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Cracking open the last closed platform: the TV. A beautiful, affordable console -- built on Android, by the creator of Jambox.
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63,416 backers pledged $8,596,474 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Sukxk Oomo on

      Die neuesten News zur OUYA auf

    2. Salvador Hernandez on

      Ok, some kind of communication at this point would be nice.

    3. Kelvin Tong on

      More than a month (by which time they have already received their money) and not a single word? Even a short post to know things are progressing will be nice. Or have they already sold the company away?

    4. Peter Jacob on

      Updatessss. We hunnnnger. Feeeeed usssss.

    5. Gary H. Wishik, M.D.

      when do we communicate about the names to etch on our controllers?

    6. Scott Schiller on

      tap... tap... tap... this thing on?

    7. Chris on

      So its been a while, it would be nice to get a update or two, some photo's or something for us backers .
      You know just because the kickstater ended don't mean you should stop posting updates or maybe you should... really, I know I would give you the time of day...

    8. Salvador Hernandez on

      @pzboyz: Seeing as how bluetooth is already 13 years old at this point (with Bluetooth SIG releasing a standard for universal remotes 4 years ago) and some big name manufacturers still aren't even putting bluetooth into their receivers for audio (i.e. Denon and Onkyo). I don't know. And even if it did happen, it isn't going to happen between now and the time the OUYA gets mass produced. And even if they did start between now and then, there are still going to be a heck of a lot more people still using IR. Not to mention your TV would still be using IR as well. So it would still make the most sense to put an IR receiver in this thing.

    9. Missing avatar

      pzboyz on

      @Salvador, dont be too surprised to start seeing an increase in all AV equipment using Bluetooth instead of IR for remote controls. Agreed though the installed base of IR is large.

    10. Missing avatar

      Lindley Joyner on

      Nope its still going, just bought by another company. Onlive is still alive...ha

    11. John McCormick on

      One of the updates may be the cancelation of OnLive support if the news I just read is any indication of the health of OnLive.

    12. Missing avatar

      Joseph on

      They hit their goal in the first 2 hours of it being available.

    13. Missing avatar

      Michael R. Smith on

      Actually, they managed to reach the target within the first few days, so most of the updates have been after it was reached.

    14. Rene Koch on

      u expect updates every other day ???

    15. Missing avatar

      Scott Murphy on

      As they said in previous news, will be the place to get info once the kickstarted things finishes. Home some patients, the site will be up eventually and we'll get our updates.

    16. Missing avatar

      w00x on

      I find it amazing that there hasn been a single post since they managed to reach the target, kinda dissapointing tbh..

    17. Forest Willard on

      HC, Kickstarter strongly recommends project makers to price their rewards at retail price. To be frank, this should go without saying because in spite of backers taking risk or not, it still costs the same amount to produce the Ouya when you get it as when the market gets it.

      The point of Kickstarter isn't that you get a good deal for taking a risk, it's to allow projects to happen that couldn't otherwise by spreading out the risk over hundreds or thousands of people. Without your risk and the risk of thousands like you, Ouya wouldn't happen at all. Much less at the same price as everyone else.

    18. Missing avatar

      HC on

      i hope someone is reading this and not just wasting our time typing...

    19. Missing avatar

      HC on

      i live in singapore and i'm too disappointed to see retail customers getting the same price compared to kickstarter backers. I see many people stating that we get it 1 month in advance but to me, if i knew the retail price would be the same, i would at least be able to see how the end product looks and feels like and be able to see then if its a good investment for my money. Being a backer taking a risk on a product like this before its even made and paying the same price as everybody else makes me sad.

    20. Daniel Murphy on

      Not only is it a month earlier, you got the chance to be part of an entirely new way to do games with a console. Its a revolutionary concept for the industry. I am enjoying the fact I spent 310 for myself and my wife (got the 225 package with 2 extra controllers and I got her a 25 to havethe emblem next to her name. No one else will be able to claim this ever again for this company. Period.

      I am very happy to have supported them with what I could. I would have pledged 10k if I could have. :)

    21. Ryan on

      You also get it a month earlier than you would from pre-ordering it.

    22. Missing avatar

      Squato on

      Yeah, love the idea of this and hit up support for this as soon as I heard it was coming out. With an extra controller thrown in no less. Then I see that those who pre-order it get what I paid $149 for (live in Australia, hence shiping is extra) for only $139.

      Really am happy to be supporting this as something like this is not just needed, but a long time coming. Yet seeing something like this show up makes me wonder if I wasted $10 I could have used for fuel (etc) on just for a little marker on my name? WHOOPEE!

    23. Missing avatar

      r.jungblut on

      Same here. Not too thrilled about the fact that I could've easily pre ordered right now for the same price... It doesn't kill me, but it feels a bit unfair.

    24. Missing avatar

      Floris on

      Also do not like that I had to pay $ 20 for international shipping through kickstarter, and now a couple days later it is only $ 10 for retail customers.

      Good way to show appreciation to your early adopters :-(

    25. Missing avatar

      Philipp Zerres on

      Wow, thank you great Team of OUYA! I backed this project and had to pay 20 $ more, because i live in Europe. The retail price is 109$ and people who live abroad have to pay 10 $ more NOW. That´s very fair... thank you very much.

    26. illkillu1a on

      kinda like it but not AS big
      something a bit like L4D2 n 1 where u can play as zombies too

    27. John McCormick on

      Such an optimist!

    28. Char Aznable on

      Don't worry Becky, now they've got your momey amd you'll get zilch.

    29. Missing avatar

      Nick Sindicich on

      I would like to upgrade to the limited edition and two more controllers! I didn't realize until now it was available...Please help :) THANK YOU!

    30. Becky Go on

      ps: I must add 190$!

    31. Becky Go on

      Hello OUYA.
      I must add $20 for shipping outside the U.S. and $30 for a second controller. I only add 149$ but I must add 199$.
      Where can i do this???!!! And when can i do this??!!
      Until now i get no answer from you! I attepted to connect you by write a Mail, on facebook and here...

      Please answer me.
      Thank you.

    32. Victor Castro on

      What happens if two backers try to reserve a name? Is it a first come first serve or is it a higher amount donated receives first dibs?

    33. IronwingIcarus

      Awesome! March can't get here soon enough! Cheers OUYA!

    34. Matt Wiseman

      Has anyone got any emails yet re: this if you're a backer?

    35. Missing avatar

      Lindley Joyner on

      So like DayZ? (which is getting its own stand alone game btw)

    36. Missing avatar

      Dan Koller on

      If you look at the Estimated Delivery it states that the Username reservation will take place around September. Congratulations to the team behind OUYA, you guys rock!

    37. illkillu1a on

      a zombie survival game will be nice
      even make it PVP or co op

    38. Al Alkadi on

      Awesome guys! I'm so happy this made it this big! :) Can't want to get my special edition system with 2 special edition controllers! Please let us know what are the next steps in order to obtain our usernames etc. Thank you!

    39. Donald L. on

      So when do we get to set up our usernames? an i also did forget to add more to get more controllers. When will we be able to get more controllers.

    40. Donald L. on

      So when do we get to set up our usernames? an i also did forget to add more to get more controllers. When will we be able to get more controllers.

    41. illkillu1a on

      they got 8.5 mil
      i believe they can start a big ass business here

    42. illkillu1a on

      they got 8.5 mil
      i believe they can start a big ass business here

    43. Michael Davidson on

      Can we put a gag order on Jodie please, she's ruining my Ouya vibe, lol!

    44. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    45. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    46. venqwish on

      Crap, I forgot to add 30$ for an additional controller, can I still change this? :/