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Cracking open the last closed platform: the TV. A beautiful, affordable console -- built on Android, by the creator of Jambox.
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15 hours to go...

Posted by OUYA (Creator)

We’ve made it! We’re counting down our final hours on Kickstarter, and at 10 p.m. PT tonight, we’ll be celebrating. But until then, it’s business as usual. We’ve got jobs to do, people! And the first order of business is updating you on some new developments.



Lots of you have asked for more details on the games that OUYA will support at launch. After all, we are a game console, it makes sense that we’d be talking games!

We’ve purposely been pretty tight lipped about our launch slate, but throughout our Kickstarter run, we’ve been having some exciting conversations behind the scenes. We’d love to fill you in on everything, but it’s just not possible. (And we’d have some legal teams coming after us!) That said, we’ve got great news from NAMCO BANDAI to share:

"NAMCO BANDAI Games and OUYA are currently in active discussions to bring some of the world's biggest gaming properties to the exciting new open gaming platform. NAMCO BANDAI brings with it a rich history of iconic gaming franchises, from classics like PAC-MAN and GALAGA, to seminal franchises like TEKKEN and Ridge Racer, and we're excited to explore how we can work with OUYA to bring some great titles to the forthcoming console."
-- Carlson Choi, Vice President of Marketing, NAMCO BANDAI Games America, Inc.

I know what I want from Namco Bandai on OUYA but we want to hear from you. Head to the Namco/OUYA Facebook page, and cast your vote for any games you’d like to see.



In response to a lot of the feedback we’ve received: OUYA will officially support up to four controllers. After all, what’s the point of playing in the living room if the other folks on the couch can’t join in?

IMPORTANT: If you want your four controllers to arrive in March when your console ships--and this is particularly important for those of you ordering the limited edition--please make sure to update your pledge today so that everything arrives at the same time. (For example: Those who pledged $99 for a console with one controller, can add on another $90 to receive an additional three controllers in March, rounding out the set of four. And--because we know you’ll ask--if you’ve got your heart set on the limited edition version, we’ll make sure that the controllers are matched.) 



In addition to this gaming news, we at OUYA want to acknowledge that there are two sides to every coin. You’re either a morning person or a night person. (But not both.) Celtics fan or Lakers fan. (Maybe neither.) Horde or Alliance. Superman or Batman. Sith or Jedi. (You see where this is going.)

So, while tons of you were super psyched yesterday to hear that we’d support XBMC, many Plex loyalists clamored for Plex support on OUYA. We think they’ll be happy to hear that OUYA will support Plex. Why not try to please everyone? 



Lastly, we have some final statements as we close the curtains on our last Kickstarter update.

We’re in the final stretch. Yesterday was a big day. In fact, we sold out of the $225 reward level entirely. There will be 2,500 people (Only. Ever.) with their own names carved into these puppies. Pretty cool. The personalized name etching might as well read: Big Spender. Because that’s what we’ll be thinking when we see it in your living room!

It’s worth noting that we’ve also sold out of the Developers Special reward ($699). That means 600 developers can look forward to receiving a first-run OUYA (already rooted) in December. With that comes EARLY SDK ACCESS, an extra controller, and we'll help you get started. On top of that, gamers will know you because your games will be marked with a FOUNDER EMBLEM and we’ll be helping you on the promotional side for a year.

When Kickstarter ends tonight at 10 p.m. PT, the OUYA team will be celebrating together. It’s been a lot of work, and a wild 29-day ride, but we are so grateful for the support. Our first toast will be dedicated to you, the backers who made OUYA possible.

After that, it’s back to work. We’ve got aggressive goals and we’re going to deliver. We’ll continue to push for the best content and coolest features we can bring to our little magic box. We’ll keep you apprised of the controller as it takes shape. We’ll continue to interact with you via Facebook, reddit, Twitter, Google+ and of course, our soon-to-come homepage at And we’ll continue to listen to your requests, and answer your questions.

We cannot emphasize enough how much your actions and attitudes have influenced us. You’ve taken our dreams and made them your own, and together we will make them real.

With that, I tip my hat to you, our backers/founders/friends.

Thank you.



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    1. Jerry G on

      The controllers are not BT. They are RF.

    2. Warren Bedoya on

      NAMCO-BANDAI games I would like to see are; Galaga Legions, Pac-Man Championship Edition, Katamari series would work well with touch pad, and it would be great to play the handheld 'Tales Of' series on the TV since I never bought a gameboy or psp to play portable.

    3. Sam Norland on

      I would assume so but will controllers be made after everyone's orders are filled? I don't have an extra $60 laying around to get the last 2 controllers...

    4. Missing avatar

      KageNoOni on

      @Tom They run on Bluetooth, so they could be made to work with a PC, but you'll likely need custom drivers designed for the PC to make them run. That said, this could empower a new set of games for the PC if that gets officially supported.

    5. Jenn-Yu on

      I pledged USD99, I would like to add an extra controller and shipping to malaysia, I need to fill pledge amount USD 149 instead USD99?

