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Cracking open the last closed platform: the TV.  A beautiful, affordable console -- built on Android, by the creator of Jambox.
Cracking open the last closed platform: the TV. A beautiful, affordable console -- built on Android, by the creator of Jambox.
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VEVO music videos and a “last week of Kickstarter” special edition console and controller

We’re counting down: This is our last week on Kickstarter!

Until now, we have been all about games and gaming, but--as many of you have noted--OUYA can go far beyond that. Because it’s based on Android, it can support anything built on Android--the sky is the limit. It’s with that dramatic preamble that we say this:

We’re bringing the party back to the family room! OUYA is partnering with VEVO
– the world’s leading all-premium music video and entertainment platform.

Not only will VEVO and OUYA bring high definition music video programming back to the TV -- we’re turning control over to you. Access music videos from your favorite artists like JAY Z, Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Shakira, Kings of Leon, The Killers, Big K.R.I.T., Florence + The Machine, John Mayer and P!nk when you want them and where you want them: on your big, shiny television!

For OUYA, this means entertainment beyond gaming. Browse through the most-viewed music videos on the web, explore full video catalogs of top-selling artists, or venture into the realm of new staff picks, live concerts and original music programming. Getting ready to do some level grinding? Watch one of your favorite videos to get in the mood.

But enough from us, here’s the full scoop from VEVO:

At VEVO, our mission is to bring high quality music experiences to users wherever and whenever. We have always strived to embrace new platforms that developers, creative communities and consumers are excited about. OUYA is just that—it’s one of the most exciting new entertainment platforms we’ve seen and we think it’s a natural fit for VEVO’s premium music videos and original music programming.

This is why I am thrilled to tell you today that VEVO is committed to launch with OUYA when it comes to market in March 2013. Through this partnership, we will bring our rich catalogue of over 50,000 high definition music videos and new, original programming from more than 11,000 artists to OUYA’s groundbreaking new gaming console. We support and share OUYA’s vision that the future lies in being open and accessible for users looking for high quality entertainment experiences.

Our partnership with OUYA is grounded in our tireless effort to bring VEVO to every connected living room and home and we will continue to deliver our premium music video programming to the rest of our platform consisting of, mobile & tablet apps (including Android, iOS, Windows Phone), connected TVs like Xbox and partner sites such as AOL, CBS, Facebook, Viacom Media Networks, Yahoo! Music and YouTube.

Stay tuned for more news on our partnership with OUYA – and what it will look like for consumers - as we get closer to launch. We hope you are as excited as we are!

-Michael Cerda, SVP of Product and Technology, VEVO

We’re excited to bring the #1 music video platform to OUYA! Let’s start a world-wide dance party.


In addition to the VEVO news - we have something else to share with you as we count down to next Wednesday:

Our Kickstarter crew is unique. You guys have been here since the beginning and we wanted to honor you by acknowledging one of your most frequent requests: a special limited edition console and controller available only during our last week of Kickstarter.

Behold the limited edition OUYA and controller! Yves Behar personally selected the color for this special console and controller, and it will only be available NOW, through the end of Kickstarter campaign. (Scroll down to view.)

To collect one of these rare drops, stretch your donation to $140--the additional cost will cover the small production run.

Also note, the buttons now officially read “O-U-Y-A”! (<--we heard you!)


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    1. Aaron on

      @Zachary So you want it to... not spell OUYA?

    2. Missing avatar

      Zachary on

      I don't know if it's too late. You may have begun production, but I'd ask that you switch the locations of the O and A buttons. I am accustomed to the PlayStation controller's button locations as well as those of the Xbox. This means having the Y button at the top, as you do, but also the O on the right and the A at the bottom. It just seems it would feel more natural to swap their locations.

    3. Keith Nguyen on

      I am so excited! I too went in at the $225 level and was wondering along with Anthony if we will be receiving the limited edition color?

    4. Oscar Bell on

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    5. Oscar Bell on

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    6. Oscar Bell on

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    7. Oscar Bell on

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    8. Oscar Bell on

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    9. Oscar Bell on

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    10. Oscar Bell on

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    11. Oscar Bell on

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    12. Oscar Bell on

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    13. Jeremy Holmes on

      I can't say it enough... THIS IS FKING AWESOME!!!!

