte ich noch gern ein zusätzlichen Controller, dafür würde das Geld reichen ,nur sind sie so schlau ,automatisch das mit meinem Betrag zu verrechnen? Ich konnte nicht heraus lesen ,das ich das irgend wo angeben konnte, nur die option noch mal Geld zu überweisen und das so zu bestätigen. Und bitte richtet endlichn internationalen Support ein ,kann doch wirklich nicht die Welt sein, neben Eng. auch Deutsch und Französisch zu supporten.

    24. John A.Millan on

      Is the Ouya getting a jelly bean update later after release?

    25. Christopher Campbell on

      Yeah, I agree with the above that the extra fields need to be updated to allow a "Already added to My Pledge" option. I entered N/A in the other two.

      Also have the same question as many above; When do we know if we got our usernames or not. If the names were already taken, what happens then?

      Last question: I backed for the special edition. does my extra controller automatically come in the special edition brown, or default silver?

    26. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    27. Conor Letham on

      Wondering if we will receive an e-mail regarding whether we get our usernames or not? If so, I can't wait to get mine revealing how successful I am!

    28. Thomas Costick on

      I wrote "already paid" and "already paid for one additional controller" in the boxes for international shipping and extra controller. In the odd adjustment box, I wrote "not required".

    29. Sentry on

      Same here, I just wrote "none" in those fields

    30. Peter Jenkins on

      @Peter Buzas: Thanks that worked!

      The really need to fix this ... I presume the majority of people got this right, not wrong!

    31. Missing avatar

      Peter Buzas on

      I just put '-' in the transaction ID fields since I had everything covered with my original pledge.

    32. Missing avatar

      DaleCooper on

      In my response I am forced to enter transaction numbers for international shipping, controllers and math problems, but I already included 20$ for shipping and 30$ for a 2nd controller in my initial pledge. So I just entered tex in the transaction number fields. Is that alright?

    33. Andy Neal on

      Just put a dash if you don't need to purchase anything.

    34. Missing avatar

      Christoph Dilena on

      Mee to, But kichkstarter asked me to enter a Transaction ID

    35. JosefGuy on

      I included the shipping cost and payment for a second controller in my intital pledge. Do I need to confirm that somewhere or is that assumed with the pledge?

    36. D Rod on

      Thanks Andrew and David as well. I'm curious we can upgrade the os in the future. Don't know if this was asked previously. Let me know if you guys know.

    37. Cory - okami on

      If we pledged $300 in order to get 3 consoles do we need to do anything special?

    38. D Rod on

      Thanks for the info. Not into the whole Twitter thing.

    39. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    40. mjcowley on

      @D Rod Check the Ouya Twitter page. They've been suggesting you put "N/A" or similar in those fields if they're really not appicable.

    41. Missing avatar

      Andrew Hale on

      I simply typed 'n/a' in each textbox that was required if I had no trans ID. The form accepted that so that's my recommendation.

    42. D Rod on

      Got mail asking for my mailing address, which is outside America now, and included international shipping with my initial pledge, but get asked to fill out a box for people who forgot to add international shipping in their initial pledge. Please help cause I can't proceed to include my unique nick as well.

    43. Missing avatar

      Shalydra on

      @Romain Failliot
      I personally won't use any system that doubles my email as a username. Simply because I have no interest in people I don't know having easy access to my email. That adds up to a lot of spam. Not to mention it holds the door open for harassment outside of a game setting, and the potential to be directly identified and put into a dangerous situation - identity theft, stalking, potential physical attack.

      Especially in this day and age wherein social networking is so pervasive in society, I prefer an extra layer of distance between myself and unknown persons. Nicknames I don't mind being publicly displayed in leaderboards, posts, listings. Email? No way.

      Yes I do have some 'shell' emails used exclusively for the few services that require email for identifiers, but none of those are gaming setups and no two services share an email. Anything not from the specific service that email exists for goes straight into spam.

      I may or may not seem paranoid to you oer this, but I have been hospitalized by a stalker in the past and have no interest in revisiting the situation.

    44. Missing avatar

      robin on

      I also added messages "I have already pledged the additional $30 for an extra controller through the kickstarter" and "International shipping already pledge" as well.

    45. Missing avatar

      David Lawson on

      Turns out I'll be moving sometime before the ship date, but I have no firm address yet, and likely won't until at least January. I didn't see a follow-up contact to update my shipping address later.

    46. Mark T on

      I added the message "I have already pledged the additional $30 for an extra controller through the kickstarter" into the transaction ID field.

    47. Jørgen José Linkas on

      I just added this in the survey:

      1. Already pledged correct amount of cash
      2. No thanks
      3. No thanks

      Hope that will work.

    48. Missing avatar

      Jacob Householder on

      Please address this extra controller $$ situation. I pledged for it at the time, now it seems like you are trying to charge me again. :(

    49. Missing avatar

      danilovesky on

      Jason, I did the same, put an explanation in plain text instead of transaction ID. Hope it works :)