    6. Jim Boyer on

      I pledged 170 for the special edition console if i pledge 200 do i get 3 or 4 controllers?

    7. Leonardo Garcia on

      @Henning Basma thank you so much :)

    8. Tom L on

      All this talk of controllers, maybe I've missed it but I'd like to know if the controllers will be PC-compatible. Does anyone know? Has it been asked? If not, can it be?

    9. Missing avatar

      Henning Basma on

      @MrADN From the FAW:

      (NEW) I pledged $225 (or higher). Do I have to add $40 for the Kickstarter Special Edition Console/Controller?
      Nope! Just let us know which color you'd like in the survey you'll receive at the end of the KS drive!


    10. Leonardo Garcia on

      @meganuke el envvio es de 20 dolares fuera de USA y eso es todo lo demas corre por cuenta del pais donde vivas y es en la aduana de tu pais donde ademas te cobraran un impuesto por la entrada del articulo a tu pais segun la clasificacion del mismo, que puede ir desde el IVA + impuesto arancelario aqui en Mexico yo lo calculo mas o menos asi 100 usd + 16% iva + 40% electronico de lujo (entretenimiento) quedaria mas o menos aso ( lo de articulo electronico de lujo lo tomo al maximo para evitarme sorpresas) 100 del ouya + 16 usd del iva + 46.6 aranceles total de 162 usd, mas la conversion 162 * 13.6 = 2200 pesos mexicanos, si eres de mexico ese es el costo maximo y si eres de otro lado calculalo en base a tu pais saludos

    11. Leonardo Garcia on

      i have a question, i pledge the tier of 699 but what if i want the special edition of 140 i can add 40 extra for receive the especial edition in the developer or is just not posible?? Please anwer me for upgrade if is posible

    12. Jacob Lauer on

      Can OUYA support Emit? I have used Plex, and it was awfully buggy and pretty slow. Emit is much simpler and just works.

    13. Bo! Campbell on

      Can I get a second OUYA for a friend by doubling my pledge?

    14. Missing avatar

      meganuke on

      @Kilgary a Tegra 4 update will raise the price of the final product just too much, and will not improve perfomance in the same ratio.
      its not needed anyway, have you seen the power of the tegra 3? its better than a PS2 and an Xbox, great games can be made for it.

      HEY PEOPLE FROM LATIN AMERICA!!! if you are concerned about shipping too, you should said it, so we could get an answer sooner!!!

      GENTE DE LATINOAMERICA!! expongan sus preocupaciones respecto al envio, asi nos responden mas rapido!!!

    15. Maik on

      I totaly agree with Kilgary, but I guess thats a bit too much ;)
      They already made my, never known, dream come true =)

    16. Adam Walters on

      I'd be happy with some Tekken action. Another developer on Ouya :)

    17. Kilgary on

      Great update. Would love to hear about a substitution to the Tegra 4 (just think how much DirectX 11 and PhysX support could add to every game) so the Ouya would be comparable to mobile devices that release in Q1 2013. That would be a great stretch goal for $8 million pledged.

    18. Brandon Gabbard on

      With the PLEX & XBMC, sure would be nice to have an IR port.

    19. Walt on

      All you folks that keep fretting that all of these items being available at startup will take up valuable space on your Ouya, STOP IT! These items will be available in the store on day 1, not preloaded as bloatware on the device. Get a hold of yourself.

    20. DxDark on

      Namco + Bandai = Namdai....that has to be the corniest thing I've ever heard in my life...

    21. Missing avatar

      Generic Jargon on

      Great news! I really hope you can keep this project from going into development hell, I guess that just means to plan and make sure you get all your ducks in a row... all cliche like.

    22. jeby on

      WOW!! now the only thing it misses is MAME! :)

    23. Kirk McCulloch on

      don't much care for the Namdai news, not that it's not exciting, it's good too see established players jumping onboard. I'm just more interested in the indie devs who will jump on as they will bring the new creativity. If Namdai brings the tales series to the OUYA, then i might part take, but i'm not a fan of any of their other properties really...

    24. Rafael Lima de Souza on

      "I'm tempted to move up from 1 extra controller to 3 extra controllers, but I wonder how many 4-player games there will realistically be."
      My team will develop at least 2 of them.

      Not that they will be necessarily good, hehe. I hope so.

    25. Rafael Lima de Souza on

      "you see, the thing is, in countries like this one (Argentina), regular mail does not reach its destiny very often. "

      I live in Brazil and I am afraid of the same thing. I've been efen kidding with friends, when they say "When you receive your Ouya", and I correct them "*IF* I receive my Ouya".

      My fear is not just mail losing my package, but actually destroying it (It happened to me at least twice, I receive something from mail and it's pretty broken because how the mail handled it)

    26. Aureliano Fazio Baiz on

      Thanks for the clarification. :)

      We're on the same boat, i live in Argentina as well, we better hope and pray for custom or the mail to not screw up.