    14. Anthony Chapman on

      I bought the $225 one with the username etched into the controllers. Is it possible to also get in teh limited edition color? I really like that brown and black look.

    15. Tom Greaux on

      I plan on getting the limited edition OUYA as a collectors item. I'll buy a normal one to play with once they come out. What I want to know as a collector is if the limited edition OUYA has anything on it to signify that its a backer only limited edition? Will it have a limited production number stamped on the bottom? Is there anyway to tell exactly how rare it is besides the Brown Aluminum casing? Because there are going to be hundreds of casings you can easily swap out after the console is released. If there is nothing other than the brown casing to show that its special, I would rather wait til it comes out and just swap out brown case on it myself for half the cost. Not to be a jerk, but I dont wanna spend 170$ on a limited edition for nothing.

    16. Missing avatar

      Ancient on

      Can someone answer me a short question?
      If I add 30$ for a second controller, is it colored too?

    17. Missing avatar

      Jared? on

      Just pledged my first Kickstarter pledge!

      Love the regular and limited edition finishes! The brushed metal finishes look beautiful and very fingerprint smudge resistant!

    18. EvanTheGamer on

      Err...never mind about that. I should have read the FAQ first.

    19. EvanTheGamer on

      To everyone who thinks they'll be getting the Limited Edition if you pledge $140 or higher...well, I honestly don't think that's the case or else the Limited Edition wouldn't be an LE, would it? It's either get that one and that one alone, or buy that one and the $225(silver) one. Can't have it both ways.

      I'm getting the Limited Edition one and I'm happy with that decision.

    20. EvanTheGamer on

      Just thought of something...why not make the Limited Edition OUYA "green", as in...Android Green? That would have been so much better and more badass, as well! After all, an Android OS is ran on it for crying out loud! lol

      Ah well...way it goes.

    21. Missing avatar

      Joel on

      agree with Geoff Maddox, IR port would be great to have so a controller is not necessary when making use of the media features (like XBMC). MORE USB PORTS would also be great

    22. Missing avatar

      Brandon Riggs on

      My only suggestion would be to make it truly limited by stamping it with a number (i.e. ## of 10000 for instance). I think I prefer the silver to the brown, but I'd still get the limited if it was stamped.

    23. Missing avatar

      christian zenzano on

      it woudl be niec to see teh limited edition also boast a faster GPU, 8Core- Tegra -4. With the partnership with Nvidia I think this would be possible.

    24. Geoff Maddox on

      Will second the comment about an IR port. Having the ability to use remotes to control it will cement the Ouya as an affordable media console for me, and many others, I would guess (when explained that as a possible use, it got a few people on board with the idea of Ouya). Definitely should have either built-in IR or a strategy (USB add-on, for example) that will bring it there.

    25. Kozanator on

      I'm loving this project but I hope you include an IR port on the front, so I can control it with the rest of my entertainment system for the days I'm just listening/watching media.

      Also... I was thinking about the letters on the controller. Shouldn't it be: "O" left, "U" top, "Y" right, "A" bottom. That just seems to make more logical sense due to that's the order you would code when making borders and such in HTML. Also, isn't it common to start reading from the left and then go clockwise from there?

    26. Vaughan Braddon on

      Have to agree with Virus, I'd also prefer the green and red, it just makes more sense. The two yellows also don't stand out enough from each other, could be a problem when displaying tutorials on screen which inevitably use colours as well as symbols to tell you which button to press.

    27. ViRUS from MARS on

      Don't understand why you don't use the same colour layout as the Xbox gamepad. Having red as your primary action button seems a little odd. Green for forward and red for back.

    28. Carlos on

      The new color should have been definitely for everyone backing the project. Good job on making us feel less special, guys.

    29. Missing avatar

      Christopher OCallahan on

      Perhaps the new color should have been a stretch goal rather than a $50 add on? Catching up on updates and feeling worse and worse about backing it.