    27. Missing avatar

      Matthew Hemphill on

      Pretty cool stuff. I'm worried about the trying to please everyone notion, but not as long as it's manageable. As for the other stuff unless things like the Tales games and the Xenosaga game come to the OUYA I can't say that I'll buy the BANDAI games. That doesn't mean I'm not excited. Any big developer willing to take the leap can signal only positive things.

      I'm psyched for the four controllers. Now I just need it to play Goldeneye 64 and I can relive my childhood.

    28. Julius Müller on

      I don't know why they didn't mention Shadowrun Online in their post. They officially will support OUYA when it is coming out.

    29. Missing avatar

      Todd Smith on

      I can't see a charging station for four controllers selling too well, a little bulky, but a 2 controller station would be great.

      I don't think it's too unrealistic. There's lots of third party charging stations available for the PS3/360/Wii, and they sell, so why not make a branded one for ouya and give the consumers the option?

    30. Missing avatar

      meganuke on

      Hi Julie.

      what about if we want an international shipping not using traditional mail, but certified? or something...

      you see, the thing is, in countries like this one (Argentina), regular mail does not reach its destiny very often.
      so i would like to receive my package by fedex or dhl... is it possible?
      how much would it cost?
      would i be able to update my pledge after the deadline??

      thanks in advance.

    31. Missing avatar

      Gus Mcbean on

      How about you add a USB port so XBMC won't be useless.

    32. Humberto Freire L. on

      any spanish support? language support?


    33. Missing avatar

      A.F. on

      what are the original and limited edition systems outside shells made of ? i.e. does the standard silver edition have metal shell? does the limited edition have a metal shell while the standard silver have a plastic outside shell?

    34. Missing avatar

      RobertDennis on

      ack hount ( about two weeks before this update):
      "Ouya Team , please be sure to approach Namco as well , there is soulCalibur on android and ... "

      Ouya Team ( now) :
      "NAMCO BANDAI Games and OUYA are currently in active discussions to bring some of the world's biggest gaming properties to the exciting new open gaming platform. "

      - ack hount wins 7 buisnessXP
      - ack hount wins 2 gold

      can't wait to play Ridge Racer and Tekken on OUYA 8D
      thanks Ouya Team and NAMCO-Bandai ^.^

    35. Dhaunae on

      Am I correct by assuming Elite Developer Special pledgers will receive the four controllers with no needs of raising the amount pledged?

      On a different subject, it would be really interesting if Ouya had Spotify as a partner too.

    36. Daniel Murphy on

      I am happy to read the news about the expansion of controllers to 4 :) Thank you very much for doing this! I am equally excited about the new Brands being brought to OUYA, and expect that MANY more of these big named game shops will follow. I can't wait to start playing and programming the OUYA! I'll be enjoying the OUYA with my name etched into it along with the 4 matching controllers! :)

      I am looking forward to the next updates you have in store for us!

      Go OUYA!

    37. Missing avatar

      Kyle on

      Wireless controller charging would be awesome (but I admit unlikely). Would still awesome as an option.

      Also, will the SDK or developer details be available before the consoles ship?

    38. Missing avatar

      Josh Burkhead on

      What happened to all the "Why aren't they talking about games" bitching and whining? Where did you guys go?

    39. CrazedHatter - OO's Lunatic in a Hat on

      I'm with Todd Smith on this, it's one of my pet peeves with current consoles really.

    40. Missing avatar

      Erich on

      Very excited about the confirmed Plex support. I love their server/client model so now I can just set Ouya up as another client. Thanks for all the updates, guys- if only every Kickstarter project was like this.

    41. Tom on

      I'm tempted to move up from 1 extra controller to 3 extra controllers, but I wonder how many 4-player games there will realistically be.

    42. Missing avatar

      James Rothermel on

      I'm all in! Can't wait to get it! Any chance of getting Baldur's Gate Enhanced Editions? Love RPG's would love to see some old school ones come to a console to play in HD.

    43. Missing avatar

      Todd Smith on

      I'd like to see a matching controller charging station offered. They're great for a place to store my controllers beside the couch when they're not in use; tidies the place up a bit and you know your controller is always on a full charge and ready to go when you are!

    44. Missing avatar

      ddbelyea on

      Really impressive update. I can easilly see this thing gaining record amounts of money again after this update. The 4 controllers is a huge step forward. I was really hoping that they would make this announcement. I don't really have the money to add on any more than I have, but I'm glad to know that sometime in the future I'll be able to buy another couple of controllers (I'm sure they will be all over ebay between march and the official arrival).

    45. Jhonrock on

      NAMCOOOOOOO!!!! Come to daddy "Tales of anything"...
      Ps.: Where i can vote for my wanted game, on the Namco/Bandai Facebook page? Can't see where.

    46. Missing avatar

      G-Man on


      Every pledge contains a reserve Username. The $190 is no exception to this, no worries. I hope to hear more updates from OUYA even after its done here on Kickstarter.

    47. Missing avatar

      Myles Torres on

      Bring Ni no Kuni to OUYA!

    48. Joe Eafrati on

      I was an original backer of the $95 level, if I increase my pledge from $125 to $170 without changing reward tiers, does that mean that I will be getting the LE console with an extra LE controller?