    30. Missing avatar

      Dirkovic on

      I guess if you don't like the button arrangement you could just open the controller and easily rearrange the buttons in any desired sequence. It just might get confusing when you are asked to press a certain button though,

    31. Missing avatar

      Arnold_dajar on

      My biggest issue is that this doesn't even read OUYA, and if it did the button positions would still make sense. Heres what they need to do.
      Left button O. Top button U. Right button Y. Confirm button A.
      And make the right button red, and the top button yellow. the bottom, and left button could be either green or blue
      Last i checked people don't read bottom-up. I read left to right, and fixing this would 1) make the controller actually more appealing, and 2) Easier to introduce among the majority of casual gamers, and hardcore gamers.

    32. Joe R. on

      Umm... why is the Green color finish not the limited edition?

    33. Missing avatar

      William on

      I like the current design.
      A on the 3 o'clock position makes sense. That's where A is on Nintendo controllers.
      And O at the 6 o'clock position, where X is on PS3 controllers, is good too. Coz they are both used for confirmations.
      So most people should be able to get used to this layout pretty quickly.

      P.S. Red means "happy, lucky, prosperous" for Chinese people. I have no problem with the O being in red at all. :D

    34. Missing avatar

      KageNoOni on

      I don't know about most of those colors on ouyadb. I do like the idea of customizing the appearance, but bright flashy colors like that really doesn't look all that great. I think a more dimmed set of colors would look better.

    35. Missing avatar

      David Varon on

      If you pledge $225 you can actually get the limited edition too. You just have to specify which one you want in a survey at the end of the drive they send out.

    36. Missing avatar

      The Woz on

      This is a pretty sweet deal, i think i may upgrade my pledge :) Oh and the Ouya should come in a bunch of colors i think it'd look sweet some white black etc. I know ouyadb did a thing on colors. They have like all the colors, black white green red blue etc. its here

    37. RikanMel on

      I was sold with the second controller and the etched username ($225) until I saw this L.E. color. I guess I'll pass the etched username and go for the L.E. color. I hope they give an options on the survey to do the etched controls, If they do that I'll go with that too.

    38. Tom Greaux on

      With all the different casings that are going to be available for the OUYA after it's released, will the "Limited Edition" OUYA have a limited batch number stamped on it? Will it have anything to signify that it's a limited edition besides the brown casing?

    39. Derrick Klabouch on

      @ Thomas I believe either of them. You specify in the survey.

    40. Thomas Yamamoto on

      Hello everyone, I don't know if anyone asked yet but...
      what color will the etched ($225) versions be.
      Will they have a special color as well?

    41. Steffan Williams on

      I'm with everyone else on this... the button you press to accept / move forward in a menu and so forth should *not* be red. There's no harm in using the Xbox controller colour positions (since you're using the same colours), as they make a lot of sense.

    42. Reggie Clark on

      I need a kickstarter GREEN version

    43. Dan George on

      @Josh Burkhead: Watch out - we got a badass over here.

    44. Jac on

      I was expecting the O on top, so it would read like this:
      U Y

      But really, just does not matter. I would agree that it would be nice if the main button to accept was green, and decline was red.

    45. Missing avatar

      DLARREMO on

      Please tell me that VEVO will not insist on restricting media capabilities of the console as part of their "partnership".

    46. Missing avatar

      jedix on

      +1 for O on the 9 clock position.

    47. Johniel Marrero on

      Is it just me or does the lettering feel off? I love that they are using O-U-Y-A, but I was expecting one of these two layouts: O where U is currently, U where the Y is, Y where the O is and A is located correctly. The other was O > U, U > Y, Y > A and A > O. Both of these seem more natural to me when viewing the controller. Also a little concerned about the seam location of where the black and silver area meet, but just a little.

    48. Maddawg on

      And, just a note: online VEVO does not allow Europeans to connect on their webpage,,, so would the ouya connection be available in the EU (NL)???

    49. Maddawg on

      +1 for O on the 9ó clock position. Also: I am backing for 225 or more but prefer the new brown finish. Will there be a choice in color?

    50. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      also a fan of the buttons starting at the 9 or 12 o`clock position (prefferably 12 in my opinion but still)